Thursday, February 19, 2015

What a mess!

Been thinking of redoing our bedroom for quite some time now but it has finally arrived.
The main reason is we needed to remove ALL the furniture to do the walls.
Well…you know how one thing leads to another?  Yep…that’s what happened here.

We had our grandson and one of his buddies come last week and help move out the furniture and the next day Doug and I started the process of removing the 2 layers of wallpaper.
Do you remember way back when, when I showed a picture of the original wallpaper I was trying to rescue?  Didn’t happen – the outer layer took some chunks out of it and so I gave up on that idea fast.

Here’s the original
Bedroom 1 
Bedroom 2
I’m going to miss the peg board all around the room but I’m going to stencil and I think it should not be put back up.

Yucky old 80’s wallpaper
old wall paper

So we proceeded to remove the paper – took all of 2 days (shorter time than I thought it would be).  We used a scoring tool and very hot water and it worked quite well.
Karen 2

So on to the pulling up of carpet – see what I mean….never intended to get new flooring but Doug saw some wonderful wide plank pine laminate and brought a sample home…I loved it so in it goes Saturday.
But anyway, pulled the carpet and pad, and all trim…nope, didn’t intend to do that either.  See what I mean by one thing leads to another.
So in the end the room is a total redo from floor, trim paint and ceiling painted as well. Oh, new light switches and outlets as well.
The flooring is 11.42 inches wide.
Wood flooring
wood flooring 2

The paint was my huge problem. I wanted a light tan.
I brought home 2 samples I thought would work – looked light enough in the store.
Put them on and they turned dark – I knew they would but didn’t think it would be that drastic…looked nothing like the paint in the can.
So…back to the store, got another one.  Nope…so took the lightest one with us and went to see if they had anything else, found one – put it on…nope.  SOOOOO. I had them lighten that one up by 25% – didn’t work…had them lighten it up by 50%….WORKED.  Well, it worked as far as this gal was going.
I like it – it’s a tad darker than I wanted but still good and will work well with my stencils.
Oh yes, more work to do in there.
I bought several acrylic paints like 2 different shades of each color to test out before I start on the walls.  I have a few large boards I’m going to practice on today so please wish me luck that I can pull this off.

The bottom one is what we ended up with at 50% of the top color.

And the walls finished
And now we can’t even use that room or our dining room as it is holding all our furniture!
Dining room 1

Here’s what we ended up with as of yesterday – walls are painted – trim is painted – doors painted…just need to paint the closet doors but not sure where that’s going to happen because the floor is going in Saturday and then the furniture will go in on  either Sunday or Monday – the wood needs a day to settle before putting heavy furniture on it.painted walls

I will start to stencil today after testing – and I will have to finish with all the furniture back in – but being the floor is wood I will be able to slide the furniture out from the walls easier than with the carpet.  That reminds me we need to buy some felt pad glides today!!!

Here’s what I chose for the stencils.
top design will go around the top of the walls by the ceiling
Left design will be the dividers going down the walls
Two right designs will be the main designs between the dividers going all the way down…..I’m using all DARK colors…red, gold, tan, green.
And Baby has found a new spot to sleep.  We started this job a week ago Monday – she immediately vacated her bed in the hall and found a spot on some drop cloths that were on the floor in the closet – along with junky things from the mess we made.
So I got her old bed and put it there and she has left it only to eat and potty – even with all our work and banging and such she has slept through it all – doesn’t hurt that she’s stone deaf!  If not she’d be hiding somewhere with all the racket we had been making.
Look at that horrible 50’s padding!  It’s hard as a rock and has a mesh over top – it has sealed itself to the wood floor so the floor installer said just to leave it and it would be okay….it’s so flat it won’t hurt any of the install.

Before we started this project I started making a couple items to take to Finder’s Keeper’s in Rochester, WI where I consign.
One is a cute doll from a pattern from Piney Creek Primitives.  I got it from the Summer 2009 Mercantile Gatherings magazine.
But I’m adding legs to mine – the pattern has her on a bobbin.
I tried the dress on her to see how long to make it with legs on her – and then I need to age the entire doll and clothes.
doll 2

The next thing is a Primitive bunny.  I’m  not a bunny person but thought this pattern was cute for Spring.
It is also from Mercantile Gathering, Spring 2011. Pattern by Sweetpeas Primitives.
Still need to grunge him and all the extra things…sew ears, tail and legs.
bunny 1
I posted that I have started a GATHERING here at my home starting March 3rd.
There are still a couple spaces open for anyone wanting to join…it’s free and fun!

Rug Hooking - Punch Needle - Wool Appliqué - Penny Rugs
First and Third Tuesday of each month
10 am - 2 pm
Starting date March 3rd
(and you don’t need to attend every session if you can’t)

Thanks for the visit my friends…hope you are all staying warm…it’s a horrible 10 below here right now.



  1. Precious kitty you have Karen.. You and Doug have done a marvelous job on your bedroom AND you're not finished.. I know your stenciling will be a beautiful addition with the colors that you're using. Will look forward to seeing everything finished, furniture back in place and you looking rested ! :O) Good job !

  2. Wow-one thing really does lead to another! It's going to be beautiful when it's all finished-I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of it!

