Monday, December 3, 2012

Hi – remember me!!!

I want to start out by saying a huge sorry for not being around visiting your blogs lately – or even posting here.
Our home life has been a whirlwind the past month or so.
There has been lots going on that has taken my time and energy but somehow we just keep plodding along don’t we?

I have some of my Christmas decorating done – it’s a slow process this year.  I do it in spurts as I find the time and the energy like most things I do these days.

I will start by saying our kitty LOLA is very sick.  She has a huge inoperable tumor in her abdomen area and it’s pushing out her sides.  We took her to the vet a week ago Friday and could have euthanized her then but I needed more time with her and she wasn’t suffering.  We were going to do it last Monday but she was still full of energy.
I was beside myself with sadness and a dear blog friend ‘Betty’ from ‘Through My Back Door’, was a huge supporter in my sadness.  I still haven’t mentioned to her that I didn’t have the heart to put Lola down yet.  
The Vet said she had a couple more good weeks left in her.
She is on Metamucil and Miralax for her bowels – imagine giving a tiny animal that!  But it worked.  The tumor is pushing all her organs out of place and she has a potty problem.
BUT I ASSURE YOU ALL…she is not suffering right now and will not suffer – the Vet said we will know from Lola herself when its time…and so I hang on to my sweet little Lola.
All of us who have pets understand the sadness we feel when it’s their time to leave us.
Lola is my baby – she was a rescue kitty and found love here.  She has been my shadow since the moment she was brought home.  Our other cats were not as loveable…Lola LOVES to be touched and needs to touch my arm or leg when she sits next to me.  Breaks my heart!
This is sweet Lola this past week.
Lola 4 

Lola 1

 Lola 6

As of late she has taken up sleeping in the bottom of my cupboard when she’s not on the love seat by me when I’m sewing.
Although she needs to be put up on the sofa and put down as her tummy gets too jarred when she jumps that far and she basically cant….so I do a lot of picking her up and putting her places.  Sometimes I even have to lead her into the potty.

Lola in cupboard 1 
Sorry to lay that on you but I think you all know how Lola is into my heart!

Guess I had better mention this as it has taken up our time as well.
Our youngest son Brett had back surgery in June…well he had more problems and had surgery again on Monday for a disc and he also had 3 Titanium rods put in the SI joint. He’s doing well although he can’t put pressure on his left leg so he’s on crutches and walker.  So young to have these kinds of problems.

And then our oldest son Darren had surgery on Friday – he’s still in the hospital. He may get out today depending on his lungs as they were filling and he had a difficult time breathing this weekend.
We were there for 7 hours waiting on Friday.  4 hours in surgery and 3 in recovery.
This dr. had good hopes of re-doing the mess the original dr. did 3 years ago which left Darren with very little use of his arms.  This past year his right arm went numb and he had pain in the neck area.  This dr. removed all the original hardware and replaced it with new and also fixed the bad disc and pinched nerves which was caused by improper placement of the hardware.  He said the nerves should come back now. 

Please say a few prayers for our sons.
We stayed just long enough to see him back in his room Friday and then left but not before getting a picture.

Today I see the Neurologist for my back…I’m finally going to have the surgery I have been dreading.  But my quality of life has taken a nose dive as well – the pain is too much to handle anymore and the shots are not helping, although I do get an injection tomorrow just to get me through the next couple weeks.
I still do what I need to do – but it’s a slower process and it is getting to me more and more of late and it even leaves me with no desire to be ‘chatty’.
So how about that for cheery news…lol


I did get a bit of decorating done this week in between hospital visits, funeral for my nephew Mark and the pain.

Before I put those picture on though I did get a bit of rug hooking done while sitting resting.
This rug will get finished I promised myself that.  I will not start any other project till it’s done but this is the progress thus far.
Sheep hooked rug 3

Got a few pictures of the decorating – the rest will come next week when it’s finished. 
I used a lot of greens to decorate with'.
Pie safe 1

Top of pie safe christmas

Pantry 1 

Bowls on ref.

Mitten box

Dining room table christmas 1

Dining room table christmas 2

Goose Christmas 1

Pewter table christmas 1

Pewter table christmas


That’s it so far…just the dining room and kitchen have been worked on.
The outside is finished but no pictures yet.
I would like to have it all finished by Thursday because I’m having a Christmas lunch here for the group of ladies I used to work with – if you remember we get together about every 6 weeks or so for lunch. The Christmas one is always at our house.

