Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More fall goodies

Saturday Doug and I went to Trimborn Farm to a craft show and also we had a golf outing in the afternoon – made for a full day.

Trimborn is a gorgeous historic farm in a beautiful setting – we never miss this show and we also get to meet a blogging friend when we go there. You know Becky from – I see her every time we go there and she has the most adorable things she makes…I could not resist again…smiles!!!
She has the sweetest smile and personality!!!
Karen and Becky
See that Tan Pumpkin…it’s mine!  I bought three things from her and can’t wait to display them. The cloth Pumpkin and the Orange one on the box hook – it’s wool felt and filled with Sweet Annie
Fabric Pumpkins
And this adorable Pumpkin stick…I love his nose made from an old square nail
Pumpkin Stick
Pumpkin Stick 1

Then over at another booth I found a lady who makes some awesome Prims – she does not have a website or a blog so I talked with her for quite a long time.  She just must start something to sell her products as she has so many wonderful things.  I’m supposed to e-mail her and get her some information so I had better do that quickly.
This is the Pumpkin nodder I got from her.
Pumpkin Nodder

Further on down I found a booth that sold hand made baskets and goodness sake she is right from near me and I have never heard of her before.  The prices were good as well but wouldn’t you know I chose one of the highest price ones – mainly because of the size and I don’t have one like it.
Love my Gathering Basket.  You remember how long my trencher is…this is about as long as it is.
Basket from Trimborn
This is what I saw approaching the booth…just had to have it!


Here’s a little peek at Trimborn (it’s in Milwaukee by the way)

Trimborn 2

Trimborn 3

Trimborn 4

Trimborn 5

Trimborn 6

Trimborn 9

Trimborn 7

Trimborn 10

 Trimborn 1

Lots of vendors inside the two barns as well and then around back too
Trimborn 11 

The original brick ovens
Trimborn 8    

On the way back from there we stopped at a Ferch’s soda fountain for lunch…it was kind of early for lunch time but we needed to get back to the golf.
Soda Fountain 2

Soda Fountain 1

I doubt these pictures will give the perspective of actually seeing these clouds for real but very often they form over Lake Michigan…Saturday they were awesome.  Only wish I could have captured them better.  We were probably 40 miles from the lake at this point…almost could see them shortly from leaving home.
Clouds 4

Clouds 3

Clouds 2

Clouds 1

Had to share the winners of the golf outing…
Dan who owns the golf club we were at, a friend?, our son Dan, our son Darren were the winning team.
They don’t do things up ‘perfect’ as far as the winners – they made it a tad silly.  These jackets have been given to wear for the photo for 40 years now…our aunts/parents started this golf outing and it has continued on down to the younger generation now.

I love this picture of me and Matt…he’s one of our cousins sons…we don’t get to see them often – more likely just the golf outing once a year.  I love this kid!
Matt and me

Thanks for hanging in there with me on this little show and tell post.

Oh yes and I want to remind everyone of MY CHALLENGE – you can find it here again.
There are 36 who took the challenge so far – this has been so much fun reading how you all got your blog name and when you started.  I even found a few new blogs to follow.  So please…ANYONE…come on over and take the challenge.
There’s a prize(s) in it for the winner.
Here’s just a tease of at least one of the winnings
Now who wouldn’t want to join in and get a chance to have this Penny Rug (and more?)
Jack Mat background 

I’ve chatted with Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives…she’s doing well…just in lots of pain.  She is hoping she doesn’t loose followers because she hasn’t posted – but she sure is trying to get one formatted to post…I assured her that we all understand and are saying lots of prayers.

Blessings to all.



  1. What a lovely setting for the festival. I love all the goodies you purchased and the weather looked delightful for a fun filled day.

  2. What a great setting with lots of vendors! Beautiful grounds. I'll be thinking about that new basket all day!

  3. I have followed Hungry hook primitives, I also hope she feels better soon.That was a wonderful event you went to, all those vendors , wow, the pumpkin with the black ruff and hat is so cute, beautiful photos,

  4. What a beautiful farm! A lovely place for a fair, and it sure does look like there were a lot of great things there!
    Congrats to the winners of the golf outing.... looks like a good time....
    Have a great day!

