Friday, August 2, 2013

So you want to see pictures huh????

Well you will get them today – this will be my last post until we return from our vacation with our two teenage grandchildren.

We are so excited to do this.  Last night we picked them up and went shopping for ‘car treats’ and ‘soda’ – well…$60.00 later we came out of the store…LOL  This is for 2 kids, but they are 13 and 15 after all.
We took the goodies back to their house and then the 4 of us headed for Thurs. night church service being we’ll miss the next 2 Sundays.

So anyway on with the show right…if you get tired of pictures I won’t blame you but I had so many.

Now the pictures will be small here so CLICK ON THEM TO ENLARGE – I didn’t want the pages to run and run and run.

Here goes!

1505 Fencl Ave.
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Also home to Cathy’s ‘Orange Sink’ blog:

Upon arriving there’s always the meet and greet picture!

cathy and karen 1

Her studio is a work of art just in the displays she has, let alone all the yummy wool – she knows just how to show off the wool.
Now don’t forget to click pictures.  There may be a repeat but Doug was snapping not me.

wool 9   wool 8

wool 7   wool 6

wool 5   wool 4

wool 3   wool 2

wool 1   cathy 6

 cathy 5   karen 1

cathy 3   cathy 4

  This is the wonderful gift Cathy presented me with – love it!!!

Cathy 2   Cathy 1    Cathy 3 pattern 

And my wool purchase – oh yes, could have bought more but I also bought patterns!

wool from cathy 2  wool from cathy

Too cute of a Snowman don’t you think??? He’s going to be adorable.
And the Americana pillow pattern.

I wanted this pattern but she didn’t have any made up but I bought it and she made it and I received it on Wednesday…it’s huge!
I only hope I can capture the colors she used – GORGEOUS!!!

mittens hooked rug  

cathy and karen
As we are leaving from our visit which was MUCH TOO SHORT!



And onward and upward on the highway to Vicki’s place SIMPLY
Now you would not know you are going into a Primitive shop let me tell you – we were completely blown away.
Some of you may know where her shop is but it is a bit hard to find if you don’t know it’s therre.

It’s about 30 miles north of Rice Lake right on Hwy. 53, about 3 miles north of Trego on the east side of the highway (top of the big hill).
There is a junk yard on the left. There is a sign close to the first driveway to her house (but don't turn there) and it is the driveway just north of there – now when you drive in veer to the right and follow the lane back to the shop.

When we drove up we were in awe at all the garden goodies

Karen and Vicki

Simply 3   Simply 4   Simply 5

Simply 1   Simply 2
Vicki   Vickis shop 9

 Vickis shop 8   Vickis shop 7

Vickis shop 6   Vickis shop 5

Vickis shop 4   Vickis shop 3

 Vickis shop 2   Vickis shop 1 

I have another old antique pastry cutter but this one is nice and sharp and solid
And a jar of home-grown Maple Syrup straight from a friends woods.

 cutter and maple syrup

And my big purchase (it actually cost more than I had planned but we both loved it so much)
It is printed on old nubby muslin and then they hand painted it – it really is an old piece so the price matched….and you can never have too many Abe’s in the house!

Lincoln framed

Are you still with me????
Now to the gorgeous chairs – we waited so long for them and are so happy.
This is Jim Van Hoven the builder of the chairs – he’s an amazing man with huge talents
Chairs and Jim 

Chairs 1

He always leaves a bare spot on the bottom so you can see the wonderful wood and also the layers of paint he put on and his logo is burned in along with a parchment logo.


And now to get them home….
 New chair 1


Love the scroll work – the detail that you can’t see in the pictures is so great – too hard to describe or take pictures of.
You can actually see some of the soft chisel marks in places but I like that as it makes them so unique and hand made.


The original black chairs now flank the ends of our table
old chair at table

Now lastly I want to send out a huge thank you to 2 sweet blogger friends from across the seas who out of the goodness of their hearts sent me some wonderful treasures…just because gifts are so fun and so thoughtful.
First came this sweet little package all the way from SOUTH AFRICA.
You know CUCKI don’t ya!  Cucki’s Stitching Cove:

She honored me with some sweet and thoughtful gifts
Cucki 2

A hand crocheted doily, African beaded book mark and a darling silver charm of a mama Giraffe and baby.

Cucki 3

They are posing with the behinds – aren’t they adorable????

Cucki 4
THANK YOU CUCKI…I love everything!

