Friday, April 4, 2014

What to post about???

Oh my friends, I just must be living a pretty boring life right now because I can not think of one thing to post about – seriously – nothing new is happening, nothing new has been purchased.

I’m hoping to change that in the next few weeks though.
We’re going to be re-doing our family room and den.  No structural changes but the paneling is coming down and drywall going up, new carpeting as well.  There are beautiful hardwood floors under the carpet but the room is very ‘cool’ in the winter so we really need the carpet. The only other possibility to have wood floors is to re-route the heat ducts but I seriously doubt that will do it – there are 3 outside walls and we get lots of wind from one direction especially.
This picture is from the week we moved into our house in 1979…lots of dark wood.
And 2014…waiting for new changes!
Family Room 2014
Hey…the leather sofa is for sale….$1000 to the first one…less than a year old!!!

Oh and we are having our screen room sofa cushions recovered (by Debbie, the same lady who did our sofa), they get a lot of use and have taken on an old look.
Here’s the fabric we purchased.
SR sofa fabric 1 
The store only had enough for the 6 sofa cushions so the 2 chairs will be done either in a Teal solid or a combination stripe.  We have had one of the chairs stripe for 6 years now and I’m really tired of looking at it so hopefully we can find a solid.

I still need to get my mood into the Spring mode but this weather doesn’t say Spring should be here…but I did get my Red Tulips out this past weekend. They are the only sign of Spring around her.
Red Tulips

I found some plastic eggs at Wal-Mart last week and made a simple little Primitive egg carton.
Here’s the steps I did – The eggs sell for $1.98 per carton.
Eggs in carton 1

Grungy Eggs in Egg Cartons....easy to do too!
Paper Egg Cartons  (I used the ones Wal-Mart)
Plastic Eggs or any kind of faux eggs (I used the ones Wal-Mart)
Walmart eggs
Black Acrylic Paint/Tan paint
Instant Coffee (get the cheapest one you can find at Wal-Mart of Dollar store)
Cinnamon (get mine at the Dollar store)
Ground Cloves (cheapest you can get)
Mod Podge
Rusty wire
Paper Grass or something like that - straw works too
Glue gun
1. Cut your cartons either in half (6 egg holes) or in 3rds (4 egg holes)
2. Mix coffee crystals with very hot water...I use a lot of crystals so it is really dark
3. Paint the cartons with the coffee mixture - be careful though as they will tear easily the wetter the get
4. Put on baking pan and put in 280 degree oven for approx. 10-12 minutes to dry. Remove from oven and air dry the rest of the way - but they will most likely be very dry by now.
5. Paint eggs with either color - I did both - let dry
6. Brush eggs with Mod Podge and roll in Cinnamon and Cloves mixture - you can add a few coffee crystals if you like for a bumpier effect. You don't need to cover the eggs completely - just for your desired look. Let dry
7. Put a dab of glue in the bottom of the egg cup, add grass/paper strips, put a dab of glue on the bottom of the egg, set in grass - press a little to adhere.
8. Attach a handle of wire by poking it into the ends of the carton (on each side), give a twist to secure

I’ll add some photos here of my steps
(I had these eggs from other projects - the Tan eggs are from a different project and the paint cracked but it won’t matter because I’m grunging them)
Eggs 2
The ones I painted Black
Eggs 6
Grassy filler for the cups
Eggs 3
Eggs 4
Eggs 5 
And the finished product!
Eggs in carton 1 
Hope you enjoy making them!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone



  1. Good morning Karen! Thanks for the tutorial, your eggs look great! Hope you'll share the rooms outcome when it's complete.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Love the fabric for the sofa! Your post are always very interesting!

    1. Hi Elizabeth...thanks for visiting me! I hope we 'love' the sofa when it's finished. Right now it's a Green/Brown leaf print. Was hoping to jazz it up some. The Teal doesn't show up very good in the picture but there's quite a bit of it so really hoping we can use that color as an accent.