Got a couple more pictures of the little ones this week.
Miranda is 5 months old today.
Aidan and Miranda

Miranda Aidan

photo (1) 

Thanks so much to all of you who keep coming back here to visit even though I haven’t been around your blogs.  You do know I hope, that it’s not for lack of wanting to…but lack of ambition right now to do much of anything…but it will get better I promise you.

Blessings to all,



  1. Oh my! Karen, you have really been dealing with a lot lately! It breaks my heart about sweetie Lola. :( We are still devastated about the loss of our Stryker--I'm the keeper of his ashes right now....I know how difficult it is to let go. I know that you will make that decision with Lola's best interests in mind. Our furbabies become such a huge part of our hearts. I will keep your sons...and YOU in my prayers. Al really needs back surgery but is fighting it. Miranda is growing up so fast! Such a BEAUTIFUL Gerber baby! :)-----Jan

  2. Karen, So sorry to hear about all the surgeries! Hope your sons will be feeling like new very soon. And I hope you can get some relief from your pain as well.
    Your Lola is a beautiful've given her a wonderful life!
    Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.
    Those two little ones are two peas in a pod!
    Take care,

  3. OH poor Lola, I am so sorry Karen
    Big HUGS to you She is such a beauty

    Prayers for Brett and Darren, it is hard to see our children suffer with pain of any kind, And having a hubby that is having back issues, I totally understand, and worry so much about the outcome.
    Many thoughts and prayers for you as well, I hope that this surgery will fix your pain
    I have been thinking about your niece and her kiddo's, praying for them this holiday season

  4. Oh Karen I'm so sorry about all this! I'm keeping you in my thoughts! Take care!!!! And don't worry too much about visiting blogs or writing posts. I'll be here when you get back.

    Take care.


  5. Hello Karen.
    So Sorry to hear what's all going on in your life. Sending Prayers to you and your sons.
    Poor Lola. Oh my. She sure is Beautiful. I hope your surgery goes well and you don't have to suffer with pain anymore.
    Hoping your sons have a speedy recovery. Take Care!!

  6. I know you don't believe this, but as the vet says, You will KNOW. My vet told me the same thing and I kept asking, "how"But you do know. They tell you. Prayers continuing.

  7. I know exactly what you are going through with your kitty. My sweet Ginger is going through similar and it breaks my heart.
    Prayers to you and your sons on a speedy recovery.
    Your grandkiddos are adorable! Your grandson looks so much like his daddy. :)
    Beautiful Christmas greens!

  8. Oh dear friend .. So sorry to hear about all the surgeries!...I Hope your sons get well soon .. And I hope and pray you can get some relief from your pain as well.
    Aww lola is a beautiful kitty...lots of kisses for her ..
    Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.
    Aww the little ones are super sweet..
    Take care dear friend
    Love you xx

  9. Karen I am so sorry for all the hardships that you have been dealing with my friend.It is hard to see our children in pain.Know that they are in my thoughts and prayers.Praying that the surgery you are facing will be able to bring you relief.
    I am heartbroken over Lola!I know that you will treasure each moment and do what is needed at the right time.It is hard to say good-bye.

    Lovely pics of all your decor and the grandbabies are adorable.Big hugs,Jen

  10. big hugs are in my prayers....along with your whole family...lola has had a wonderful life with you...i am so sorry.....this is one of the hardest things to do....just know we are all here for you....

  11. Karen, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through all these things right now. You and your family are in my prayers. I know your heart is heavy about Lola. We have been through that with 2 dogs over the years. Baby was 14 and Molly was 15, it was so hard to let them go, they were such a big part of our lives, but we do have wonderful memories. It is sad that they cannot live as long as we do.

  12. Karen~ You'll know when it's the right time for your sweet kitty.I had to decide on my beloved dog and I knew.When it was time it was ok because he went peaceful with me there and didn't suffer...Such a exhausting time for your family.You're right nothing more you can do but prode forward because this to shall pass.Sending up Prayers for you and your family.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. Oh my Karen, you have had quite a time of it. I'm so sorry about your kitty. I had to euthanize our Cookie a month ago. It was a hard decision and like your Lola she had her good and bad days but you'll know when she's at the point where it's the best thing for her. Hope both of your sons are well on the road to recovery and wishing the best outcome for both. Prayers for your family and for better times in the coming holiday season. ~Roberta