And last…from Karen way down under in Australia
Her blog is:

I received some mementos from her wonderful Australia
She even included some furry Koala Bears that pinch onto something and some pencils for our grands!
Lovely kitchen towel, Potholder and oven mit along with some adorable cup cake baking cups.

Karen 3

   Karen 4

THANK YOU KAREN…the gifts will be used and think of you every time.

Okay…did I give you what I promised?

I will have my iPad and my laptop with me so I can keep up with all of you at night when we get back from our daily outings.
And I’m sure many many pictures will be taken during the week so there will most likely be a big picture post sometime in the next 2 weeks AGAIN! lol

Oh I don’t think I told you that we had a suite reserved for this week but Doug’s cousin who lives out there in Lancaster is going away that week as well so they offered their home to us – DELIGHTFUL!  Their home is a home away from home for us anyways so this is just perfect…now the kids get their own bedrooms which is a good thing for a 13 boy and 15 girl. Plus an extra bathroom.  Pretty great deal don’t ya think?

Blessings to you all



  1. Aww such sweet post with so Many sweetie pictures.
    The woolie studio are so cute...everything is super sweet..I love your pursuance so much and sheepie woolie kit is so cute too..snowman is a darling :)
    You are a dear friend and so close to my heart ❤❤
    Big hugs xxx

  2. I must say the pictures were well worth the wait Karen. What super neat shops as well as the goodies you purchased and were gifted with. Love the gifts from afar. How neat. Hope you have a wonderful trip. We are debating on going to Lancaster or back to Berlin in Ohio in Sept. Since we have never been to PA, don't know which way to travel. I think you have been before if I can remember correctly. Any advise would be welcome. Have a wonderful trip and I can't wait to see even more pictures.

  3. beautiful photos my friend ~ love to see where folks go, who they meet, where they live/own shops, and what they buy! but the best by far, is the gifts you've received from far-away friends...just fills our hearts!
    TFS & Blessed be!

  4. Hi Karen! Great post... there can never be too many pics for me! It's so nice that you got to visit those great shops....wish we had more in this area, although we do go to Lancaster and up Sturbridge way... got to visit the Seraph not too long ago... what a treat!
    Enjoy your vaca with the grands... sounds wonderful! How nice for your overseas friends to send such lovely gifts... Looking forward to more pics upon your return.... safe travels!

  5. What a wonderful post Karen! So many delightful things to look at. It is always nice to meet those we feel close to in the blogs. The chairs...well just amazing!

    I am so excited for you and your vacation with your grands. You will make memories with them that will stay forever. How special.I will be praying for safe travels for you all. Blessings~Sara

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics Karen I really enjoyed them!
    Have a wonderful vacay!

    Oh, by the way you look GREAT!


  7. Enjoyed viewing your photos Karen, great shops!! Love your purchases too!
    Have a wonderful vacation with your grandchildren!
    hugs, Neenee

  8. great pictures and awesome chairs.

    Safe travels on your journey.


  9. Thank You So Much Karen for taking me to places that I could never get to,through beautiful pictures!!! Beautiful Ladies too!! And what treasures you received from special friends & places!!!

  10. Hi Karen, enjoyed the pictures so much, what a wonderful time spent.....Francine.

  11. Wow Karen!!!
    Great pictures amd wish I was there too.
    Can't wait to meet you and talk in 4 weeks!

  12. Have a great vacation. Love those chairs!

  13. Great picture post! Have a wonderful vacation with your grands! Safe travels. May see you on the streets at the Lititz craft show! LOVE your new chairs...they look terrific in your dining room. Your house always looks better and better! So cozy. You inspire us all. Have a fun trip. I'll look forward to the pictures.

  14. Have a wonderful trip. Love the pictures. Looking forward to your vacation pictures. Safe travels.

  15. Loved the pictures!! Thank you for sharing them!!

  16. Wow; love your blog! I have a friend who also makes Windsor chairs. (So far he hasn't given me one--waah!) How gorgeous yours are! Now I am going to have to go quilt some penny squares after seeing your blog background. :-)

  17. I'll be thinking about you, Karen, as you travel the roads looking for new sights and adventures..
    Have a "ball".
    Have a safe and wonderful trip.
    Hugs, Charlotte

  18. Thanks for sharing your pictures. How do you find such wonderful shops? I went upnorth the weekend before last and went thru Rice Lake and Trego...I'll have to do a little shopping next time I go up. Love all the goodies you purchased.
    Your chairs are just beautiful, well worth the wait.
    Have a fun time on your vacation with the grandkids.
    Stay safe, Leanne

  19. Well, Karen, you always have so many interesting bits of information, and continue to give me so many more places here in Wisconsin to get into trouble! Love the pics of Cathy's shop, all that yummy wool! I've been following her blog recently but didn't know where in northern WI she was.
    ...Vicki's shop, be still my heart! Does she have a blog or website I can enjoy until I can get there?

