Monday, September 9, 2013

Let me introduce….

A few of my friends from Saturdays show over at Holly Hills Primitives…oh my goodness what a show it was.
This was Dawn’s first attempt at this type of show and it went over big time.

And I was in awe at the number of bloggers that showed up there to shop and also to sell.  If only I had been up to it I would have done it this year as well…but you all know that story and I won’t go in to it anymore.

The weather was just perfect up to noon anyway when it down poured but people still arrived and it went on until closing.
We were to stay for the evening get together but I could not take much more waling or standing so we headed home.
But…I did get to meet everyone there and hope someday to see them again.

We stopped over there on Friday  while everyone was setting up and got to meet a few gals.

I am leaving the pictures small because there are several…

Our hostess…DAWN
( )
This was taken on Friday when we stopped by her shop
me and dawn holly hills primitives

Me and Janice from Back Porch Primitives
And no blog for Janice…sorry
me and Janice back porch antiques

Earlene from Primitive Passion Decorating – she was helping Dawn in the shop
( )
me and Earlene primitive passion decorating

Marsha from Kindred Spirits
I’m sorry I don’t have a blog for her…
me and marsha kindred spirits 
My purchases from her…
Tiny little Almanac journals
(for stocking stuffers)
mini journals

And a new calendar
pure and simple calendar

Ann Frank from A Hole In The Basket
( )

She also has her selling website
( )
me and Ann a hole in the basekt 
My purchases from Ann
A basket with legs
(I know there’s a name for it but can’t remember)
In the basket is a Black Walnut garland that I forgot to take out to get a picture of.

basket from Ann Frank

Lauren from Rugs and Pugs
( )
Not sure what was said but Lauren liked it!
Me and lauren rugs and pugs 

Dried gourds and another hooked pattern from Lauren
(guess I will add this to the growing stack of patterns)
Gourds pumpkin hook Lauren

Sweet Bobbie from The Evening Stitcher
( )
Doug enjoyed their booth because her husband Dave and him seemed to click
Me and Bobbie Evening Stitcher
Friday while we were over watching all the vendors set up and shop in Dawns shop we stopped at Bobbies booth and I saw this Halloween pillow and wanted it badly…I even thought about it that night and hoped that it would not have been sold to someone early on…but I got it!  That’s a happy face!!!
me and my pillow
And an antique Gold bowl
yellow bowl bobbie

I met Pam from Basket N Prims
( )
And Lori from Homespun Prims
( )
me pam lori
We met Pam also to give her the Bittersweet plant she had me bring to her


Some very special ladies I met while in line for the show…actually I met the lady in the Gold top on Friday while snooping at Dawns early!  She’s Susan from Canada and she knew who I was right away and said ‘Hi Karen’ – goodness you can’t go ANYWHERE that someone doesn’t know you – anyway, Susan was there with her daughter and a friend and we enjoyed chatting – they were also at the same hotel as us and we saw them at breakfast and then what do you know…they were right there next to us in line.
Now the lady on the other side of me is Janet from Canada ( ). I didn’t know Janet either and she was standing in front of me in line and said ‘Hi Karen’….so strange to be known and not know them.

(Susan…e-mail me if you can!!)
Me Janet old crow primitives  Susan

I do believe that was all the people I met, if I met someone and forgot to mention it, I’m sorry – as you can see it was several to keep track of – how wonderful to meet all these sweet gals.

Just a few more purchases at the show – but I don’t know who the vendors are personally.

I’m  going to use this hog scraper as a base for a Wool Christmas tree.
hog scraper

Two lovely yards of wool from The Wool Room

 Gold check wool Orange check wool

Large wreath for inside door…it seems a bit fragile made from dried things to be used outside

From The Parsons Daughter
( )
I got this Wool pin – It’s actually a brighter Green than it is showing
flower pin The Parsons Daughter
And these button ‘magnets’
may use these for Christmas stocking stuffers or add in gifts

Button magnets 1

 Button magnets

On Friday while we were walking around the town we went into an antique shop and I found this antique candle mold to add to my collection
candle mold holly antiques

And last..yesterday Dan DiPaolo

( )

had his monthly shop open at the farm and I never miss that!
I just love that guy…he’s so happy and personable all the time and always shares we us his newest ideas and creations.
He had these out at the shop and I snagged one.
It’s from his new retro line
Silverstri by Demdaco ) 
It’s all wood and I love how the lines in the wood show through.
Dans snowman

And his newest calendar
Dans calendar

My goodness I almost forgot…on the way to the show we stopped at a blog friends house to pick up the JB Settle we bought from her…some of you may know she was selling all of her Colonial furniture – changing over to comfy casual now.
This is at her house
picking up sofa at lindas
Here’s Linda’s blog ( )
Although she goes by ‘Earthy Comfy Casual’ in the header, but the blog link says ‘Primitive Pond Homestead’…so however you get to her, that’s who it is.

…And after getting it in our house (yes, I helped carry it in!)
I do not know how this room will be arranged but I am putting the Oriental rug down again now that the settle is in there.  The fabric is the Wedding Ring design in Black with Mustard
new settle

closeup of sofa
This is the rug we will put down – hopefully it will look good.
It was in the family room but then we put one with a Red background down.
I like this one so hopefully it will work.

