Monday, March 27, 2017

Oh for Spring and Eggs Anyone!!!

Boy we have had some up and down weather here in southeast Wisconsin. First it is in the high 60's and then snow the next day and then a couple days in the 50's and then back down....
but it will be here soon so I guess we just wait it out.
I have been up to my elbows in eggs the
past 2 weeks and finally at the end!
I posted on my FB page that I was making Redware and Yellowware eggs as well as grungy eggs and I had orders before I even posted pictures - I have such a wonderful following of great customers and friends...THANK YOU ALL OF YOU!!!
It was a fun task and in the end I made
17 dozen eggs - sold them in sets of 6.

The painting process was the longest because I gave them a thin base coat and then 2 top coats before painting on the designs.
I kept the designs simple as I am not an artist!!
Click on picture to enlarge

I was having a hard time keeping the eggs from getting carton marks and finger marks so I found my candle cups from years back and they came in handy to hold the eggs while they dried.
It pays to not throw things away!
Then it was time to pack and ship...

And then came the second round - I thought
I was finished and then came more orders.

I still have some that can be shipped so if you are interested you can find them here:

I haven't been doing any Spring decorating yet but hopefully this week I can bring up some lighter looking decor 
and put away the darker heavier things.
Have any of you started yours yet?

I am so excited to finally go to another Hook-In....
and it's close to me.
I went to one a few years back down in Virginia and enjoyed it so much.  I don't know why I didn't know about this one so close to me but you can bet I will be going every year now.

So if you are in the area check it out - maybe you would like to go.
It's just for a day so rather nice that you don't need to stay in a hotel.
A friend, Kathleene Woodbury, and I are going
together so it should be lots of fun. 

It is April 27th and will be at the
Tommy Thompson Youth Center, State Fair Park

I don't have much more to add to my post this week but hopefully
I can find something interesting for next week.

Have a wonderful week and thank you again for
supporting my efforts in blogging!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

A bit of show and tell

Things are finally going to get back to normal around here -
I got the pins removed from my finger!
 Amazing how not being able to use the full capacity of ones hand
really makes so many things difficult, if not impossible.

But on to better things.
A couple weeks ago I decided to make a traditional early style penny rug for us...
after all these years we do not have one.
I love all the colors in this one and they will be stitched on a wool army blanket.

I laid the pennies in the order I wanted, then had to mark on the backs of each one the number in the spot they would go back on after I stitched the two pennies together.
I am really anxious to start stitching because the colors take on a deeper tone with the stitching - and those few bright gray ones will tone down considerably when stitched.

Last Friday we took a very long day trip to Arcola, IL to some Primitive Antique shows.
Everything in all 4 shows was so beautiful but sooo expensive.
The show we went mainly for was Homesteaders On The Prairie...a wonderful and affordable show plus we always see familiar faces there.
Among the ones we saw was Carolyn Thornton from Black Cat Primitives
 - she is always so upbeat and smiling!

Saw this sweet pillow she made and I thought it would look good on the guest bed -
tie it in with the old quilt at the bottom of the bed

Also found a long paddle I think a long tall snowman punch needle would look nice on. 
It isn't old but I loved the shape.

This homespun wool I thought would make a very neat looking sheep on a hooked piece

At one of the shows we saw 3 very nice Penny Rugs.
Would of loved the one on the wall but the price was too out of line.

I love the outline stitching on this one.

Cool Red/White/blue one

A couple weeks ago we went up to Fox & Fork where I consign at
and they had a whole tub of graters and such - love the little hand scrub board.
Going to mount punch needle on these at some point.

I imagine with the new year that started many of you made a resolution to eat healthy.
We did but haven't been too good at following it like we should but now and then
we do and last night I made a delicious stir fry and it's probably
one of the easiest and healthiest dishes you could eat.
Do you find you make enough to feed a whole table of people?
Seems no matter what I make after all these years of just the two of us
I can't seem to cut back on the ingredients and make a ton of it.

Tonight we go over to UW Whitewater for granddaughter Emily's band concert.
We haven't seen her in several weeks and we'll also celebrate her 19th birthday.
We are so proud of Em - she received another scholarship last week and also got a job for the summer at the Kenosha, WI museum for Public History which is her major.

