Saturday, July 12, 2014

Family room finished – a couple other things

We finished the family room and what a great feeling!
Took awhile but after up and down on the ladder ( and falling off once – but no harm done ), bending to paint in places low and lots of aches and pains all is well!
The carpet was installed on Wednesday and it looks wonderful.  We went with a high/low loop pile that wears well for high traffic areas – something very different for us but sure do love it.
You may not see much of a difference in the pictures from before but for real it is a huge difference.

( click pictures to view larger )

Family room finished 1

I see a basket handle broke!!!  Guess that needs to come down!!
Fireplace closeup 1 

Carpet design
New carpet closeup

The den is finally back to normal with less furniture as well, not so crowded anymore with the love seat in there with it back in the family room where it belonged but had to be moved out because of the leather sofa – but the leather sofa sold last Monday! Yeahhhh!
Den finished 1

On Thursday we headed up to my brother/sister in-laws and then we all went to Wisconsin Rapids to Country Freckles because I wanted to pick up my products that I had consigned there and I needed to regroup and later send up some new items.  I was amazed at how much I sold in a years time.  Just a shopping bag of things left.
I did buy more wool and pattern for a hooked rug and a lamp shade for the screen room lamp – nothing exciting.

Tulip hooked rug 1 
Burlap shade

Then we headed on over to Whetstone’s Antiques and I found the lid to my green depression glass biscuit jar that we purchased at a rummage sale last year for $1.00 – Cal let me have the lid for $3.00!!  I see them sell at the flea markets from $25 to $45 complete. So $4 was a great deal.
Biscuit jare 1
Also found this smaller 8 inch Yellow Ware bowl with red rings.  Don’t have any with that color so it jumped right into my hands!
Small yellow and red bowl 

And when we got home yesterday I found these Sunflowers on the counter for me from Brett, Heather and the kids!

And with such a busy day and a half neither of us wanted much for dinner last night so I made a home made pizza.
One of our favorite easy night meals.

pizza 1

 pizza 2

This afternoon it’s over to our son Brett’s place with our whole family for my birthday celebration – goodness this is the birthday that keeps on giving…turning 70 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

Blessings to all


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I got to meet a blogger - And new items on my selling blog

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Oh yes, I got to meet Robin Schilpp from 
She and her niece Niki took a 4 day shopping road trip and we met on Saturday and one of my favorite local shops Finder’s Keepers.
I saw Robins van….packed to the roof – well almost, they had to save room for the next day because they were going to the Elkhorn flea market and I just know how that went after seeing what they bought in just 2 days! lol

I met up with them Sat. afternoon at the shop and what a delight to meet Robin!  She’s so cute and so bubbly but I unfortunately was not my usual self because I was hurting but didn’t want to miss the chance to meet her.  I tried my best but hopefully she didn’t notice.  I did do some damage .

First off here’s Ms. Robin and myself
Me and Robin 1

And my purchase – a childs gown.  Not sure if it’s a night gown or a Christening gown.  There are a couple spots on it but I loved it and the price was right and the pin tucking down the front and sleeves is just beautiful.
Childs dress

I plan to have a peg rack shelf put in one of the guest rooms and hang my baby clothing from it and if I can find some baby shoes and a bonnet it would complete the wall.
Before saying goodbye Robin gifted me with a cute patriotic pin cushion/pillow tuck she made and a beautifully scented candle/tray.
Gift from Robin 
Thank you Robin – I hope we get to meet again one day and this time spend more time together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh we are living in a mess right now – actually the family room and screen room.
We are re-doing the family room and all the furniture has been removed to the screen room. Although at night we have to bring in the fabric chairs because it has done nothing but RAIN here and I don’t like them getting damp.
We went from light walls to a caramel colored wall.  At first I thought it might be a bit dark but the more I painted the more I loved it.  Sort of a Kraft bag color.
Here is the main reason we had to re-do. 
Bad wood on fp wall 1
The wall above the fireplace had a leak at some point (for a long time actually) before we had the new roof put on and the leak buckled and warped the wood.  Any picture we had up there had to be large enough to cover the area and that was basically one that would fit and I was getting mighty tired of looking at it for years.
Sunday a friend of my husbands was generous to give up his Sunday to replace the wall for us.
Fireplace wall 1
Now it’s fresh and all painted and we are ready to put the floor baseboards on today.
Then the carpet has been ordered and expected to here by end of next week and then our installer will put it in and hopefully we will be back in business.
Walls 1
Family Room done 1

