Saturday, December 29, 2012

Needing changes!

Oh yes, the Christmas decorations have been up since Thanksgiving weekend so it’s time…it will be a slower process this time taking everything down to put away because I’m going to be purging! Yep…getting rid of decorations I’ve been hanging onto for years but just couldn’t part with. Quite possibly the kids will take some, or not…really doesn’t matter because what I will be getting rid of will not have a sentimental meaning so it will be easy.

I am not tired of looking at the lights – I love them in fact but it’s time like all of you I’m sure to get your house back to normal…I like the ‘normal’ – no special decorations for the season – just the things I love and love to look at.

I’m trying also to get things in order because on the 7th I’m having back surgery and I won’t be able to bend or lift for at least 8 weeks – I’ll have to wear a body brace…yuk…but it’s better than moving wrong and having a huge hurt!

Christmas here was wonderful – the boys/families came around 1:30 Christmas day.  We caught up on ‘what’s happening’, ate lots of goodies, then it was gift time and like any family with little ones it was wonderful.  Aidan decided he was going to be grandpa’s helper and pass out the gifts – he did it so nice…he’d take the gift and then when he was giving it to the person he’d say their name and ‘this is for you’ – he was so darned cute!
Miranda…well, she’s a sweetie – but she doesn’t like grandma – I’ve yet to hold and cuddle her because she just screams.  I was lucky a few weeks ago to hold her for a picture.  It doesn’t bother me though because I know she will grow out of it. She does the same thing with one of her aunts.
Family Christmas 2012

Miranda loves her aunt Jamie though!
Miranda with jamie 1

Miranda with jamie

The table was set very simply – we found the stockings at Kohl’s – I looked for some last year but could not find them. I wanted to put the silverware in them and this year the food network had them out.
Table setting 1

Table setting 2

While rooting through all the older decorations I found some of the boys old ones from when they lived at home so they were enjoying picking out theirs to take home.
kids getting old ornaments

I did finally finish Heathers gift on Christmas Eve that she chose for me to make…she wanted a flag hanging for her front door.Heathers flag

I’m so loving my hooked rug project – it’s going to be great when I finish.  I didn’t have any other white to do the snow in so I used the wool I bought from Cathy a couple weeks ago – I kind of like the effect – the sky will be done in Aqua colors – hopefully I have enough of the muted Aqua’s.

Before the snow
Sleigh hooked rug 2

With the snow…I brought it down quite a bit from where the pattern line is drawn – it was up too far for my liking.
You can see the original line right behind the sheep’s backend. 
Sleigh hooked rug
I guess I’m going to be needing another one for my recoup time!

I am now taking orders again on KM Primitives so if you want to place an order just e-mail me with your selection(s) along with your full mailing address for shipping calculations and I’ll send out a paypal invoice.

Blessings to all and thank you for being my friend and customer this past year(s)