Sunday, July 1, 2018

Oh what treasures!!

For the first time in absolutely ages there was a
good estate sale by us.
There were many wonderful antiques and lots of smalls.
We were fortunate to get this wonderful huge crock. It is dated on the front and were told by a crock collector that this is the date it was made. Wish there was a potter's mark on it so we can search it. We were also told to compare designs to ones on the internet to see similar ones then maybe we can get a potters name.  But we honestly don't care that much...
we just love the crock regardless of knowing.
It was quite dirty but cleaned up nicely.
We bought it on the second day of the estate sale
when they had 25% off

See how nice it is cleaning...

There is a small crack but that's the only real damage on it.
Used the cup to show how large this really is!
Think it is a 4 or 5 gal.

We also found a 'cream whipper'.

We have a smaller one like it - hadn't seen a large one before.
We use ours for utensils.

....the next day things were at half off so we went back to hopefully see if the cradle was still there that we saw and it it came home with us.
The finish had been stripped off so not sure what we will do with it...possibly clean it up a bit and then put tung oil on it just to give it a patina, otherwise possibly a maple stain.

There is a crack along the bottom but the frame and rockers will hold it together just fine - possibly some wood putty will hide it.

Will probably put an antique quilt in it but not sure yet. 

We will be having a return of our IN-HOME show the first part of October and then hopefully one again the week before Thanksgiving. I'll keep you all updated as time goes. I am working fast and furious on making things along with wish me luck in getting things made.

Oh, I did get my new batch of carrots made.
Last week I started out with 23 pks. and am down to 10.
$12 per pk. of 3so if you want some email me. 

Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful and safe 4th!!



  1. That ovoid blue slip crock is amazing and a great find...especially with the handles! Love it!!! Cannot wait to see how you finish that cradle which was also a nice find. It was meant to be yours. Janice

  2. Wow! What a wonderful find that crock was. I am like you , it's nice if the maker's mark in on the crock but for one as pretty as that, totally not necessary!!!

  3. You got some nice finds! I don't think I'd do anything with the bottom of the cradle. Or at least not wood putty. What about either a butterfly patch, or wire? I've seen old repairs using those methods on wooden items.

  4. What a coup, Karen! I am especially drawn to the cradle, cracks and has a history. I think an old quilt would look lovely in it!!

  5. I love your treasure finds. I found a secret cleaning weapon when I started collecting hammered aluminum for my sister (she is more modern than I am). After trying several cleaners including baking soda, dish detergent, etc. I found that the liquid Mr Clean makes an excellent soaking solution for dirty metals and pottery. I use very hot water and pour a good amount in the water and let the items soak until the water is warm and use, cloths and whatever to scrub away. I cleaned up a filthy red wing #10 jug I found for $10 at a garage sale. I have had great luck.

    1. Hi Kathy, I actually did use Mr. Clean on it - I use it on EVERYTHING and it is a miracle cleaner in my world.
      Thanks for the information though - I really appreciated it.
      You got a great find yourself in that Red Wing jug for $10 - wow!

  6. Great finds! The crock is amazing. Your carrots are so cute. Are they made of wood?

    1. Hi Linda - thanks for stopping by.
      The carrots are made from banana gourds - neat aren't they?

  7. Love all your finds. It is always fun to find treasures and especially so when they are "on sale". I have three cradles. Not sure all of them are really old. However, it has been fun making quilts for them and displaying them throughout my home.

    Enjoy your posts.

  8. Oh, Karen, what wonderful treasures. I think wood and pottery are my favorites anytime I go treasure hunting. There is such a great look and “hand” to them. I wish you the best as you prepare for the show. I know there will be plenty of treasures there too. Judy

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