So there you have it.
I think we did pretty good for a days outing don’t you???
Hope you get on over to the blogs I listed here.
Next year I hope to meet many more of you.




  1. Karen that was fun to read!!!!!
    You sure made the rounds and found some great goodies!! Lindas settle will look great in your house.
    Glad you made it home safely and are feeling well. What a trip hey!!
    Loved meeting and talking to you and see you next year. ( I never got to see Pam :0( Darn.

  2. Wow it was truly a fun sweet post :)
    You found some very lovely goodies...I am so happy that you are feeling well...sending you big hugs
    Love x

  3. sure have been traveling! Love seeing all the blog gals and goodies. The settle is wonderful...I'm loving the dark colors these fits right in.
    Hope you will get to put your feet up and rest a bit this week.
    Take care,

  4. Holy smokes Karen! Can't believe you crammed all that in over the weekend and you certainly scored some awesome deals. I am jealous of that settle - lovely. My shopping/traveling exploits have been curtailed this last month or so with a stress fracture to my foot - bummer. Hoping to be healed enough to make it to Elkhorn later this month. Last show of the year. Havea great week, Jane

  5. Wow you had a full day. Love all your goodies and how neat to meet so many fellow bloggers.


  6. Morning, what a wonderful time, so nice to put a face to the blog friends......Loved all your buys, many great goodies there. Sure would have loved to go too, maybe next year. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Blessings Francine.

  7. Wow, what a show, I would have loved to attended. And best of all you got to meet all of the sweet bloggers, such a fun day and awesome treasures you found. hugs, Lecia

  8. OMG!!! I missed out! First so you are the one that got to the love seat before me! DARN!!! you lucky girl!!!!
    Look at everyone you met!!! WOW! So exciting! Loved reading this.. will have to read it again! Next year, I know we need to do it too! OLM
    See ya on the 20th!

  9. Oh wow, that's a lot of excitement! You are a rock star in blog land m'lady... lol. Everyone knows you and wants to meet you :)
    What a lovely lot of gals you met. I love that pumpkin pillow. Although I'd rather you not have lifted and helped carry your settee inside. Now you'll have to rest and enjoy your purchases.
    I will have to visit these ladies blogs.


  10. I sure had fun reading this post! It is good that you feel well enough to get out for a day. I am glad. I think your new settee and the rug will be wonderful together -from what I could tell. Maybe put the settee on an angle? What do I know? I have never been to your home ...just was thinking!


  11. Wow - what a wonderful outing you had! I envy you meeting all those fun gals - I read most of the blogs you shared and love seeing what these creative gals are making each day. Great finds you brought home!

  12. Loved your post!! That looked like a great show! Love all the stuff you got!!!

  13. Oh I am so jealous. I would have loved meeting you and Pam. I love her baskets and was lucky to win one. You got some great items this weekend. I love the button magnets!

    Glad to see you up and moving around!


  14. Karen,
    It was so nice to meet you at the show!! I'm sorry you had to leave but sure do understand. You managed to find some great goodies before you had to leave tho! Love the new piece of furniture too. Thank you for posting so many pics. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you again sometime. Hugs, Lori

  15. Karen ~
    So nice to see you again! You got some great goodes. Thanks for sharing so many pictures (except for me with my mouth!)
    Hugs :)

  16. Enjoyed the photos! Since Johnston Benchworks is no more, you were lucky to snag that piece. I think the rug accents beautifully.

  17. Wow Karen, what a grand time you all had! I hope to actually meet some bloggers in person someday. 'Love the items you bought, esp. the plaid wools. 'So glad that you are feeling all better :)

  18. Wish you could have stayed for our dinner..but do understand. It was nice to finally meet you! Met many of my blogging buddies that day too, and it sure was fun! By the way, I do have a blog. Its prims by the water. Janice...selling at the show as Back Porch Antiques..our store name. Take care and so glad you were able to find some goodies..

    Blessings to you,

  20. You had a great day all the around! Would love to meet all the bloggers including you, Miss Karen!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Oh goodness what fun you must have had. It is so nice to meet fellow bloggers and I am hoping if I am still blogging next year to come to that. I wanted to this year. I am not into buying as there is no room at the inn, but I love looking and just to meet all those wonderful people. Wow. Your love seat is going to look so good with that rug.

  22. Love your pics Karen. Had a great time at the show and found lots of goodies. Wish I could have stayed for the blogger gathering. I'll be posting my pictures from the show this evening. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I love it in your home......looks so glad you were able to snag it up from me.....looks like you had a great time at the show.....what a fun trip.....those muffins were the bomb.....thanks so was so nice meeting doug and you.....

  24. So amazing to meet so many great people! I wish I was not so far away from Michigan. You found so many great things!
    Oh my gosh - you got the settle!
    I am in envy. It's gonna look great.

  25. That is so funny! See you are famous Karen, people you don't even know know you! Someday I hope to run into you too, especially since we are not to far from each other!

    Love the settle!



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