Saturday, July 12, 2014

Family room finished – a couple other things

We finished the family room and what a great feeling!
Took awhile but after up and down on the ladder ( and falling off once – but no harm done ), bending to paint in places low and lots of aches and pains all is well!
The carpet was installed on Wednesday and it looks wonderful.  We went with a high/low loop pile that wears well for high traffic areas – something very different for us but sure do love it.
You may not see much of a difference in the pictures from before but for real it is a huge difference.

( click pictures to view larger )

Family room finished 1

I see a basket handle broke!!!  Guess that needs to come down!!
Fireplace closeup 1 

Carpet design
New carpet closeup

The den is finally back to normal with less furniture as well, not so crowded anymore with the love seat in there with it back in the family room where it belonged but had to be moved out because of the leather sofa – but the leather sofa sold last Monday! Yeahhhh!
Den finished 1

On Thursday we headed up to my brother/sister in-laws and then we all went to Wisconsin Rapids to Country Freckles because I wanted to pick up my products that I had consigned there and I needed to regroup and later send up some new items.  I was amazed at how much I sold in a years time.  Just a shopping bag of things left.
I did buy more wool and pattern for a hooked rug and a lamp shade for the screen room lamp – nothing exciting.

Tulip hooked rug 1 
Burlap shade

Then we headed on over to Whetstone’s Antiques and I found the lid to my green depression glass biscuit jar that we purchased at a rummage sale last year for $1.00 – Cal let me have the lid for $3.00!!  I see them sell at the flea markets from $25 to $45 complete. So $4 was a great deal.
Biscuit jare 1
Also found this smaller 8 inch Yellow Ware bowl with red rings.  Don’t have any with that color so it jumped right into my hands!
Small yellow and red bowl 

And when we got home yesterday I found these Sunflowers on the counter for me from Brett, Heather and the kids!

And with such a busy day and a half neither of us wanted much for dinner last night so I made a home made pizza.
One of our favorite easy night meals.

pizza 1

 pizza 2

This afternoon it’s over to our son Brett’s place with our whole family for my birthday celebration – goodness this is the birthday that keeps on giving…turning 70 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

Blessings to all



  1. Karen, everything looks wonderful! I could almost hear your sigh of relief =)
    Enjoy your birthday celebration! Have a happy!

    Hugs, Audrey

  2. Hello my dear,everything is looking so sweet..
    I love your sweet days so much..enjoy my always in my thoughts and prayers.
    Big hugs xxx

  3. My dear everything is looking so beautiful...
    I love your sweet days so much...enjoy your birthday celebration...
    You always in my thoughts and prayers.
    Big hugs xx

  4. Happy birthday Karen. You are a beautiful young looking 70 year old.
    Enjoy the celebrations.
    Your pizza looks delicious. We made pizza with the naan flatbread for lunch. So good.
    Your room looks so pretty. I love the beams. We are working on our family room. We went to Amish country and ordered new furniture. It will. be here in a few weeks. Always a project going on. Have a great time Karen with all the celebrating with those you love. Blessings, Becky

  5. Happy Birthday, Karen! Your room looks wonderful...warm and comfortable! Hope you will be relaxing and enjoying your efforts all summer!

  6. Happy Birthday aren. Love your new room redux. looks great! Janice

  7. Wanted to wish you a very happy birthday Karen! I love the new room and REALLY love the bowl!
    Be blessed,

  8. Happy Happy b'day dear Karen! YOU certainly don't look your age at all!!
    Love the new carpet!!


  9. Happy, happy birthday! Your room turned out so lovely and was definitely worth the aches and pains. I love your new patterned carpet...gorgeous. I am in the process of finding carpet for our stairs and upper hallway. I know in my mind what I want, but haven't found it yet! Anyway, hope your birthday is extra special!!! Jane

  10. Hello there! Hope you had a great birthday celebration! Happy one to you. 70!!! God bless. I love the biscuit jar. I have one with a missing lid as well. Will have to see if I can find one. Your room looks great!!!

  11. Hi Karen, Your family room looks so beautiful. I think I could borrow a couple of cute little ideas to spruce up my living room. I have my sewing machine in there only because the stair are bothering have not been using my sewoing room as normal. Anyways, I love the mixture of chair that you have chosen. It looks marvelous. Just what I would like to do and the love seats are to die for. You do such a wonderful job deciding what you would like. I used to but the older I get sometimes it takes me forever to decide. Karen, I adore the George Washington Picture. Is that something that you bought or did you make it like your George and Abe prints. I am looking for something about that size. Do you remember what size he is? He looks so great over your fireplace...just meant to be there. well, I hope you have a happy week ahead and may God bless you and your family.

  12. Karen, your rooms are just beautiful! Wish I had your decorating flair.
    Happy birthday!

  13. home sweet your decor, new finds and your high back wing sofa...really like that a lot wink..

  14. Happy Birthday to you!!! Your room looks great.

  15. Warm and cozy! That is how everything looks!
    Love the red cabinets and baskets in the ceiling.
    Wish I had a slice of the pizza too!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday Karen! Beautiful Home! Love the carpet! Now I'm hungry for homemade pizza!


  17. So glad our birthday was a happy one. Seems the older we get, the longer the celebrations go on!lol Your room(s) must truly make you smile. Everything looks terrific. BTW I had a dream we were out eating last night!lol Tell Doug hello

  18. Happy Birthday Karen,
    You room came out wonderful, warm and inviting.
    You certainly do not look 70! That was a surprise to me.

  19. Your room looks amazing as always. Just beautiful.
    I have been doing pizza night on Friday's when your posted it yrs ago
    and we do it every Friday night.
    Now that the boys are home from college we have to make 2 of them and
    they help out and then we pick out a board game.
    Fun times.

  20. your redo looks great. I'm still working on my painting but our carpet is in too.

  21. 70, no look awesome.....I would have guessed 60-62........

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  23. Karen, Simply beautiful my friend! your carpet is identical to what we put in our family room almost 4 years ago, very happy with it!!! OLM

  24. ~*Happy Birthday*~ What wonderful blessings in this post.....what time should I come for pizza this week?? :) ~Kriss~

  25. Karen, Happy Birthday friend, you are the most beautiful 70 year old that I have ever seen. Love your new room and awesome finds, so glad you found your depression glass lid. I esp. love the little yellowware bowl. Lecia

  26. Happy belated Birthday greetings my friend.. I cannot believe you are 70.. God has blessed you so much.. Your room is awesome and you always inspire me.. Praying God's blessings upon you, dear friend..xo

  27. It would be definitely a life time experience and joy for you to celebrating your birthday with all surprises by your family keep your all family memories for many long years with Family Portraits Central Coast

  28. Happy birthday dear friend..
    Your room is looking so peaceful and comfortable..
    Sweet hugs x


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