  3. I know it will be beautiful when done !

  4. Any redo takes on a life of their own. Just like domino's one thing does lead to another. We need to totally redo our pantry but so far I have not been able to face taking out all of the supplies, pots and pans, washer and dryer etc. You have given me the hope that maybe I can survive it. The end result will be worth all the mess. Poor kitty looks like she is dealing well with the chaos.

  5. Hi Karen, Love, love the flooring and my preference would be the lighter paint you've chosen too. I hope you will share the end results. I know it is going to look fantastic!

    Have a great day!

  6. Karen, Everything looks wonderful. I hate taking wallpaper off, but it is a good time of year for the project. The floors will look wonderful. I can't wait to see it all finished.

  7. I call projects like that the mushroom effect! And that seems to happen at our house a LOT! I love the flooring you have chosen! I bet the room will become a wonderful retreat when your done!

  8. Oh how I wish our projects would move as quickly. Been there with the paint dilemma. Sometimes I get a gallon of the same base with no tint, have them shake it and then combine it with the darker color. Can always add more tint if needed. They think I'm nuts at the paint counter and hate to see me coming. A few of those stencils are the ones I need to order for the foyer. Anxious to see the room and I'll bet it won't be long!

  9. Hi is very interesting to see all the projects you are doing at your house. I love the paint and the floor. Everything is going to be so nice! I wish I could come to your gathering....but I think I live just a little bit tooooo far away. Wishing you all a ton of fun!


  10. Isn't it how this always works....keep seeing or findind something else to add or to do. I'm sure you will be so happy in the end. I love the stencils you have chosen, and your kitty is so sweet. Too bad we are not closer, would love to come to a workshop. Have a great day!.. ~ronda

  11. What a project, but I know it will be gorgeous when finished! Love the stencils you have chosen, and the paint color and the flooring! Looking forward to our first Gathering on the 3rd!

  12. Oh Karen I feel your pain. We decided to redo our hall and living room, but I thought we would start next month. I came home from work tonight to find the entire hall torn apart to the studs and bare floor. Closet torn out..and no furnace cause the thermostat is in the hall. Trying to still get over this cough, I was not thrilled to come home to acold house and the temp outside reached a high of 3. I know it will all look good once done,,,but I think he could have waited a bit. I love your stencils and flooring..cannot wait to see your finished room. Janice

  13. Looks like you have been really busy. We know about wallpaper stripping as we just finished the kitchen. And we got new flooring in our bedroom also. Love the look, but I hate not having my carpet in there. Can't wait to see the finished bedroom. I know it will be beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  14. Oh my, taking down the wallpaper looks like it was a heck of a job! Your stencils look lovely; looking forward to seeing them on your walls. I also am smitten with your new floor. I have a similar Shaw laminate in my house - wonder if yours is the same? Are you having a local installer? Send me an email of who NOT to go to if you chose someone in my town...did an awful job. In fact, our kitchen floor had to be replaced three times! Anyway, I am sure you will have better luck and it will be beautiful! Jane

  15. Oh my Karen! What a lot of work but what a gorgeous room you will have to enjoy!! Love everything!!! Hugs, Lori

  16. Hi, Karen, I tried to respond to this a couple of nights ago, using my phone, I got the whole thing finally typed out, and it wanted some kind of password to send it! Ugh! Anyway, I just love what you are doing with your room. It was beautiful to begin with, but will now be absolutely spectacular! The flooring you are using is wonderful :)
    I think that wallpaper is what I have in my spare bedroom, LOL, I have meant to get around to taking it off for two years now. I love the stenciling you are doing, I saw updates on Facebook and it is great! I would like to do the panels in my bedroom, how to determine the amount of space between the verticals? The most noticeable space when you walk in my room is between two windows where the bed is, and it is the first thing that you see. Should I divide the space in half, in threes? I sure wish I lived closer, I would be at your gatherings in a heartbeat, sounds like fun. And you still have found time to make little things? You must be energy blessed!! :)

  17. Oh Karen.. I am so tired after reading your post.. Where do you get the energy? We have been working on a room for months and it is still not finished.. I am showing this post to dear hubby .. Perhaps you will inspire him and me.. lol..
    Have a great weekend my friend and I can't wait to see the finished room which will be beautiful... xo

  18. Hard work for sure but so WORTH it in the end! Can't wait to see it all finished :) Maggie

  19. What a wonderful room re-do. Looks like you are really working hard. The stencils will be beautiful, like all of your house. Yeah, often when we start one re-do project it ends up involving many additional re-dos, lol. Looking forward to seeing the finished room :)

  20. Can't wait to see your masterpiece!

  21. hey !
    Just got out of a humungous snow storm.. we were snowed in and with no cars.
    nets son who works at Cook Neuclar Plant car was in garage for repairs for 3 weeks and he used Net's car for work... so guess who had no car.. they both have old trucks that don't drive too well in snow.. so we felt like hibernating bears.
    But free and with car, now.
    I haven't been on blog for ages so thought since I have a new computer ( windows 8, ugh !! )I'd try to master making a blog..
    I've been doing some sewing.. made huge black mammy with baby bunny for rebbitt s tew... poor bunny !!
    How is your family? I think of you often.
    Love to all,


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