Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not much to tell but a couple things to show

Hi everyone – well it has been quiet here recently and that’s perfectly fine with me from all that has been going on since the middle of October – a nice welcome.

Saturday and Sunday we went to craft shows…I really needed to take a bit of a break from sewing on orders all week so there was a Round Robin in Elkhorn and the vendors were located at 5 different locations.  Very nice but soooo much of the SAME THINGS at each location.  I honestly didn’t find a single thing to buy. Now if I was in the need of jewelry or knitted things or fleece then I would have been in heaven…but I didn’t.

Then Sunday we went to Brookfield (in Milwaukee area) at the high school – now this was a great show…it went throughout the halls and into the gym. Again lots of the same things as the last show…not many Primitives or home decor – lots of greens all decked out with glitter and glitz but not much of what we all like around here in blogland.  I would loved to have seen some nice Snowmen or Santa’s done plain but they were all gopped up!

I did manage to buy a little trinket dish with some jewels on it for a gift for one of my granddaughters but that was the extent of it there.  BUT….I did see someone some of you might know from the blogs…LEANNE from Harvest Moon By The Lake: 
Doug took the picture with his phone so it’s not too clear.

Leanne and me

I had forgotten to take pictures of the wool I purchased when we were in PA…I don’t know if I’m going to use it on Penny Rugs or cut it in strips for rug hooking.  I bought it in Bird In Hand, PA but the label says Yankee Lane Primitives…I looked it up but they only have over dyed and solids…not plaids.  I’m so looking for LARGER pieces of plaids and checks – not little pieces.
New Wool

I got a special order for six chair backers with a sheep and a year…I worked with her through e-mail with pictures as I went along to get her approval…this is the end result.
1860 Chair Backer 
But now she hasn’t replied back for over 2 weeks…I’m afraid she was in the path of the storm Sandy (she never gave me her address)…I’m not worried about my sale because I will hold on to these if and when she’s ready to buy…I’m just praying she’s okay and that it’s just a matter of power and that she didn’t loose her home to the fires that destroyed so many lives.

Got new pictures of Miranda…4 months old now - she has gotten so big!
Miranda 3

 Miranda 2

Miranda 1

Okay, I said I would put pictures of ROOTS MARKET on so here they are
There are 20 of them so I left them in album form…just click on the picture box and you will see them all.

(these will open up in SkyDrive…just click on one of the pictures when it opens up to vies)

While sitting here sewing all last week I had Christmas music going and then I thought…hey QVC is showing their gourmet foods at 3:00 so I turned it on…well I haven’t watched QVC in YEARS!!!  But like most I got hooked…I ordered a JUNIORS CHEESE CAKE for Christmas delivery – it has a picture of Santa on it that is edible.  Most of us like cheesecake so it’s one dessert I don’t need to fuss with.
And I bought some Mrs. Prindable’s Chocolate & Sea Salt apples, and it’s all dipped in Caramel! YUMMMM.
They are to be delivered next week early so they will be here in time for Thanksgiving.
Toffee Apples

Santa cheesecake

I guess that’s all I have to share this week – my brother Gene SIL Gail are coming over today and we’re going out to Dan DiPaolo’s farm because they can’t make it for his Open House on Friday and Dan is always so wonderful to let us come early and being they will be here today he said come on out!!!  Hopefully I will be able to shoot a few photos…if he’s totally set up that is…sometimes we have to worm our way through the boxes.

On my website I posted that the deadline has been met for all Christmas orders…I need time to finish what is here and then to get ready for my holiday here.

I most likely will be back one more time before Thanksgiving but if not have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all.



  1. Hi Karen, so nice that you got to meet Leanne!
    I love your plaid wool and those chair pads are so awesome!!! Beautiful!!! Your granddaughter is so adorable!!! Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving. hugs, Lecia

  2. At the craft show I went to this past weekend there was a lot of the same type of thing you saw at the first one you went to too but there were a few prim booths so I was satisfied...guess that stuff is the trend right now and we just have to hunt at little harder for our stuff :)


  3. Oh Karen, your granddaughter is a cutie pie, just beautiful.
    The wool back chair pads came out FABULOUS!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Aren't craft shows getting to be a big disappointment? We did a great prim show last weekend and it was so much fun to see so many wonderful goodies under one roof! Have a great day.

