Monday, December 3, 2012

Hi – remember me!!!

I want to start out by saying a huge sorry for not being around visiting your blogs lately – or even posting here.
Our home life has been a whirlwind the past month or so.
There has been lots going on that has taken my time and energy but somehow we just keep plodding along don’t we?

I have some of my Christmas decorating done – it’s a slow process this year.  I do it in spurts as I find the time and the energy like most things I do these days.

I will start by saying our kitty LOLA is very sick.  She has a huge inoperable tumor in her abdomen area and it’s pushing out her sides.  We took her to the vet a week ago Friday and could have euthanized her then but I needed more time with her and she wasn’t suffering.  We were going to do it last Monday but she was still full of energy.
I was beside myself with sadness and a dear blog friend ‘Betty’ from ‘Through My Back Door’, was a huge supporter in my sadness.  I still haven’t mentioned to her that I didn’t have the heart to put Lola down yet.  
The Vet said she had a couple more good weeks left in her.
She is on Metamucil and Miralax for her bowels – imagine giving a tiny animal that!  But it worked.  The tumor is pushing all her organs out of place and she has a potty problem.
BUT I ASSURE YOU ALL…she is not suffering right now and will not suffer – the Vet said we will know from Lola herself when its time…and so I hang on to my sweet little Lola.
All of us who have pets understand the sadness we feel when it’s their time to leave us.
Lola is my baby – she was a rescue kitty and found love here.  She has been my shadow since the moment she was brought home.  Our other cats were not as loveable…Lola LOVES to be touched and needs to touch my arm or leg when she sits next to me.  Breaks my heart!
This is sweet Lola this past week.
Lola 4 

Lola 1

 Lola 6

As of late she has taken up sleeping in the bottom of my cupboard when she’s not on the love seat by me when I’m sewing.
Although she needs to be put up on the sofa and put down as her tummy gets too jarred when she jumps that far and she basically cant….so I do a lot of picking her up and putting her places.  Sometimes I even have to lead her into the potty.

Lola in cupboard 1 
Sorry to lay that on you but I think you all know how Lola is into my heart!

Guess I had better mention this as it has taken up our time as well.
Our youngest son Brett had back surgery in June…well he had more problems and had surgery again on Monday for a disc and he also had 3 Titanium rods put in the SI joint. He’s doing well although he can’t put pressure on his left leg so he’s on crutches and walker.  So young to have these kinds of problems.

And then our oldest son Darren had surgery on Friday – he’s still in the hospital. He may get out today depending on his lungs as they were filling and he had a difficult time breathing this weekend.
We were there for 7 hours waiting on Friday.  4 hours in surgery and 3 in recovery.
This dr. had good hopes of re-doing the mess the original dr. did 3 years ago which left Darren with very little use of his arms.  This past year his right arm went numb and he had pain in the neck area.  This dr. removed all the original hardware and replaced it with new and also fixed the bad disc and pinched nerves which was caused by improper placement of the hardware.  He said the nerves should come back now. 

Please say a few prayers for our sons.
We stayed just long enough to see him back in his room Friday and then left but not before getting a picture.

Today I see the Neurologist for my back…I’m finally going to have the surgery I have been dreading.  But my quality of life has taken a nose dive as well – the pain is too much to handle anymore and the shots are not helping, although I do get an injection tomorrow just to get me through the next couple weeks.
I still do what I need to do – but it’s a slower process and it is getting to me more and more of late and it even leaves me with no desire to be ‘chatty’.
So how about that for cheery news…lol


I did get a bit of decorating done this week in between hospital visits, funeral for my nephew Mark and the pain.

Before I put those picture on though I did get a bit of rug hooking done while sitting resting.
This rug will get finished I promised myself that.  I will not start any other project till it’s done but this is the progress thus far.
Sheep hooked rug 3

Got a few pictures of the decorating – the rest will come next week when it’s finished. 
I used a lot of greens to decorate with'.
Pie safe 1

Top of pie safe christmas

Pantry 1 

Bowls on ref.

Mitten box

Dining room table christmas 1

Dining room table christmas 2

Goose Christmas 1

Pewter table christmas 1

Pewter table christmas


That’s it so far…just the dining room and kitchen have been worked on.
The outside is finished but no pictures yet.
I would like to have it all finished by Thursday because I’m having a Christmas lunch here for the group of ladies I used to work with – if you remember we get together about every 6 weeks or so for lunch. The Christmas one is always at our house.

Got a couple more pictures of the little ones this week.
Miranda is 5 months old today.
Aidan and Miranda

Miranda Aidan

photo (1) 

Thanks so much to all of you who keep coming back here to visit even though I haven’t been around your blogs.  You do know I hope, that it’s not for lack of wanting to…but lack of ambition right now to do much of anything…but it will get better I promise you.

Blessings to all,