  14. Karen, you have certainly had too much stress in your life. Having both of your sons sick at the same time must be awful - cannot imagine. I so hope they recover quickly and that you get some relief from your back problems. I know how it is to have nagging pain issues. It really drags you down. Plus, your poor little Lola. We lost our elderly kitty, Marly, back in the summer. It is so hard.
    Hope things get better quickly for al of you. If you read my blog, you know my husband just had two stints put in, after having bypass surgery many years ago. So stressful, but he seems to be doing OK. Please take care of yourself. Sounds like you are really needed.
    Christmas Blessings,

  15. Dear Karen,
    What to say? You've been dealt way too much to deal with, and yet you manage to brighten my day with your strength and positive thinking.
    I hope your sons both recover soon and can be out of pain.
    I managed to dodge back surgery #5 by having radio frequency nerve ablation. The nerves have been "deadened" for 3 months now and left leg pain is gone! They're doing the SI nerve ablation in a couple of weeks. So much safer and better recovery than having the fusions and the rods and ceramic plates. You might want to seriously reconsider surgery and ask about the ablation.
    Take care of yourselves.

  16. Karen so sorry to hear about all of the not so good things that are happening to your family. I hope that your surgery will give you relief from the pain. I am sending prayers your way.

  17. Good day Karen,
    I am sending you and your family a TON of blessings and get well wishes.

    You need not worry about having been gone for a while. We all understand that there's more to life than Blogging =)

    As always your displays look wonderful!

    I'm a cat lover so please give Lola a hug from me and I pray that her journey be peaceful.

    Big Hugs,

  18. Oh my what a crazy time you are having. Sending prayers for your family with all the surgeries.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet kitty. She looks so cute. I'm a big cat person and it's so hard when your cat has something wrong with them. May you and Lola find peace.

  19. Oh My !!! Karen, I have been thinking about you... had hoped all was well... sigh, sending many many hugs!
    Our animals are our children and it's so hard to let go, I so understand, you will know when its the right time. hugs again.. as for the boys, I so hope and pray these surgery work out for them and the one for your back too! ed is having surgery in less then 2 weeks too.. for a's time to get it fixed. hugs! OLM

  20. Hi Karen, so sorry to learn of your troubles - I really hope all the surgeries help your sons and you too.
    So far you have more Christmas decorating than me and what you've done is beautiful!
    And your grandbabies are adorable!

  21. Hi Karen, You have been in my thoughts. You sure do have a ton of things going on! How do you take it all? I guess we have to. So many things in your post I would love to comment on but the most important is I wil be praying for you and your family. God bless you and may He give you guidance and strength.


  22. I forgot to mention Lola. I have always thought she was such a pretty kitty. I am so sorry about the news. I know your heart is breaking. I'm so sorry. I know the feeling. It is terrible. Hold her while you can.

  23. Karen
    You and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers... I, too, have experienced the sadness you are going through with Missy Lola...hold fast to your wonderful memories with her and know all the decisions you make are with her well-being in mind.
    Your decorating for Christmas is, as always,ELEGANT.
    You have a full plate, so don't take the time to respond to this note...try to find a bit of joy in each day.
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  24. So much in your life...I am praying for every situation to be resolved and comfort and peace for you...your home looks so wonderful and your rug hooking....Love it !!!

  25. Karen, I am very sorry to hear all that you are dealing with. Your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers. I really admire the fact that you are such a strong and positive person.
    Your house looks beautiful, love the dining room table. And Miranda is a doll!
    Blessings sent your way

  26. Karen,
    Did you happen to watch the CNN Heros program last night? Well I think you should be honored as one of them for all the pain and suffering you are enduring. I wonder sometimes why it all has to be at once! I want you to know you are in my prayers and sending you hugs for strength! There are blessings I'm sure ten fold for your future. Those grandbabies are the sweetest things! And dear Lola..... my heart is breaking too!
    Cathy G

  27. Crikey, you have been through the mill. I am sending positive thoughts to you and your loved ones. Human and animal.

  28. Oh Karen, How sad about Lola. Yes, you are so right. Those of us who hae pets understand completely. Enjoy and relish these days with Lola. Prayers for your have had your share of family sickness these days. I pray things ease up soon. I also am glad to hear you are getting help with your back.. My 86 year Mother-in-law had back surgery this year and it went great. Relieved so much of her pain and discomfort. The little ones are precious and your home is lovely as always. Blessings!