Finished FB wall
FR painted

There are hardwood floors in this room but over the past 35 years with carpeting and the staples all over we just didn’t want to go through the process of having them refinished plus the room is drafty in the winter.
Family room redo 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please visit my selling blog as I put some new items on there that I found a Market Square wholesale show last Monday,
You can find them on the ‘Prim Needs’ category:

Thanks to all my followers for sticking with me through my MIA on your blogs.
Life has a way of stopping one from doing EVERYTHING – by the time I get my e-mails answered and sometimes getting a post done here I’ve run out of steam plus things in general.
I do see what you post as I scroll through my bloglovin – I know you are all out there and continuing on better than I am.
But I do thank you and THANK YOU to my 4 new followers!  Amazing that some are still liking what I have to say! lol


Have a great rest of your week and a very happy and safe 4th of July


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Found a few treasures

Hi everyone... it’s Wednesday and as it did  last Wednesday…RAINING! But it sounds so nice and it’s darkish out and it has put me in a lazy mood – slept in too,  something I rarely do.

Well this past weekend we went to our first flea markets.
Mukwonago, WI has a great one and it’s the first weekend of each month through September.

(click on pictures to enlarge)

We found a large butter churn in pretty bad shape. It has the lid to it but it's badly chipped, hoping at some point I can find a replacement so I'll need to keep the dimensions written down and carried with me to all the flea market/antique shows we go to.
The crock was showing at $35 but she let us have it for $25 - still a bit high for the condition but we liked it.  I mentioned this in another post of mine somewhere that we buy things because we LIKE it, not for the antique value of it.
New butter crocks 
The other butter churn was at a darling antique/vintage shop we saw as we were heading out of the town - so glad we stopped in there.  She had only been open since November so I guess that's why we never saw the shop when we went to the flea market other summers.
The price was $55 and not top and she couldn't come down any as it was a consignment so we took it anyway...oh, and it doesn't have a lid so will be looking for one for that too.  It is in pretty nice condition.
Here’s a link to her shop:

  We put them on the mantle for now - if they stay there we will for sure remove some items and hopefully maybe bring down the large Bee Sting crock that is on top of the cabinets of the fireplace and leave it at that…I want it to be one kind of thing on the mantle and get rid of all that ‘busy’ look.
Crocks on fireplace 1

 Beesting crock

american flag 

Then on Sunday  after church we went to a small one in Wilmot, WI.  This one is really just junk but now and then we do find a treasure.  This time we found a Yellow Ware bow for $10 but she let me have it for $8. 
I would like to find a couple more Yellow Ware bowls to fill the pie safe and get rid of all the little things that are in there.  I’m trying very hard to not have so many little things and just concentrate on larger collections.  I love my sheep but some will have to go.

