Friday, March 9, 2018

The snowball effect!!!

There is truth to this phrase!!
We started our bathroom cabinet re-do a month ago and since then it has escalated.
I had a feeling this would happen but didn't want to say it out loud!
Doug finished the doors and drawers a week ago and since then it has been lots of decision making....we decided to do the counters afterall. And that lead to new sinks and faucets.
And because the 1 inch tiles were on the counters and half walls we decided to try and get it off the walls and replace it with wainscot. Fortunately the tiles came off easier than we thought they would - which was a blessing. It could have been a bear otherwise.

This past week he started removing those horrible 1 inch tiles on the counters and walls...we needed to remove it before the counter company came today to measure and see where the sinks would be.  They said they could install in 2 or 3 weeks from today so we have a bit of work to do in between.
Hard to see but there is very little veining in this quartz -
and I think that's why we liked it, it wasn't real busy.

Doug's progress on the counter removal

And to keep with the 'snowball effect' - we are having ceramic tile floor installed....I've always loved the vintage look of the Octogan & dot tiles....we're going with the all white.

This weekend I will start painting the inside
of the cupboard before the counters get installed.
Bought the paint today called 'Thin Ice'
We weren't sure if we wanted an extremely light gray or a faint aqua - as it turned out the Thin Ice is a cross of the two. Wainscot/trim/door will be an off white.

And I fell in love with these faucets the minute I saw them!

And the sinks

I know...not very Colonial for any of it but that's perfectly okay...we went classic vintage.

Well if you stuck with me this long I will continue with thanking my wonderful
KM Primitive customers.
I can not tell you how appreciative I am for all of you.
I offered my gourd carrots and hand painted designed eggs over the past 3 weeks
and the response was overwhelming.
I had 4 different painting sessions for the eggs and will mail the last batch out on Monday.




Robin's Egg Blue

Gourd Carrots

I have two finished punch needle for sale on my website
Bunny and Bell Flower
You can find them here:

Thank you for stopping by - come back soon!

Monday, February 12, 2018

A perfect 'last week'....

For so long this winter we had some wonderful temps and very little snow - just dustings....but then Mother Nature decided it was time, three weeks we had 3 good snowfalls...the first one was a surprise overnight one...woke up to 8 inches of the white stuff...but it totally melted within 3 days!

Then Thursday and Sunday we got hit again!

We had a great few days in PA last week.
Saturday on our way through PA we stopped in Ellwood City to visit a dear friend
who has been batteling health issues for the last 3 years.
It was wonderful seeing her again at home and not visiting her in the hospital.
Our buying trip to the wholesale show was just okay....didn't find too many things for the business but did find some embelishments for our gourd garlands.
We then spent 2 days in Lancaster with Doug's cousin and the weather there wasn't all that great either...rainy and icy! Butstill a very enjoyable time - we did get to a few of the shops there and found a few things....but it was just night to get a way for a few days.

Some of these things shown are from the show - the others are from the shops

The red boards have nail pegs at the bottom
I thought they would be great for mounting my punch needle.

A 'new found FB friend' told me where I could find wool to purchase.
It's at The Old Country Store across from Kitchen Kettle
They have just a few colors to choose from but now I know I can get it
and they also carry Valdani thread...also limited colors.

(They are very large like the ones above)
We have been purchasing our large leaves (called Botquin or Quina) for garlands from Primitives by Tracy and she had two boxes left so we bought them...I think we will have enough to work with now 😁

And of course we had to buy more gourds.
I called the Levi Stoltzfus farm to see if we could come to the farm while we were
out there and he was very obliging...they have the best selection around!

Doug knew right away when he saw this huge bird house that it was coming home with us.
The one we have on the post in the garden is about on its last leg.

Found this wall box and florals at Olde Mill House Shoppe

Tuesday while out there we met up with another FB friend for the first time.
We went to their house for a visit and then we went out to
supper with them and 2 Amish ladies, Mattie and Lydia Bieler (sisters).
We hade a geat meal at the Bird In Hand restaurant and then
back to the ladies house for a visit.
These two ladies were a delight....we heard stories and laughed so much with them. 
We now have two very wonderful Amish friends.
And we want to than Lisa and Jerry Thrush for making this happen.

Lisa gifted me with an adorable set of childrens Amish clothing
She went to an authentic Amish store and asked if it was okay to purchase them for a friend and they said it was okay...and I'm so glad - they were the perfect gift.
And 'yes' some orders allow 'buttons'.

So that's what happened here last week....
And now we're back to getting our bathroom cabinet doors and drawer fronts made.
Our son Brett is helping Doug make them - and then my job will be to paint.
There were so many coats of paint on the frames so I had to sand and sand
to make them smooth so the new hinges will fit flat.
They are going to be a very plain Shaker style.
I think I'll paint them and the trim a bone color.
We would like to replace the counters and sink but that is down the line a bit,
maybe when the weather gets nicer and we can have the windows open
because it's going to be messy getting the tile counters off.

This is what they were...

I put a new finished Punch Needle
and finished Penny Rug on my website

Thanks for hanging in there with me....hope you have a great week

Friday, January 12, 2018

That time of year

Yes, that time of year when most people are making New Year's resolutions (which I don't and never have), changing out their decor...going on winter vacations...well, none of that here. Seems things got a bit stagnant for some reason.

There are so many house projects I want and need to do but one thing leads to another - that ole snowball the den and hall  trim needs to be freshened up...
but doing that makes the wall paper look bad, which by the way
will come down some day and I plan to stencil.
See what I mean by a snowball effect?

Oh and our bathroom counter and sinks need replacing but doing that means we need to chip away at the wall tiles that surround the counter...ARRGGGHHHH!!!
One wrong wack and we replace wall tiles.

Okay...enough ranting.

The house does feel nice and clean and uncluttered since Christmas
has been put away, that much I can say has been done.

I've been trying to get some new punch needle designs going and have only done one so far.
You can find the pattern here:

Between filling orders I have been working on a punch needle for us.
It's called 'Shepard's Shade' by Threads That Bind.

Doug made a wonderful hornbook for it last week and he did an awesome job...
I can see more in the future.
I need to paint and age the board
but am waiting to buy a certain kind of paint off the internet.

One of my customers who's order I shipped last week sent me a picture of it in her home...
I love seeing how my work looks in their homes.

And this is one I just finished for another customer.
She wanted it done on the Army blanket wool.
The first diamond one I've done on this wool.

Last week I was working at my desk early in the moring and the sun was out that day and shined through a crack in the curtains and beamed right on George....
such a beautiful site!!!  Gave me a feeling of hope!!!

I guess that's it for me...I know it's nothing but didn't want you all to think
I dropped off the earth - although I feel it being gone so long from blogging.

Blessings to you all and a wonderful 2018