Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wool - more wool and Fun!

Last Thursday I went to the CREAM CITY RUG HOOK-IN in Milwaukee and enjoyed it so much - I know I will go to next years for sure.
My self, Kathleen Woodbury, Betty Pearce and her sister Karen Duncklee
were at the same table so it made the event even more special and
fun sitting with people you know.

I took several trips through  all the rooms with the vendors and just couldn't get
enough of all that wool and patterns!  It did overtake me and I bought way more
than I probably should have but it was so much fun!!!
We had treats throughout the
day, there were drawings all day long
and a wonderful box lunch was catered in.

The pictures were taken early on just after I arrived so it looks like there aren't many there but there were approx. 200 and it was spread out in 5 different rooms.

Betty Pearce, Me, Kathleen Woodbury, Karen Duncklee

I did purchase some wool - well, lots of wool and a very large pattern to hook from Red Barn Rugs.  If I ever do get to it and 'finish it', it will hopefully go above the fireplace.
 The colors are so rich.

It was nearing the end of the event and my number was drawn for a door prize!!!
The basket had 1/4 yard of wool, hooked heart pillow and a wool flower pin.

There were several ladies that brought their finished work to be voted on...this was one of the winners.  It was incredible up close...looked just like a painting. The detail was awesome.

We have a mama Robin that built her nest in the corner of our pickets right at the driveway - we have to disturb her every now and then if we get out of the car in the driveway instead of the garage. Silly thing has no protection from the rain (which it did for 4 days!)

I have a few new punch needle designs punched - still need to tweak the sheep one - I think I am taking out the blue in the flowers and punch them white like dandelions gone to seed.
They will go to the show as well.
The patterns will go on my sites soon.

Today I am working on cutting pennies for more penny rugs for the show - I guess that's what will keep me busy for the next few month getting things made up.

That's it for this week - hope to have more next week!
Thanks for visiting!

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Details for the show
Folk Art/Antique/Primitives show
Saturday, September 23, 2017
10 - 4
Malabar Farm
Lucas, Ohio
This is held along with 'Heritage Days'
Many Colonial demonstrations as well as
modern day exhibits at the farm.


  1. Karen, It sounds like you had a ball. I can't imagine seeing that much wool all in one place! So many choices. I love the Red Barn rug. That will be so pretty over a fireplace. I can't imagine hooking a piece with so much detail as the house.
    I like the idea of dandelions gone to seed.
    Gadzooks! You'll be buried in pennies!

  2. Karen ~
    That looked like a wonderful hook in. How ironic. I have a class with Cathy Stephan (in less than 2 weeks - yikes!) and Blanket Chest is one of three patterns I am considering. I just can't make up my mind.
    See you at Malabar! That's a long way for you, but you and hubby take lots of long trips.
    Hugs :)

  3. I am in wool heaven. Wish I lived closer, but so enjoyed the pictures! Janice

  4. What a wonderful event! Lots of inspiration....and wool!

  5. Wow so beautiful ..lots of inspiration
    Love and smiles x

  6. Hi Karen,
    Sounds like a wonderful time for you and your friends at the Hook In! So much wool would make me just swoon with joy!! Love your new pattern and I know it will be lovely in your home! The eggs are just beautiful, but mama robin certainly did not pick the safest place to make her nest!! Your punch needle pieces and penny rugs are so lovely!! I am enjoying making mine as well!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. Wow! Such a great post, Karen! So many goodies to see! Your penny rugs and needle punch designs are wonderful. Have a good day, Lori

  8. Is the house photo made from wool??

  9. Wow, what a fantastic offering of beautiful wool for wool rug makers!! I look forward to see what wonderful things you will be making from your visit too. Aren't Robins just the sweetest birds? We used to have a family every year in our backyard Dogwood tree at my Virginia home. I hope all the eggs hatch and the little darlin's fledge outward. Who knows if they might be some of next year's Winter visitors to our backyard here in north Florida?? I love Robins!

  10. I love your photos as usual. Wool is so wonderful! We have a robin's nest in one of our large ornamental bushes not far from our front porch. I've seen mama bird returning with worms so the babies must have hatched.

  11. Oh how wonderful, I wish I would have heard about this hookin!!! Maybe next year....


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