  5. Hi Karen, great prim goodies you bought, LOVE that pumpkin head on a stick, so cute. Beautiful pictures of beautiful country, great time. Prayers for Margie,Blessings Francine.

  6. Hi Karen, what a wonderful place to have a craft show. I love the things you brought home with you.
    Those jackets are too cute, what a fun tradition.
    Thanks for all of your kind words you left on my blog.
    Are you coming down to Simple Goods this year? If you are I have a great old barn full of antiques for you to visit. It is a friends business and only about 40 minutes from where SG will be. I'll let you know more about it.

  7. Hi I love all the prim goodies so much ...
    Beautiful pictures..I love country so much..
    Prayers for Margie xxx

  8. Karen,

    Oh to go to a festival like that! It looked like a perfect day. And I LOVE that tan pumpkin especially! I would have had to have that too, as well as that wonderful basket!

    Will be praying for Margie. I don't think I've ever visited her blog, but I will! Sometimes I wonder how I've missed wonderful blogs!

    Very cute pic of you and Michael!

    Have a great day!

  9. What a wonderful place for a show! It looks like a step back in time. So glad you had a great weekend, Dawn

  10. I love your smile! Your whole face is just lit up in all the pictures I see of you and it makes me smile. I love the show you were at and also love the things you bought. So neat that the golf outing is going into its third generation, I love family things like that.Have a great day!
    Be blessed,

  11. Hi Karen,
    That looks like the perfect place for a craft fair....wonderful old buildings! Looks like a fun day was had by all...the jackets are a great touch!

  12. Oh Karen, what a wonderful place to host a show. Such beautiful landscaping.Love the new goodies that you have purchased.With the looks of all of your photos the day was just gorgeous! Very nice pics.Love the diner as well. So retro.
    What a fun way to get together as family, by playing golf. You look so happy and full of life. Blessings~Sara

  13. karen,

    YEAH! I see you with becky!! she's sucha doll! So many wonderful treasures! I am loving that huge gathering basket, I would of wanted it toO!
    I really need to be a challenge post up! I am lovin that pumpkin penny rug! Hopefully I can do that tomorrow! what a fun idea! OLM

  14. Hi Karen! You found some wonderful goodies at that show...and what a beautiful setting for it! I want to join the challenge but will have to wait until next show after another!! I'm so far behind on posting and readng. :( Love the pic of the guys in their spiffy jackets--what fun!! Going again this weekend---Jan

  15. LOVE that basket! It is gorgeous. That diner makes me want to go there. Some day I will make it to Wis again.

  16. What Beautiful photos and a Fun Festival. Love your new goodies.
    Sending Prayers to Margie! Have a wonderful day!

  17. Oh Karen.. You guys have the best shows.. We don't have anything near as much..
    Oh, and your pics make you look like a movie star.. I need one of those cameras.. grin..
    God bless, my friend..

  18. Trimborn you say??? Another place in our grand state I've never heard of - it looks gorgeous - those old stone buildings steal my heart every time. Fun, fun, finds too.... And yup, that Becky is cute as a button - just as you are. Gorgeous baskets....I'm surprised you only walked away with one. I loved each and every one I saw in that photo! And love the little candle mat you're including as a challenge prize! I was hoping it would include one of your awesome hand-did's. (PS - the tall fellow in the golf winners photo looks really, really, like my nephew.....I'll have to talk to him and see if he's been golfing in your area lately....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. i love your pumpkins and your new basket even more. I think the waver of your basket's name is Pam. She is a very talented basket weaver teacher. And does have a weaving studio in your area.

  20. Hi Karen~

    Love your post. You have some wonderful pictures of Trimborn Farm. It was good to see you again. As you can see, I'm playing catch up. Now I need to do some catching up on emails too.

    Have a wonderful evening. Hope the wind didn't blow you away today.


  21. Trimborn Farm is a beautiful place, makes for a wonderful show setting! I just love those original brick ovens, so neat. Becky's booth looks like she has lots of neat prim handmades in it, hard to decide what to take home, hehe.

    How neat that the golf outing was started by your parents! I'm sure your boys had a great time and was excited about winning!

    Thanks for the update on Margie, glad she is feeling better.


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