  29. Oh my, Karen, you sure have a heavy load right now. I am so sorry to hear about Lola. I will keep you in my prayers - I know this is hard for you. I am praying for Brett and Darren - sounds like they both have some tough recovery ahead of them. The little ones are so adorable - I know they bring you great joy. Your house is looking great. I'm amazed that you have had any time to decorate with all you have going on. Love & prayers,

  30. Karen ~ Wow, so much you are going thru right now. Will keep you and your sons in prayer. I believe it all will get better real soon for each of you.

    Lola, oh goodness. I must say, if it was me, I would do the same and wait on her to tell heart really ache for you both. Such a precious little girl. Very special hugs and kisses to her.

    The Strength and Endurance you display is so Inspiring within itself.

    You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


  31. Karen ~
    SO SORRY to hear about Lola, your boys and all you have been going through. I hope it gets better soon with your boys. It is not easy letting a furbaby cross over the Rainbow Bridge, but I know you will do what is right for sweet Lola!
    On a brighter note, your rug is looking absolutely fantastic. You can call yourself one fine hooker.
    Love the pics of the grands.
    Prayers and hugs coming your way.

  32. Lola will tell you when the time comes to let her go. It broke my heart to let my Kit go but I knew it was the best for her.
    All I can say is God Bless You!

  33. Wow Karen you sure have been handling a lot lately. I'm so sorry you have been dealing with so much. I will certainly uplift you and your family in prayer. We just lost our pet of 13 years this summer so I can sympathize with you there. Hang in there!

  34. Karen my heart is heavy for you, our love for our beloved pets is so great.......breaks my heart also to read this, such a sweet girl.....Prayers are sent for you and your family.......Blessings Francine.

  35. Dear Karen, I'm so sorry about Lola, she's such a lovely kitty friend. I lost my dear buddy 4 yrs ago and I know your pain. I wish I had taken a couple of more days to spend with my dear buddy before saying I completely understand you're waitnig.
    You have so much to deal with right now many prayers will be going up for your and your family....including mine. I wish you well with your surgery, please take care of yourself.

    Hugs bethann

  36. Dear Karen..
    Just a note to let you know that you and your dear family will be in my prayers this week..
    So sorry for all the trials you are going through and for your dear lads.. May God bless you with strength and HOPE...

  37. Hi Karen, good to read your update! I am so sorry about your furbaby! I am praying for her and also healing prayers for you and your sons. Take care and enjoy the Season as much as you can!
    Be blessed,

  38. just wanted to let you know I check your blog everyday, and todayI was so happy to see you back. I am so sorry that your boys are having such problems and i will be sure to keep them in my prayers. Your house so amazing as always. You take care and have a very Merry Christmas

  39. May God bless you and your family and bring all of you back to good health.
    Remember that your cat had a wonderful life with you - I'm sure a very loving family.
    I wish you all the best for a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

  40. Hi Karen~

    So sorry for all the trouble you're going through. Sending hugs your way.


  41. wow hope everyone gets well fast...hope your surgery goes well also ........that is alot to deal with ...and your baby sad to all your beautiful decorations!!!

  42. You have a heavy burden these days. My prayer is that your sons recover quickly and that you can spend lots of precious time with your beloved Lola in her last weeks. Sending you a huge hug.

  43. Hi Karen,
    you have really been dealing with a lot lately! It breaks my heart about Lola. I am sending a hug to you both.

  44. Karen so sorry everything has been so rough lately. My heart goes out to you and Lola. I have a cat Ms Pretty and for some reason she started peeing on my sofa. Needless to say it went to the dump. I have just 2 chairs. I'm scared to buy something new. My dad said maybe it's time to put her down. How do you do that to someone who loves on you and appears to be healthy. I hope you do ok with all that's going on.


  45. Sometimes living takes the life out of you. Sending prayers and hugs. ~Sara

  46. Wow...This all sounds so familiar..I know where you are coming from Karen when it comes to your health issues. It just takes the spirit right out of you. Then topping it off with Lola being sick and feeling helpless to help knowing soon she will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge has to be heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you. I know what she means to you..My Kitty's Tasha & Mama Kitty have been my reason to keep going at times..God Bless them all for making our lives fuller. A special prayer for Lola..
    Glad to hear that your son's surgery's went well and they are on there way to recovery..that to has to be weighing heavy on your heart..
    Sending up prayers for you and your family. Let me know when you are about to have your surgery..
    The house looks beautiful!