  3. Hello sweet lady.. So nice to see your post on my sidebar.. smile.. Your room is so lovely and huge.. I kind of like the 1979 photo, too.. Seems so open somehow.. Your fabric is beautiful... The eggs are wonderful, too.
    I seem to be getting less prim and more farmhouse style.. Don't get mad at me.. grin..
    God bless, my friend.. xo

    1. Hi Faye, well if I could have more than one home you can bet I'd have a different look in it for sure. I dearly love what I have but love other styles as well but can only realistically go with one. I love your farmhouse style my friend...very warm and homey and soooo friendly. Blessings my friend.

  4. Love the eggs Karen. Your room looks lovely.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Great ideas for the eggs.. Your home has made some wonderful changes and come a long way baby! Great deal on the leather sofa... Have a great week. Blessings!

  6. Karen I love the painted paneling. I too am having trouble posting anything interesting, so maybe its time for me to quit. Been thinking seriously about it. Always enjoy your visit and hopefully when you visit NC we will finally be able to visit in person. Have a great one

  7. hey there girlfriend......I was wondering where the heck you have been.....I love that new fabric and cant wait to see it all done...your room will look great just like it always does I did my sun room spring cleaning.....even though its cold and rainy here...but I am pushing ahead......I think this might be the year we go right from winter to those eggs.....I am still working on redo's here at my home and I am thinking about selling a primitive bed that I have...the one with the canopy just needs a primitive home to be in...keep on sharing...we love hearing about what you are up too...even if you don't think you have anything to share.....hugs linda

  8. Aww such sweet eggs..I love them all.
    Your room is so pretty..
    Big beary hugs for you
    Smile :)

  9. I LOVE painted paneling and can't find any nice wood sheets! As much as I love it, I hate drywall dust. Good luck!! Thanks for the egg lesson.

  10. Ican't wait to se your room.
    Sounds like work ahead but you have fun remodeling.
    LOVE those eggs!
    TGIF !

  11. HI Karen, nice to hear from you again. I remember seeing your house in Country Sampler and always thought what a wonderful job you guys did redoing your family room. I really like the red on the fireplace wall.

    Great egg tut. I've never seen eggs like that at Walmart. Only the plastic pastel ones but never in a carton like that. I'll have to look.


  12. Hi Karen, your posts are never boring, they are always so enjoyable! Your den will be lovely! Love the fabric you picked out for your sofa. Thanks for the egg tutorial, I love them. Happy Spring, hugs, Lecia

  13. Now, now, your life is not boring. Just caught up to your redecorating and the rooms are beautiful! And that baby is soooooo cute and growing quickly. My newest grand baby just turned one and with that so many advancements I can't keep up, literally he's trying to walk and crawls faster than I can walk with my bad knee, how will I keep up?

    Anyway wanted to tell you are wonderful the rooms look especially with the new textiles added. Have a great weekend.

  14. I missed reading your blogs Karen. Always enjoy them. Love the fabric for the cushions. Thanks for the egg tutorial. Looks like fun and more prim than the coloured plastic eggs. Spring is on its way, I hope.
    Hugs Marg

  15. Your room looks lovely Karen, as always. Thanks for the egg tutorial, I will be giving that a go.


  16. yours is one of my favorite rooms! What an awesome tutorial. I have needed a reason to craft:) I think I will give this a try. Thanks again.

  17. Thanks Karen for the tutorial. I had forgotten what to use to "grunge" eggs, or candles. I am still in the business of trying to get my place to look like my California house did when I left. Of course that took 16 years...I have been here 4 months! Can you let me know where you got the prim sheets for your guest room. I have looked at the Family Heirloom Weavers Website and can't find them. Thanks Love!

  18. How nice! Thank you so much for sharing. Your header is thoroughly enchanting!

  19. Karen,

    things have been boring here too... nothing much to report... Love your eggs! Prim Perfect! OLM

  20. Love the eggs, thanks for sharing!

    I also love the long socks on the guys in the pic from 1979! LOL!



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