Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Can I please say it’s Fall now!!

I’m not one to love summer…I like it okay but I don’t love it like some of you.
The heat gets to me even if it’s not HOT…I’m  not sure why….age maybe…LOL

This past summer has been a good one but also a full one.
I’m hoping Fall is a little slower in pace.
I want to enjoy the cool evenings and the warm to coolish days….just perfect temperatures…sweater or no sweater…ahhhh perfect!
This is the season I enjoy the screen room the most.

I’m sure you had your fill of vacation pictures so I will show you only the last stop.
I had a post all done but for some reason my Windows Live Writer kept freezing up my computer and I could not even do a hard shut down – I had to unplug and also remove the battery.  So you have been saved by technology!!
Joe never seemed to look like he was enjoying it much (although he did – he just didn’t like having his picture taken) so here is Joe at his happiest.

When Doug was checking into the hotel the kids hopped out of the car – I thought they were getting all their luggage and I tried to stop them telling them  we would park first – well they came back in the car with their suits in hand and their goggles on…lol
(click pictures to make them bigger)

Ready for the pool last night

fun in the pool 3

fun in the pool 2

fun in the pool 4

fun in the pool 1

Yesterday I cleaned the craft/office room so I can move the chair from the other guest bedroom in there and hopefully move some of my crafting things to the basement.
I want to put a bed in there for extra company…
want to come stay????
I had a pair of Tobacco Cloth panels for this room that never got up and so I finally put them up – I love the look so now the whole house has them.  What I love about these types of curtains/panels is they keep out the hot sun but let in light, kind of dual purpose and they look so nice too.
I’m looking for an old iron bed for this room and I’m not particular if it’s a twin or full size just so it has the old iron bed look.
If it ever gets how I see it in my head I will post pictures.

need to apologize to ALL OF YOU because you have been the best bloggers always coming to my blog and commenting – I have not been as loyal.  By the time I get my e-mails answered and the bookwork done and read a few blogs on my list I run out of computer time, I just can’t continue to blog hop.  I promise I will do better starting this week….already this morning I read 5!

I am excited to get the bins out and see what to put out first.
I have the new Pumpkins from a couple months ago to add to the already growing stash – I   like the muted colors.
And I have a new ‘fun’ one (it will have a goofy looking face) coming from Marie
I need to finish up a Penny Rug in exchange for the pumpkin by the 20th as we are meeting her and her husband for a Folk Art show at Kane County.

I also bought a HUGE Orange Mum plant at Sam’s Club on Friday (looks Gold in the top picture) – I try and buy one or two from there I love buying them there because the price is always good.
This plant will be going in my large crock on the porch just as soon as I get the Summer things put away.
Mum 1

Mum 2

Remember the Bittersweet plant we put in the back garden?  Well, I went out and bought another one and put it in the other garden – within about 2-3 years it should have enough vines on it to get some good cuttings.
Bittersweet on vine

Thursday is rummage sale day in our town so now and then we try and go and this time I got lucky.
This is a Food Network baking dish and was $5.00.
baking dish  baking dish 1
I like these types of bakers because they bake even and with the lid keep the food warm for a very long time.
Sunday I made a pot roast and I always make a stew from the leftovers – it was the perfect Fall dinner.
baking dish 2

Well this has not been an exciting post but I so wanted to say I’m sorry I have not visited you in ages and will do better I promise.

Our little Aidan started Kindergarten today.
Aidan first day of school 
He called this morning just before they left. Where did these last 5 years go – I know Darren and MaryAnn will have tears in their eyes when he gets dropped off.  He said he will call when he gets home and tell us about his day.

this coming Saturday.
I have all the information at the top of my blog just under the header.

Blessings and Happy September to you all!
I’m one happy gal with this cool weather!!


fall 1



  1. Yes you can say it's Fall! The first of September sees me getting out all the boxes of Fall decorations. I'm not a fan of Summer either-Texas can get pretty hot! We were out of town keeping our youngest grandson this weekend-almost 8 months old now but I know it won't be anytime until he's grown and we'll wonder where the time went.

  2. I think it was a wonderful post! I hope you are feeling well and I agree 100% that Summer is for the heat lovers! Not me! Looking forward to cool weather and warm comfort food! Hugs, Maggie

  3. Love hearing all that you are doing. .....and about your family. It is so good to keep busy. And ..YES.. Fall is here...going to get out Chrysanthemums today . Our Fall flag is up and a wreath I made on the door. Love this time of year.

    Love your blog. Take care, Karen and Doug!

  4. Karen: Lovely post and beautiful pictures; especially love the mums! It is still in the upper 90's here so no Mums for me yet! BTW: Aren't your posts supposed to show up on Bloglovin'? I do not get them! I get a bunch every day but not yours. Can't figure that out???
    Take care and enjoy your cooler weather...I am working on getting my house "ready". {{HUGS}} Joy

  5. Aww I love fall..
    It's spring here now :)
    Enjoy the lovely time dear.
    Sending you big hugs
    Cucki x

  6. Glad you are doing well. Love fall too and hope to get decorations out by weekend but have tomatoes, applesauce, & beans put up. Love your blog & living in IL I make notes of shops you visit.