I'll close now - as again I never know when to stop writing 😊

Blessings to you all and thanks for stopping by

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Where do I start!

What a month January was...I've seen the operating room at St Lukes hospital
more than I care to!
First I had a bone spur removed from my right ankle and 2 weeks later I was in there again for a broken first joint on my left index finger...that will be 2 weeks Tuesday.
I have 2 pins in the tip of the finger and a cast style splint higher up than mid arm.

So this ole gal is typing one handed.  Approx. 8 weeks like this....
so no sewing or punching and I'm going bonkers.
I try to do one handed cleaning - minus water because I can't wring out the cloth -
lots of organizing and reading.

But...I can draw so I have been doing some patterns designing.
Doug made me a really nice light box this week and it works great -
so that has kept me kind of busy.

A couple weeks ago I did finish my latest punch needle design
and it is available as a pattern on my selling site

This one was in the process - needs some yellow in the flower petals
yet but it will be quite awhile for that now.

Oh, I want to THANK EVERYONE for posting a comment on my last post - by disabling Google+ it cleared up the inability for some of you to comment.

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I have been having a horrible time with GOOGLE and GOOGLE+

First off - I actually didn't know I was connected to GOOGLE+  -  and as of the last several months I do not get notified if certain people comment and I also know some people CAN'T comment.

SOOOOO...I did a lot of reading in the 'help' section and disabled GOOGLE+ comments.
That being said it should now take ANYONE'S comments, not just GOOGLE+.

If you would be so kind as to leave some kind of comment or even a one word comment so I know if you are getting through!
And I will hopefully see that you DID comment in my email notifications.

I thank you all in advance

Sunday, January 1, 2017


2017 that is!
A new goals!

I plan on getting some much needed painting done in the house this winter - the wood trim is badly in need of it.  Two winters ago when we redid our bedroom I planned on doing it all but ran out of steam and then last winter I was recouping from my back surgery and I really don't like to paint in the bring it on this winter!!! say a bit about Christmas....the only Christmas party we had was our annual 'cousins' get-together on the 20th.
Always a good fun time and this year my brother/SIL and step brother/wife got to join us....some cousins couldn't make it.

Christmas Eve afternoon our wonderful neighbors the Aldrich's made their annual cookie visit bringing again a wonderful tray of the best homemade cookies ever.
The dad and the girls do the baking every, not so much.
They were all dressed in Packer garb because there was a Christmas Eve Packer game.
I didn't get a picture of the cookies this year - 
but you can see part of the tray on the counter.
One daughter was missing (5 in all) because she was in PA for Christmas with the in-laws.

Zayne couldn't be here for the full time on Christmas day so we had our granddaughter Alex and him here the day after Christmas so he could open his gifts.

This winter I'm hoping I can get to work on some of my hooked rug projects that I have in the process and a couple I want to start.
Been working on this one for 3 years now - and one I hope to's really large so I guess that's the reason I can't seem to finish it (that's what I'm telling myself anyway lol).

I haven't even started on this one - when I see a neat pattern I just can't resist buying it
(along with all the wool of course!)
And this beauty...a beautiful early style Penny rug!

So that brings me to New Years Eve....we stayed home as usual and had our 'usual' dinner.
Doug had his (4 lbs.) crab legs and a T-Bone steak.
I had the tenderloin portion of his steak and some deep fried shrimp....and never saw the stroke of midnight....don't remember the last time we did...
we never stayed up when we were younger either.

Over on my selling site I put some Holly mats on sale
They are what is all that's left from the items I take to consign at the shops.

You can find this sweet snowman punch needle as well

So that brings me up to date!
I want to say to any one who has tried to leave a comment and can't - I am sorry - 
I don't know how to change it.  I've gone into the setting and just can't seem to 
find any thing different than before.
I know blogger has changed a lot of its inner workings and that has caused us problems. 
So if you really, really want to comment just send me an email...
you can find the link on the right side column.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and faithful following over the past year(s) - I hope to continue blogging but we'll see.

Blessings and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone