Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Busy gal - forgotten purchases – fun times

I totally forgot that I bought two new bowls a couple weeks ago at an estate sale by our house.  It was held the during the same weekend as our rummage sale/craft show but fortunately it started on Friday so we took a bit of time off of setting ours up and went.  Glad we did.  Although we missed getting a gorgeous Maple dining room set – which we don’t need – but the chairs were awesome…very different than anything I’ve ever seen.  I could have sold the table and kept the chairs…but someone had just paid for it!!!

But I did score two antique bowls. One is a smaller one of the one I got a couple months back at a flea market.  Both were $15 each but she gave them to us for $25 total.  Both have a crack in the bottom but being I’m not going to use them that’s just fine by me.
They are the two on the left. 

New bowls

This last Saturday we took a drive to Delafield, WI to take some of my products to a little shop up there called ‘Nooks & Crannys’.  I had met Denise last year in line at the Madison Cash & Carry Wholesale show…she recognized me from my blog and came up to me and asked if I would consider putting some products in her shop.  We have gotten together a few times since.  And she came to my show last week too – I was glad I had ‘LOTS’ of treasures she could use.
Anyway…here she is...and a few pictures of her shop.
(Forgot to take the outside of it – it’s adorable)
N and K 1
N and K 2
N and K 3
N and K 4

I bought a cute little Pumpkin head ghost from her shop
…and a Pumpkin tin hanging
Pumpkin tin

Here’s  one of my newer Black Cats Mug Mats I made this week…a special order from a wholesale customer.
Oh…and the Mr. Jack jar toppers are almost gone…I think there are 3 left.
We have a few of the Snowmen ones left.
Black Cat Mug Mats

I also went to a baby shower that day…it was for my nephew (Doug’s sister’s son) and his wife Jessica. They’re expecting their first baby in November.  A little boy.

Lunch was B-B-Q pulled pork sandwiches, ham roll-ups, veggies/dip, chips/dip, fruits and cupcake cake
Monkey cake
Cupcake cake

Doug’s sister Kenlyn and myself
Kenlyn me

Again another hot day here…93 this afternoon. And yesterday it was so humid – I checked the gauge and it said 94% humidity. The air was thick.

Fall can not get here soon enough.  I’m tired of looking at Summer flowers – I’m so ready for the rich mellow colors of Fall decor and even outside.

I want to thank all of my blog friends who have joined in on my BLOG CHALLENGE and hope that more of you will as well.
Click on  the link to my post to read:
I’m still keeping the prize(s) a secret!  Mean huh?  lol
When the due date is here I will make a post with everyone’s link who took the challenge (in case there are some blogs you don’t follow you will be able to read them).

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Yes another hot day here also! Yuk! I'm so happy you were able to bring some things to that shop, it looks so cute. The baby shower looked like a good time, love that diaper cake.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Karen,
    I'd say you got a very good deal on your bowls! They are great! I would like to join you on your blog event but I'm not too computer savvy...don't know how to link but will try my best to join in the fun.
    Enjoy the rest of your week,

  3. just wanted to let you know i got my jack jar lids today. they are adorable. i love them! thanks for the extra goodies! denise

  4. Hi Karen, Love your bowls, they are so pretty!It was 93 here today too but I am still working on my fall decorating, I don't care! LOL My SIL is pregnant and I am giving her a shower in December, love the diaper cake.
    Have a great week!
    Be blessed,

  5. Hi Karen.. Love your bowls.. I am a bit of collector of them, too and love a good deal.. smile..
    The picture of you is perfect as always..
    I will try and do a little posting soon..
    Glad to chat with you..

  6. Hmmm, Delafield? That's not too far from my Sister - I will have to stop by that store next time we are in WI. Baby shower looked like fun! ~Ann

  7. Hi Karen, wow, love the bowls, great price to. Cute diaper cake,everything looked so good. Will do my blog story soon, if I can link on to,not to sure myself,duh!!!! Blessings Francine.

