Monday, April 21, 2014

Starting to look like Spring

Been an awfully busy week and again starting into this week – MULCH – 15 yards of it and it’s finally finished.
Doug and I did some of it on Friday, then on Saturday Dan and Jess helped with the rest (and there was a lot left for them to do!)

This here is 10 yards – the other 5 yards were delivered on Saturday when the kids helped.
Mulch 1
The next 3 pictures are what Doug and I got done
Mulch 3
Mulch 4
 Mulch 5

I don’t like the flag stones when they have been newly laid – they have to settle into the mulch – about a week and maybe some rain and they will look like they were there forever, doesn’t take long
House 1
Mulch day 1

We are also rebuilding all the fences – 5 corner sections of 12 ft. each…Doug is cutting and rebuilding and I do all the sanding and painting.
Fence 1

Fence 2 

Today the yard is being thatched and some fertilizer put on – it is in desperate need this season.

I didn’t do much for Spring in the house and won’t do any outside till the mess out there is finished – I put the door decorations up and I remembered I had some really old Mason jars and this green box so I put together something for my entry table in the kitchen.
The filler I used I got at the little shop near me ( Finder’s Keepers in Rochester ), it’s shredded brown paper and it’s really finely shredded and works perfectly for these kinds of things.

Spring flowers in jars 1

Front door
Front door decor 
Kitchen door – these carrots will get put away and something more Spring related as soon as I get the time.
Back door decor

Not sure I like any of this – but it’s all going to be taken down when the wall behind the mantle gets done in a few weeks.  So I put some Lavender and Pussy Willows in a basket.

Oh and we decided to wait on the walls in the family room – it’s just the wood over the fireplace that is bad, so that is all that will get done for now.  But I do need to decide on a color for this room.  Any suggestions ( the fireplace will stay red .
Fireplace decor

So our Easter was great at least the family and the food – and the reason we celebrate Easter as well.
BUT….way before anyone got there I was peeling potatoes and carefully putting the down the disposal and I guess it just wasn’t meant to be that the day would go smoothly….THE DRAINS STOPPED UP and water and guck coming up through the sink drains.
So…I didn’t panic, I just said I will  make do as it is a holiday and there’s no way in heck a plumber is being called!
I managed quite well actually.  Had rinse things in the tub after making sure no food particles were on the items.

When it was time to get the meal on we worked like little bees, everyone going in a different direction to drain something or wash something.
Jesse took my huge kettle of potatoes outside to the driveway drain and drained them  there.
I look back and don’t know how we did it without a sink and water ( it was running out under the sink too! ).
In the mean time BRETT fixed everything for us…got us up and running.
Then after dinner I turned the dishwasher on and a few minutes later….water flooding the kitchen floor….more plugs!
He fixed that too!!!  Bless his heart for knowing what to do.

Dinner was wonderful – I kept it simple with Ham, pot roast, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots that were cooked slowly along with the pot roast, Asian salad and 2 pies for dessert.
Each place setting had a Lindt Bunny in a bowl with that same shredded paper.  I don’t do fancy table centerpieces as we need the room for food so it looks quite bare but I’m okay with that.

Darren and his family don’t join us for Easter as they have her family and that’s okay too.
Miranda and Aidan had fun coloring eggs and having an Easter egg hunt at home.

Big brother helping Miranda spin an egg
Aidan and Miranda coloring eggs 2
Aidan coloring eggs
Miranda with eggs
Aidan with eggs

And taking a break and riding in their little car
Aidan and Miranda in little car

Alexandra and Tylor had someplace else to go for dinner as well but they brought Zayne over for his little basket.
He didn’t get much as he needs nothing at his age.
We put a little swim set and a bunny and Kit Kat bar in his basket.

He’s just so cuddly and loveable and always has a smirk smile and LOVES THE CAMERAGrandpa and Zayne Easter 3
Grandpa Zayne Easter 2104 1 
Us with Zayne Easter 2014 2

Opening his basket things at his mama’s Easter morning
Zayne with easter basket 
Well that’s Zayne overload! Sorry – but he’s just so fun!!!

I do not like them but am fascinated with them for some reason so we bought a mushroom kit to grow our own.
We have had mushrooms blooming daily.  We have purchased these kits before and they are so much fun for $20.  And they will produce for approx. 2 to 3-1/2  months.
Doug has pickled, marinated, sautéed and stuffed them and they’re still coming on.
Mushroom box
Mushrooms growing 1

This was his first picking
Picked Mushrooms 1

I’m through for this post now – maybe a couple weeks from now I will  have something fun to post about because we are going away for a bout a week and a half – getting some back issues taken care of and so we thought as long as we were in the area of having it done we’d take a bit of a vacation out of it…so we’ll be seeing our very dear friends who just moved back at Christmas time from the island of St. Kitts and they settled in Ashville, NC.
Also getting to stop and say hi to Betty Crowe – from
And from Ashville we’ll be going to Blackwater Falls for a rug hooking retreat – my husband is very sweet and kind to offer to drive me as I can’t do it myself anymore, at least till this issue is taken care of.  Riding hurts but driving is scary as my legs cramp so bad it immobilizes me for just a bit and that’s not good if you are driving on the turnpikes – but all is good just the same.  I can’t ask for more than just that happening to me as there are others out there with so much more going on.
One of them is our pastor….the family has finally had to come to terms that he will not get any better and now hospice has been called in so please SEND OUT PRAYERS TO THE KEUCH FAMILY.

Blessings to you all