Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Simply Fall!

Oh yes – Fall is finally here and I am in my glory.
The days are what I call PERFECT for here in the Midwest – typical temps are in the mid 70’s. I doesn’t get much better than that for me.

This past weekend was a busy one.
We left Friday for Michigan to a Primitive/Antique show - Harvest At The Mill .  It was hosted by Dawn and Dick Rossell from Holly Hills Primitives blog:

We got to meet some friends as well as help another friend get her booth organized.  Had so much fun but totally worn out and hurt from too much bending and standing/walking – but the end results were worth it.

We got to see Marie Morgan from: 
She always has such cute Pumpkins and Jacks as well as her Primitive dolls.
We found a sweet little pumpkin to go with all the other ones we have purchased from her.
Karen and Marie

Isn’t that the most innocent face for a pumpkin?

Pumpkin from Marie

Sweet friend Earlene Landis - and Earlene 1

Huge bunches of Bittersweet from Earlene’s booth.
Bittersweet 2

Bittersweet 1 

And our friends Teri and Joe Merle from Carriage:

Karen, Teri, Joe Merle

A few of the purchases
Bittersweet sign

  Candle molds 2

Candle mold 1

 Corn and Gourds

Large gold bowl 1

 Pumpkin from Dawn 2

Rug from Linda S

 Tall Bear 1

And Two Teresa Kogut punch needles
Santa pattern 1

 Santa pattern 2

And a gorgeous stack of wool from Never Enough Wool.
Fabric 2

Sunday and Monday we did a bit of Fall decorating – not much though.
I mostly use Bittersweet , Pumpkins and gourds.
The dining room looks like a pumpkin patch!

I’ll put a couple pictures on but the rest will be in another post later this week.
Pumpkins on table 1

Mitten box

Top of blue pie safe


Happy Fall and thanks for stopping by



  1. Hi Karen, so wanted to go to that Fall show, sorry I missed it. Love all the pictures of friends and your goodies. Thanks for sharing,Blessings Francine.

  2. Good to catch up again Karen! It's great you just up and go to shows nationwide. That must have been so much fun! With lots and lots of fab fall goodies! That blue pumpkin really caught my eye! It's gorgeous and so is your home all pretty and ready for fall!

  3. Love seeing the pics from the show. Thanks for taking us along...there are absolutely no primitive shops in my area. Love seeing all your goodies!

  4. This was the first time we did not set up at the show, but it conflicted with our buying trip. I did miss seeing Earlene and Marie and Janet, plus Dawn and Dick. We will be at the primitive show in Breckenridge, MI in Nov though. This one has more antiques than crafts. Loved your goodies youo broought home! Janice

    1. Hi Janice - missed you! So thought you would be there. Saw many a familiar faces.
      I was hoping there would be more antiques than there was but it was a nice show all in all. Small but nice.
      I'll be over to your blog to see what you have going on.

  5. I'm just in love with your little pumpkin, he looks as if he has something very important to say.
    Have a wonderful Autumn,

    1. Hi Constance - oh isn't he / she a sweet little pumpkin? The mouth was what sold us.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I love your Fall decorating. Oh how I would love a show like that. We just don't have them in the Pacific NW. A tiny bunch of bittersweet costs $15. They tell me it won't grow up here.

  7. Hi Karen, how awesome that you got to meet up with some wonderful blogger friends. Love all of your awesome finds. I love how you decorate your home, simple but prim perfect. hugs, Lecia

  8. Karen,
    So sorry I couldn't get to Dawn's show, but a hooking retreat takes priority :)
    Did you buy that hooked rug? Lovely wools!
    Happy fall to you. The weather in Ohio is gorgeous. I just don't like what follows.
    Hugs :)

    1. Lauren - yes I did buy the hooked rug. It is a reproduction though but for $25 I could not pass it up.

  9. Like you, fall is my favorite time of year! We have had sunny days around 70-75 degrees, no humidity and wonderfully cool nights sleeping with the windows open here in New York. We usually get your weather after a day or two so keep these gorgeous days coming! I love every one of your finds.
    Happy decorating!

  10. Oh.....I almost forgot. I started the rug hooking. It took me a bit to adjust to it and I had a hard time using the monk cloth so I switched to burlap.....I think I need a smaller hook for the monks Cloth? I'm doing a show this weekend but I'm planning on doing a blog about the hooking after this show....

    1. Pat - glad you got into the rug hooking business lol
      I like linen to work on - monks cloth spreads out too large of an area and if you rip out a strip you have to kind of work the fibers back into a straight line.

    2. I tried linen also but it was worse than the monks cloth....I have a primitive hook I purchased from The Old Tattered Flag......I think it's too big. I can't even get it through the material except the burlap? What size is yours ? Patti

    3. Pattie, I have just a standard hook. Not sure what yours would be if it's too big to get through ANY rug hooking fabric. Is there a name for it?

  11. I love your neat finds. Fall is the best, I agree. I had a chuckle when I saw your pumpkin patch..I have a similar one. I fight the urge to buy any more.
    Happy Fall!

    1. Thanks for visiting!
      yep, my pumpkin patch seems to grow every year - I can't resist the sweet faces on Marie's pumpkins. Not sure how many I have of hers now, but a few. Don't fight the urge - give them a home.

  12. Wonderful Fall treasures Karen ... isn't this time of year just the best! .. So nice to meet up with blogger friends.. Enjoy your pumpkins ..

  13. Karen, I love all of your goodies! This is the first time I didn't get to vend at the show...Blame it on Lauren....I was with her at the hook in!! It is a fantastic show...always something to bring home! Can't wait for the spring show..We just got back from one of your favorite places...PA! Went all over the Kutztown, Litiz, Adamstown much fun!!!

    1. Good Morning
      It was a wonderful show - small - but good. Seems no matter what size a show is, if it is Primitives it sucks you right in and you get in the spirit of it all.
      I didn't suffer from NOT spending LOL Got quite a lot of things.
      Some day I'm going to join in on a hook in. Only went to the one two years ago and loved it.

      I didn't realize that Kutztown/Adamstown had such a huge show. Next year for sure!


  14. such wonderful wares! I have not pulled out one piece of fall yet not sure what I am waiting for. But your table looks wonderful.

    1. Hi Cathy - thank you for visiting.
      Oh we had fun finding those treasures for sure.
      I just did another post with the remainder of my Fall. Thought I didn't do much until I looked at my post lol

  15. Love all of your great treasurers from the Holly show. It was great to see you again Karen.

    1. Hi Janet - it was so nice seeing you again as well.
      I saw your friend from Canada - Sue I believe?
      Thanks for visiting!


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