  8. Karen you got some great pictures! A new baby is always so exciting. I love baby showers.

  9. Love your bowls! Thanks for sharing the great baby shower pictures!

  10. Hi Karen. What a wonderful shop. If I ever came across one like that around here I would plant myself in the corner and never come out. Ha ha. Such neat stuff. I am glad you get to take your things there. Such pretty bowls. Those colors suit me too. I am so happy that fall is here. We can actually take family walks in the evenings now. Something we really enjoy doing. I love to look at other's pretty summer flowers, but don't enjoy growing my own. I think watering them is so boring:( Now, give me fall things and I will be totally happy forever. Have a great night. -Steph-

  11. Cute cake for the shower!! Love your bowls!! Loved the shop photos!!

  12. I went to a shop in the Lancaster area in July: In Grandma's Attic Made. Today I discovered their blog and saw your name mentioned on it! What a coincidence. We live in a small world.


  13. Hi Karen, I just found your blog via Cucki's blog - I loved reading about your purchases and the baby shower looked like a lot of fun.

    I am going to enter your challenge as well but as I have just posted for today, I will post tomorrow.

    You have a great blog.

    hugs Kaye


  14. So much to see! Wow!

    I LOVE the yellow ware bowls! Awesome find!

    It has been the same with the weather here too. I had recess duty yesterday and thought I would pass out. I straightened my hair in the morning and looked like Shirley Temple as SOON as I stepped out the door! Fall, oh, fall!!!! I wish! I want to put out my decorations, really. But it is hard when you keep taking naps from the heat...

    Hey! I live near "In Grandma's Attic"! I love it! My favorite is the barn out back! Do you have items there? I need to check out their blog!

    Hope you are well despite the heat!


  15. I love your bowls - what a great deal. Cute diaper cake - sounds like a fun shower. How nice that you were able to put some of your things in the shop - I know they will do well.

  16. Karen,

    It's very hot here as well. We're supposed to have cooler temperatures on Saturday and I can't wait!

    What a deal on those bowls. I'd love to run across a deal like that! And what a charming little store. We have nothing like that around here....sure wish we did. What a compliment that she wants to put some of your creations there! :)

    I just added my comment to your challenge post since my challenge post went on today.

    Have a great day! :)


  17. What a fantastic day with friends! Hope you are cooling off a bit now...We're getting ready for another glorious fall here in New England~
    Don't you just love to find bargains?! Some of my best things I found for a song in out of the way spots...And those seem to have the best stories to tell!

  18. Afternoon Friend
    Beautiful bowls.
    I am so enjoying all the stories for your blog party.
    Happy Anniversary.
    You are so very pretty and talented.
    HUGS & JOY


  19. What an adorable and interesting shop.
    I love your new bowls and what a bargain!
    Good photos from the baby shower and I know mommy to be is getting anxious.
    Best wishes for a great weekend!

  20. What a darling shop, thanks for sharing. The baby shower is beautiful also. I love the monkey on the cake. Congrats to you all! Yes, we are all curious as to what your giveaway prize will be. We know it will be awesome :)

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Karen....yes I have every intention of joining your contest. I need to prewrite it first....it was so long ago, or seems like so long ago when I started my blog!!! Have a great evening!

  22. Karen ~
    Great deals on the bowls!!!
    Oh my goodness! You are taller than Doug's sister!!! I didn't think you are taller than anyone...lol! I swear there is never a bad pic of you ~ that's 'cuz you're just so dang cute.
    Hugs :)

  23. I've had a busy, busy summer. SO glad to be back here to catch up with you once again. Oh Karen, I LOVE all the beautiful fall that is all over your blog. It took my breath away when I opened up the page, lol!

    Beautiful bowls and good deal on them. I love how the small one matches a bigger one you bought a few months back. Don't you just love when that happens? Like it was sitting there waiting on you.

    Denise has a wonderful shop! It would be fun to take a gander through and try to pick out things made by you, hehe. Adorable black cat mug mats.

    Aw, baby showers are so fun. Pretty picture of you and Kenlyn.

    Hot here also. We've still been in the high 90's. 96 today but inside my home is the feel, smell, and look of fall! =]

  24. Ohhhh....dang. Another cool beans shop that is so close, and yet so far away. Lucky you to live in the "mecca" area of prim Wisconsin. Love your little black cat mug rugs. I'm hankering for fall too - don't know if I'll get decorated this year (first year since I had my own place) - but we're surgery-bound next week, and then classes start...and then...and then.... As always, you're looking maaaavelous! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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