  7. Glad you are doing well. Love fall too and hope to get decorations out by weekend but have tomatoes, applesauce, & beans put up. Love your blog & living in IL I make notes of shops you visit.

  8. I also love the Fall! It's such a beautiful time of year, and a great time to enjoy family and slow down! The pictures are great and those pumpkins are fantastic! I love those colors for this time of year.

    Blessings always.

  9. Hi Karen,
    Great blog post! Even though technology is sometimes a pain we true bloggers manage somehow!! I sure hope this cooler weather sticks around now... but I don't think that is the forecast..sigh!!
    That mum plant is gorgeous! Let the Fall decorating begin! Sure wish I could attend that show... maybe next year!!
    Cathy G

  10. I'm not a fan of summer either, Karen. I have never liked hot weather even as a child. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the show on Saturday. I will be vending there as well...should be a fun day! Your little Aiden is so cute...I have 2 grandchildren that started kindergarten today also...sad they grow up too fast!

  11. I'll be happy for fall and slower pace. Summer is always constant running. As I get older the heat bugs me too.Hope your grand has a wonderful first day of school, I'm sure he'll have plenty of exciting things to talk about..smile... Amy

  12. This to is my favorite time of year.
    I can't wait to decorate and plant some mums ~ so love all the colors!!!
    Awwww first day of school ~ my they grow fast. I'm sure he had fun!!!
    Nice hearing what you've been up to.
    Prim Blessings

  13. What awesome memories your grandchildren will have of vacation. Love the big mum you have! Aiden is so adorable, and yes they grow up too fast. hugs, Lecia

  14. I'm with you girl, give me that nice fall weather over the summer heat any day. I can't take it like I used to. Your mum is absolutely beautiful! I love the full ones like this.

    Looks like the kids can barely contain themselves, lol! Give a kid a pool any time and they will be content for awhile.

    Me! Me! Me! I will come and stay in your guest room. =] I knew that you had the tobacco cloth curtains but I didn't know the reason why. I have no curtains at all in my home and not sure which direction to even go. I need to look into these kind as that will be great for all the sun that we get.

    I had to chuckle at your blogging/commenting and how you've already read 5. I know that all too well. Life is so very busy for us all and most people don't want to waste their life away on the computer... it's so easy to do nowadays. =/

  15. Sounds like you are doing well and recovering.
    Seems like the older I get the harder summer is on me. I used to have a large garden and do all the yard work. Now I just can't keep up.
    I love Fall and yes I love Winter. Now that I work at home I love snow!
    Lovely huge mum. Make's me want to go buy a few!

  16. Oh yes I'm loving the cool weather. Fall can't get here soon enough for me. Mum, pumpkins and bittersweet - some of my fav fall things.

    Hope you are feeling much better after your surgery.


  17. Karen, I think you've been a busy gal, so we understand if you don't have time to 'visit' everyone. Besides, some of us (no names : ) aren't as dedicated as you when it comes to blogging. You always have so many interesting things to talk about and show us, so you are allowed to take a break now & then. Like you, I love the cooler weather. Our mountain temps have been wonderful this year, but I'm afraid we will have an early Fall and a cold, snowy winter. Time will tell...Until then, we will enjoy the sunny days and cool air. Many Blessings for continued better health...Hugs!

  18. Hi Karen, Hope you are feeling better. Absolutely love your rummage fine, great baking dish for sure. It would be so nice if I could say ours days here in California are much cooler, but we are in a mist of a heat wave with the A/C going and the fans too. Looking forward to getting my house decorated for Fall. Blessings, Sandy

  19. Blessings to you!
    I have a Grandson named Aiden also. They are wonderful.
    WIsh I saw all my Grandchildren more often.
    Autumn is on her way and the mums are so well liked around here.
    God bless and the best to you,

  20. Wish you lived closer and I would come over and have tea and enjoy your screened room with you. Love reading your post. You are one busy lady.

  21. Oh yes, you can say it's Fall!! I'm hoping to get my decorations out soon!
    Your mum is gorgeous! It IS huge!
    Aidan is such a little cutie. I hope he enjoys school.
    Hope you have a great week! :-)

  22. I'm hungry now after seeing your stew!!! NOM... And I have lots of leftovers too from my pot roast after church! ;) I am SO wanting a bittersweet plant ...it grows wild on our neighbors property and I'm so jealous! I might have to go and buy one! God blessed us with a huge crop of choke cherries and wild plums this year so I guess I have no room to complain! ;)
    I dread the day my boys start kindergarten! The thought of that makes me appreciate having them at home even more....and appreciate me being here with them every day as well! They grow toooo fast!


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