  5. Karen how fun that you got to meet Leanne! Love those chair pads,they turned out fantastic.Can't wait to see what you do with all that beautiful wool.Your granddaughter is a doll!! Blessings,Jen

  6. Good morning Karen, it is good to hear from you.I can't believe it is November already, time goes so fast. The goodies that you have order look yummy.
    I know what you mean about not finding things local.I have to shop on line, we don't have any prim shops in this area.
    Your chair creations look awesome. Sure hope that you hear from her soon. It is so sad to hear of all the tragedy's that some are still going through.I can't imagine having everything washed away.
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving ~Sara

  7. Hi Karen. Those special order chair backs are beautiful. I love them. What a good idea. The baby is getting so big. Those first halloween pictures are a lot of fun. The goodies look so tempting. I can't wait for the Holidays so I have an excuse to bake things like that everyday. This was a fun post. TFS. -Steph-

  8. I love meeting blog friends "in real life." So fun! I'm with you...too much glitter and glitz on most things. I guess us prim gals are the minority. :) Your chair backers are beautiful! I sure hope your customer is okay too. It's hard to look at pictures of what has happened because of Sandy. :(

  9. Oh, I forgot....your background of pennies is soooo beautiful! Is it something you stitched?

  10. Hi Karen...love the chair back pads, the apples look so so yummy, your Granddaughter is so so cute, Blessings Francine.

  11. Hi Karen! Miranda is so cute! We only had little boys around here so a little girl is extra special! Love your chair backers--I pray your customer and her family are safe and sound. Our Shaker woods show sells apples that are HUGE...softball size with tons of caramel and chocolate--so yummy! we get one every year to indulge in. I'm drooling over that beautiful wool...I've been hunting for some but there are no shops around here that sell it..I need to find a source to start a stash!! :)--Jan

  12. What a sweetie Karen!
    Well even though you didn't find anything you still had fun, ya just never know what treasure you might find.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  13. Miranda is a doll! Nothing like those little girls, unless it is a little boy.lol Love them, don't we. Your goodies look wonderful, I have been craving something sweet all day and it is NOT left over Halloween candy.

  14. What an adorable baby. Love the special order you made. I'm ready for bed but kept on reading and came to the cheesecake and apples. I'll be grazing before bedtime. Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope your niece and family are coping.

  15. Hi Karen! I loved the Roots pictures. Mr H goes there every Tuesday after work to get me a Dutch Sub. ( A Dutch Sub is a sub made with sweet bologna) I then take it to work every Wednesday for my lunch. I looked at the pictures to see if there was anyone I know shopping there. lol. There is one shop there at Roots, that is my favorite. It is filled with primitive type items. Have a great Thanksgiving and your QVC desserts look yummy!!

  16. Hi Karen, those chair backers are gorgeous - what a great idea. Miranda is so adorable! Isn't grandparenting the best? Those apples look so yummy - I've never heard of the chocolate & sea salt combo but it sure sounds good. And who doesn't love cheesecake- especially when so pretty.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

  17. Karen ... Lot's of Eye Candy,
    from that Beautiful Grand Baby Girl, right on down to Jr's Cheese Cake oh and your Wonderful Chair Creations. Love all the pic's as usual.
    Have a Happy ThanksGiving,
    Blessings & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  18. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by! Wanted to tell you that it was batting that I used on the braches of the tree. Dianntha

  19. Such a beautiful baby girl! Love the chair pads...you do beautiful work with your needle!
    Great fun to meet a blog buddy!
    Have a great weekend,

  20. Baby M is beautiful!
    Great goodies from QVC (my sister is an addict for QVC). Happy Thanksgiving if we don't talk again.

  21. Karen, I have been on a little break. I am back and wanted to check out your blog....looks as if you are still taking some wonderful shopping trips...that little one is grogeous!!! You are still up to making some wonderful projects. Those chair back covers are absolutely precious... Someone is going to be blessed! Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Hello dear Karen, your granddaughter is a cutie pie, so cuteeeee
    The wool back chair pads came out so wonderful..
    Have a lovely week xxx

  23. The chair backers are stunning as is your craftsmanship. How did those apples turnout? They look and sound so delish. That granddaughter is a doll too.
    Hope all had a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Peace & Blessings,

  24. Hi Karen,
    Dropping in to say hi! What a cute baby! Love your wool. I am rughooking tomorrow and can't wait.
    Merry Christmas!


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