    Your chairs are beautiful! I have one and now know a good source here in the Midwest to find another!

    I am so lovin' blog lovin'! Have a wonderful vacation with the grands! What an opportunity! Blessings,

  20. Karen: Such a wonderful post and so much to comment on: Doug did a great job with the pictures...what a shop and so fun to enlarge the pics. I contacted mother was from So. Africa...she sounds darling from her blog. The chairs are too much...oh how lucky you are to have beautiful hand made ones; they are awesome and will look so good with your D.R. table and your other chairs.
    Have a great time with your grands and why am I not surprised the snacks cost so much...those ages "inhale" those things. Have fun!
    {{HUGS}} Joy

  21. Karen, I hope you all have a wonderful and fun trip! I know you love going to Lancaster and the kids will love it, I'm sure.
    It is a whole different world.

    Karen , your pics are beautiful but I must say your new chairs interested me the most! They are so perfect, and wonderful and amazing....I could go on and on. I really like them. No matter what you paid....they were worth it..... so gorgeous in your diningroom.

    Well, God be with you, Doug and the grandchildren. Enjoy yourselves!

  22. Love all the photos Karen, how exciting to have so many lovely shops to visit. So glad you love your gifts. Your chairs are lovely, he did a great job. Hope you all have a great trip, so exciting to spend special time with your grandkids, can't wait to see all the photos on your return.

    Drive safely!


  23. Karen,
    Wow, wow, wow!! So many wonderful pics I felt like I was on the trip with you!!!! I see a little furry face in one of the pics at Cathy's shop! Thank you for taking the time to show us. I know it's time consuming to reduce all those pictures and get them posted. Sweet gifts from Cucki. She is full of sunshine isn't she? I always feel uplifted when I visit her blog as she is so cheerful and happy. Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Lori

  24. Karen, wonderful pictures, I feel like I was with you looking at all of the wonderful goodies. The wool is lovely! Have fun on your vacation with the grands! Love your chairs, they are beautiful. hugs, Lecia

  25. Lovely photos of beautiful Primitive shops, wonderful chairs, sweet gifts...lots of goodies in this post. Have fun making memories with the grandchildren!

  26. The chairs are absolutely gorgeous Karen!
    What fun and trip with your grandchildren, my favorite and most memorable trip was with my cousin and my grandparents when I was about 13 years old. You will all treasure this trip for mant years I am sure.


  27. Wonderful pictures Karen. I really feel nice to see these lots of goodies. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Tiling Adelaide

  28. How wonderful to be able to visit those special shops. I love the chairs! They will be treasures for generations.
    Have fun on your trip. I love PA!

  29. Beautiful chairs.
    And what fun places. I want to live in that Woolie Heaven!!
    Woolie Blessings

  30. Hi Karen...your chairs are beautiful! Love going along on your adventure! Have a fun trip with the grands!

  31. Karen,

    WOW! Looks like you had a great time, how could you not? all that wool... oh my!
    Your chairs are to die for!!!! OLM

  32. Wow, what a wonderful wool place. Love the chairs, I want them!

    Have fun with the grandkids.

  33. What a fun fun time! I love all your bargains and those chairs are a true work of art.

  34. Wow! I loved all the photos. What great visits! So inspiring! Maggie

  35. Wow!!! Never tire of looking at pics!!! Such wonderful places you stopped at ~ I really need to get to that neck of the woods!
    Love those chairs!!!
    Such wonderful gifts from friends!!!
    Enjoy your time with the boys!
    Safe Travels!
    Prim Blessings

  36. I just found your blog at Carol's (Firecracker Kid). I love it and look forward to visiting.


  37. Oh my gosh Karen!!! I didn't know you were going to see Cathy!!!! I'm so envious!!! Her shop looks so inviting!!! Your chairs are beautiful! Can't wait to hear about your most recent trip!


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