New yellow bowl

 Pie safe with new yellow bowl  

american flag 

Also on Saturday we stopped at Dan DiPaolo’s open house at the farm.
He’s open the first weekend of each month all through summer.
We love stopping there – Dan is such a sweetie and we have lots of laughs with him when we go there.
If you are in this area you must stop at his farm – he has lots of great treasures in the barn and is always offering some delectable things to eat.
Here’s the link to his blog for more information:

We found a wire hook/rack for our screen room to hang drieds on.
Rack with drieds

american flag 

Last Thursday night we went to our grandson Joe’s 8th grade graduation – he’s grown up so fast we can hardly keep up and so smart too – we’re very proud of him…congratulations on your awards Joe!  (He’s on the left)
Joe and friends 1

Joe and us grad 1

american flag 

This Thursday we are going to our little grandson’s Kindergarten graduation – hopefully I’ll be able to get a picture of him in his cap and gown…they are just too tiny for this to be happening!

american flag  

And then this Saturday we are going to great-grandson Zayne’s 1st birthday party.
He’s such a big boy – and always loves the camera.
Alexandra has a friend who is a photographer and she takes the best pictures – here’s a few she took.
Zayne birthday 4

Zayne birthday 1

Zayne birthday 2

Zayne birthday 3

So that’s all I have for you this week…hope you enjoyed!
Stay safe and blessings to you all.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Do bad things always come in 3’s?

Hi everyone – hope you had a wonderful Memorial holiday.
I’ll get to the bad things in 3’s in a minute….
Ours was spent finishing up painting the screen room. 
The painting though is my job – husband does not like it nor does he do a good job (could be his way of getting out of it maybe…lol)

Yesterday our wonderful gal who recovers things for us brought back our cushions for the screen room sofa – she’s so good.
They look even better than the original cushions.
Took a long time to find the right fabric but when I did I had to run all over Wisconsin to get enough of it. 
Janesville had only 5 yards left and we needed 8 yards….so on we went looking.
Finally found it in Kenosha at that Hobby Lobby store.
But then on Tuesday we went back to the Janesville store to purchase that 5 yards for the chair.
Anyway, Debbie brought the cushions in and I knew immediately I loved them.

Here’s the original:
Screen room5

And the new:
New screen room sofa

Closeup of fabric – it’s showing the brown dark in the sample but it’s not really that dark - I’m going to be working with a light Teal and ignore the Green and Brown:
fabric 1 

There are 2 chair also, one will be in this fabric and the other will be done in a strip to pull out the other colors.  I found it on the internet from Amazon/ so hoping it looks as good when it arrives:
Tommy Bahama fabric

So that’s the fun stuff – now on to the bad stuff.
Things seem to come in 3’s they say – well I do believe that saying.
Our kitchen plumbing backed up on Easter Sunday
Our chimney has been leaking unbeknown to us until the last big thunderstorm we had and heard it dripping down the wall in the kitchen….so Able Dave came and checked it out…chimney was crumbled!  So…..Wednesday he came and built a new chimney – it’s beautiful (as a chimney can be that is….our old one was a crummy ole off white.)  We asked him if he could find something in a Colonial style color and he did – that’s why I say it’s ‘beautiful’.
Chimney truck
New chimney

And then on to number 3….our furnace stopped working a week ago Monday!
It was a very chilly morning so I turned it on just for a one time thing to take the chill  off and no heat…no running of the furnace – just the blower kept going.  I tried everything to shut it off and nothing would work so I had to go flip the switch on the furnace.
The air wouldn’t work for me either.
Oh…and Doug was away on a golf trip.  Last May when he went on the golf trip our air conditioner died, remember that?
So anyway – one more repair man later and we need a new furnace – the heat exchanger is dead!!!
So now come Fall we will need a new furnace.
Anymore problems????  I’m sure I can find one…

But the hard thing is all of these ‘repairs’ are coming at the same time as all the ‘re-dos’ we have been doing – not fun on the check book.

And…last night the man who built our fireplace mantle and cupboards and our desk came over to look at the wall  above the fireplace – at some point there was a leak behind that wall from the roof (which has been taken care of with a new roof) – but the wood is all buckled and looks horrible so we always have  a large picture up there to hide it.
Anyway – he’s going to put a maple wall and then build some kind of detail molding/panels on the wall to give it some character.
We are also deciding if we want to paint that wall the same color as the fireplace – which I think would really look very nice.
Here’s how it is now – I am not happy with anything I have on it or on the cupboards…nothing works together and it’s just stuff I have had – I so want some really nice Colonial pieces up there and crocks on the top of the cupboards…not the junk that is there now.  And I would like one of the LARGE old Colonial pictures of a man – know where I can find one?
 Family Room 2014

Don’t forget to shop on my other site for some goodies:
I sold out of my Strawberries over the weekend and had to make more so if you are wanting them I have them.

