Sunday, February 1, 2015


A Simple Quiet….That’s what this time of year is for me –the Christmas decorations have been put away for 4 weeks now and that’s always a good thing.
Decorating seems to be more fun than the dismantling for some reason :)

( It doesn’t it seem like Christmas was just 5 weeks ago does it )

I love how the house feels right now – it’s an in between state…no fuss or frills with ‘theme’ decorations.  Just our every day things that are plain and simple.  We have been decorating with ‘stuff’, less and less each year after Christmas and I love that.  I am happy to have less to clean around.

I was looking around this morning and thought ‘there is very little in the ‘crafty’ type things sitting out and on things’  just things that are ‘real’ if you know what I’m trying to get at…not sure how to put that into words.
I can name a few of those things.
1. Our Pewter collection
2. Old Yellow Ware bowls and some other type
3. Saltglaze crocks and jugs – oh how I love these!
4. Baskets…you can never have too many of these
These are the things that make us smile and enjoy looking at.

I took a few pictures of the rooms – all except the den…it’s kind of ‘my space’ for sewing right now and I have a few things here and there so …no picture of that room.

One thing I noticed – my house never changes…I probably could put on pictures from 2 years ago and they would look the same.  I must be either stuck in this same groove or I really like what we have….which is it?

 Family room Feb 1 2015
Needing a different oriental rug in the center – something with blacks and gold and less red.

Fireplace Feb 2 2015

FR table Feb 2 2015

FR table 1  Feb 2 2015

Den table Feb 2 2015

Dining Room 3 Feb 2015

Dining Room 2 Feb 2015

Dining room 1 Feb 2015

Low cupboard dr Feb 2015

Blue Pie Safe Feb 2015

Pie safe Feb 2015

Hallway Feb 1 2015

cutters on counter Feb 1 2015

Bedroom Feb 2 2015

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~

Finally finished a couple of punch needle projects – now to decide what to make with them.
The first one is large enough it can be put on the front of a pillow and the other one – maybe on a hornbook.
Wool Sheep punch

Sheep half moon punch

And still plugging along with my hooked rug piece.
I haven’t worked on it in a couple weeks and am anxious to get back to it…but the punch needle was calling me!
Mitten rug 1 

I am loving the background colors – a mixture of 3 different colors and designs
A reversible stripe, check and a plaid
rug close up 1 
Been looking for a cupboard to store my wool in – but nothing seems to be large enough.
I want this part of the closet back!

all the wool

Question to all you rug hookers -
What dye color would I put with a Forrest Green to get Black?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~

I have a pattern sale going on over at my selling blog

Also there are still a few items on sale on the ‘Prim Needs’ page

Go check it all out

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~

That’s it my friends
SNOWING AND BLOWING…blizzard like conditions out there
– stay safe and warm if you have to be out
and if you are going out for Super Bowl-
Cement Snowman 



  1. Rooms look wonderful. I've been decluttering since Christmas, wanting to make things look more organized and not so full of "things" so I know what you mean. Your needle punch pieces are great especially the sheep! Glad you are home safe and cozy during your blizzard!

  2. Beautiful pictures Karen. It's not a bad thing to be happy with how you have things. I love to collect antiques but I'm about to that place myself. Your projects look wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lori

  3. Karen,
    Your home looks just perfect!
    Your p/n projects are so sweet and I love the wools you are mixing for your background. The more, the merrier :)
    Can't help you with the dye question. Sorry.
    Stay warm and safe. It's snowing like crazy again here today. Our biggest snow of the year.
    Hugs :)

  4. Hi Karen, I love the peaceful look in our house this time of year really is a time to enjoy what you have. Your pictures are gorgeous and I think your sheep are just so sweet. It is blowing and snowing at our place as well...great day for a fire and staying in. Hope all is well with you! Jane

  5. Hi Karen, I love the peaceful look in our house this time of year really is a time to enjoy what you have. Your pictures are gorgeous and I think your sheep are just so sweet. It is blowing and snowing at our place as well...great day for a fire and staying in. Hope all is well with you! Jane

  6. Hello Karen..where to start? I LoVe your beautiful prim home, I'd say you arenhappybthats why you leave it thus way, it's so cozy, warm and inviting! Wow! What a selection of gorgeous wools you have. I love the Woolie you are working on as I LoVe the punch needle pictures you finished.i sooooo Love the wallpaper behind the bonnets, very prim looking. I wouldn't change a single thing in your home. I know where you're coming from though. I get " tired" of looking at the same thing all the time , however when my friends come, they love my home I leave it and just change things up a bit. I think we may be Kindred Spirits.
    Have a great week. Handsome snowman on the porch with the snow on him! Did you make it. It looks like flower pots with a cement finish. I LoVe him!
    Hugs Marg.

  7. Hi Karen...Mmmmhmm! I'd say you are very happy with your home and that's why you leave it that way. Boy, sometimes this iPad has a mind of it's own as to what it prints out. I just had to clear that up in case some read it like you didn't like your home. I could just move right in. It looks so prim and loved. A home you can and do really live in and love!
    Hugs Marg :)

  8. Karen, your home looks so warm and welcoming. I love the crocks on the mantel and love, love your blue painted pie safe. The forecast here is calling for 7-12 inches of snow so we are home where it is safe and warm. Hope you are doing the same.

  9. Karen, Your home is so lovely, don't ever change a thing! I love looking at all of your eye candy. Love your punched needle, you are so talented.Hugs, Lecia

  10. hey how you have your home all set up in the perfect colonial style....not to much at all...just enough.....i am missing my home right now...but not the snow....thanks for sharing the that my love seat....or is that in another room....hugs to you girl friend

  11. Everything looks so nice Karen! Love your punch needle projects!


  12. Love your table cloths and other handwoven items. Beautiful, peaceful home!

  13. Your home is just beautiful.... I love looking at the photos of all your decorating. I can't leave well enough alone here at my house, and am always moving things around. I am my mother's daughter, as she did the same!! I also decorate for every holiday, even the smaller ones like Valentine's Day and St. Patty's! Such a lot of work, but I can't stop myself. Again, I blame my mom for that!! :) Your punch needle projects are fabulous.

  14. Your home is lovely. Comforting, warm and rather familiar. I am a recent convert to Primitive-style decor (as we interpret it in our modern sensibilities) and look forward to changing out large furniture pieces. The old saying....Home is Where the Heart proven by your photo's. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Karen, your home is warm and cozy. Love your punch needle sheep...they really pop with all the wonderful red.
    Have a great week,

  16. Lovely pictures! Try over dyeing with red and possibly adding black too.

  17. I can sense the simple quiet from your lovely home ! Everything in its place and place for everything sums it up! I would say you just love your home not that you're stuck in a rut! Your hooked rug promises to be a beauty and I love those punchneedle projects!
    God bless!

  18. Loved seeing your yellowware bowls in their pie safes! I would use red to change the color of your green wool to black - the opposite color on the color wheel will usually do the trick!

  19. To answer your question about your house, dear Karen.. You just can't improve perfection.. smile.. xo

  20. I get that same feeling every year at this time. It feels so good to eliminate the excess and simplify after putting away Christmas decorations. Winter makes one feel so snug. I have been slowly eliminating the excess in my home, and it feels much fresher.

  21. I always enjoy seeing your photos!

    1. for some reason the comment box is not working so i will tag along with annie.
      i LOVE your home....need to clone it and bring it several thousand miles!!


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