    Holiday Hugs

  47. Wow Karen, you sure have been through alot. I know you love your kitty. She looks like a kitty I used to have Fluffy, she is adorable.
    Ans so sorry about your son, I pray he is on the road to a full recovery. I love your decorating and your grandbabies are the cutest. I did a swap and Amy Bumble Bee Cottage, was my partner. She sent me an awesome handbag from Primitives by Kathy, I see you are the designer, I am thrilled to death. I love it, it is beautiful and to think you designed it. Wishing you a lovely holiday season. Bunches of hugs, Lecia

  48. Oh Karen, My heart breaks for you...and then your sons...oh please take care of yourself. We will be praying for you and your family...and we will return to your blog so don't worry about and hugs, Dianntha

  49. Oh Karen you have so much hardship right now. I will say prayers for you and your family. I hope everything goes well with hthe healing for you and your sons. Sweet Lola....I think we all understand that, just give her all the love you can. I am surprised you have got as much done at home. I think I would be total mush. Stay well my friend.

  50. My heart goes out to you have had quite a rough year! I hope the surgery will take your pain away! I hope your boys recovery quickly! But, most of all, I am so sad about Lola. She is such a sweetie..your girl! We had to make that tough decision a year ago October. Our Doodle was only 9 and our house fire survivor. He became an indoor kitty after that and I was going to protect him forever. I was sure he had 16 good years in him. Then he got a bladder infection, or so I thought. I had him to 3 different vets. In the end, it was rare bladder cancer. The vet said he was in terrible pain. We put him down before any of us were ready because the vet said it was the only thing to do. It was the hardest thing. I have missed him every day for over a year. We just got a new kitten. Prayers for Lola and your family. I hope your pain subsides soon.



  51. Oh I hope all is well with your sons and hope you will be better...and poor sweet Lola. When the time comes, I hope she gets to play with our dear tanner boy who we lost this year...on another note, your Christmas decor looks lovely! Take care, janice

  52. Wow!! After 50 people left a comment already, I feel a little slow. And a loss of words. What can I say that hasn't already been said? I am happy you shared all your happenings with us. I am sorry about your sweet kitty. I hope you can feel peace as the end draws near. Good luck with the surgery. I know that it's scary, but hopefully in the end it will be worth it. Your children will always be children no matte how old they get. Take care. -Steph-

  53. Bless your heart! I sure hope your sons get better and I am so sorry about your kitty. And I am praying for you and your surgery! My Mom is having a time with her back and is unable to do anything due to pain. Please keep her in your prayers. I am trying to get back to blogging little by little. I sure have missed everyone! But Life happens!

  54. I am so sorry for all the problems your dealing with right now Karen.
    I so hope you can get relief for your back problem too.
    Your home is simply gorgeous! I adore your dining room table.
    Best wishes for your sons and little kitty too.
    Hugs friend,

  55. Hi, Karen, I am really sorry to hear that life has been rough for you lately. Terrible news about your kitty Lola. I have lost too many animals through the years to count, and it never gets any easier. I'm sure you will always treasure her. Every once in awhile a truly special one comes along. I hope your sons are doing better, bless him for the big smile right after surgery!! I hope your back pain in relieved soon, I remember how awful my hip pain was before surgery. Your home looks so beautiful, it doesn't look to me like you haven't had much time to decorate. You put the rest of us to shame! Sending lots of prayer and thoughts your way,

  56. oh my sweet Karen:
    I'm so sorry to know you are going through such heartaches with your sons surgries. You are all in my prayers..
    Thanks for your uplifting prayers for my daughter Janette.. She had breast cancer surgery Tuesday and came through fine.. next day she was pretty sore but the next two days she has been extremely tired and slept most of the days.
    She goes back a week from today for checkup and results of lumph nodes. So I know where your heart is..
    Oh, little Lola... she is such a sweet dear kitty. I hope she isn't suffering.. we love our "fur-babies" don't we?
    Keeping you and yours in my prayers.. God bless you , hon..


  57. Glad to hear that things are still going, you have gone thru so prayers are with you and your family always..if you have time take time and look at the commercial that we did at the store with the 4 legged kids..i am also so sorry to hear of your 4 legged little one i feel your pain as i lost freckles in sept..take care God Bless Joni and the kids

  58. You sure have been dealing with a lot Karen! Such sad news about your sons! I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers along with you!!! I pray the surgery takes care of all your pain!


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