Thanks for visiting me and have a wonderful weekend

Monday, May 19, 2014

Kitchen re-do is finished!

If anyone had trouble commenting on my last post with a ‘no-reply’ it has been fixed.
For some reason Google+ changed settings.  Some comments were coming through – some not.  Please try again this week.

Pineapple line art

Have you ever waited and waited for something that you just wanted so much and when you got it it was a big disappointment?
Well  that’s how we feel right now with our counter – not the sink though…that’s perfect.
And what I mean by being disappointed is that the counter guy didn’t actually tell us about scratching!!!  Yep, it scratches easily and from almost NOTHING!

It has been in since last Wednesday and I think I’ve had tears everyday since then – it’s not horrible but it’s not nice either.
We picked out 4 different counter colors before we found one that was available – the others were discontinued so it seemed I chose this one out of desperation I think.
Hindsight says I should have gone ‘light’ – but I really like the darker colors.
Anyway…getting back to the scratching thing – not sure why we weren’t told about it until AFTER the install, if we had you can be sure we would have chosen ‘light’….BUT, when all is said and done, it looks nice and cleans up nice…BUT AT THIS POINT ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’ and it is growing on me/us….every morning it looks better and better.

But oh how I love the sink.
So I’ll just show a few pictures here of the before and after…..if you don’t care for lots of pictures then this is not for you.

(Click on pictures to view larger)

A couple BEFORE  pictures
Original counter is deep red with some black
Before kitchen 1

Old Kitchen 1

Old Kitchen 2

And the AFTER
The tall man in blue is the owner and designer
Now mind you – we are happy with the work and the install, he did fantastic work – it’s just that it scratches far too easily.
New color is Cocoa – It’s a solid surface product – now some may not even notice that we got a new counter and that’s okay, I didn’t want something that was bright and bold and jumped out at you – I like ‘mellow’ colors.
Bringing in new counter 1
 Installing new counters 2
Kitchen total finish 1
Kitchen total finish 2 
Kitchen total finish 3
And the extra special splurge…my farm sink
We were fortunate that he found us a sink with a 6” apron so
we didn’t have to have any work done to the cabinet doors
Kitchen  total finish 4

I’m not jumping into dealing with what is on the counters right now as there are other projects that need attending to so different things will come in time…but for now the things that were on the counter went back on.

In time I would like a wood floor in the kitchen that matches the wood in the dining room – we put a few pieces down in front of the sink to see how it would look and it’s perfect…so in time I guess.

Pineapple line art

I was in the creating mood last week and made some Strawberries for the show I’m doing the Sat. after Thanksgiving.  I know they aren’t holiday but I need lots of ‘smalls’ – people like to buy lots of little things vs on large so I’m getting prepared.
I will also sell them on my site and on Etsy as well so watch my site for them to appear.
I have large and ‘normal’ sizes.
Finished Strawberries

 Pineapple line art

Last weekend (Mother’s Day) our local fresh market had a Cream Puff and Cupcake sale so Doug went and brought some home – they were gone in no time!!!
Cream Puffs Cup Cakes

Pineapple line art

The lady up the street had a huge cluster of rhubarb and she was moving last Saturday and told me to take as much of it as I wanted to – she knew ours wasn’t growing well this year – could be the crazy weather we had, not sure why though.

We cut it and put it in 3 cup amounts and froze it.
Rhubarb 1
Rhubarb 2
Rhubarb 3

That’s all I have for you this week!