Saturday, November 28, 2015

She’s back…but not with it

Hi everyone -  well it’s like the heading says - I just can’t get my head back into anything.
There are lots of things I can be doing but the desire isn’t there.  I am hoping it’s one of the side effects of surgery.
I did however finish and ship a penny rug and am working on the last one I have had here but my heart isn’t in it. 
I thought I would be wanting to do my punch needle and rug hooking while recouping but it’s not there

So – the surgery was 5-1/2 hours and went well.
my stay in the hospital was 7 days, 5 of them were on the PT floor.

This was the same day as the surgery – face was very swollen.  I couldn’t open my eyes too wide either.
Karen 1

But by the next morning I was kind of back to normal
Karen 2

I progressed so well that they thought I didn’t need any more therapy and to be honest, the surgical area didn’t hurt as much as the first time and this one was extensive.  I had more leg and hip pain than surgical pain.
Went for my post-op visit and they were so pleased with my progress and took x-rays to see how things were going.  Wow – didn’t expect to see what I did.  Lots of pins and screws!

Front view

Side view



Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. We had it here at our house that way when I got tired or hurt I’d be more comfortable than at someone else’s place….but that being said….I OVER DID IT! And I am paying the price with lots of hurts.  Self inflicted owies are frustrating because you can’t blame it on someone else or something else…got myself to blame Sad smile

We did take down our Fall decorations and got them put away for another year and this next week we will bring up the Christmas and take our time decorating.
Now I did learn a lesson from this past week and will NOT OVER DO it.
I also have come to terms with the idea of ‘minimal decorating’ this year.
Instead of 4 Christmas trees there will just be the main tree and then a bit of greenery and berries and that’s all.

Haven’t heard from the grand-children what they would like for gifts so that part hasn’t even started yet either.  I can just see it all happening the week before Christmas!!!

Do you remember me writing about our friends, Bill and Linda Nottingham? Well 2 weeks ago Linda lost her courageous battle with cancer. The loss is felt so deeply, not only because we lost such a wonderful friend but we hurt for Billy – he will be lost without her for a long long time to come.

So – that is what has been happening in my world.  Hopefully in a week or two I’ll have some Christmas pictures to share.

Blessings to all

Monday, November 2, 2015

More back surgery!

Hi to everyone out there in blog-land.
Well it’s that time again for more back surgery.  It is going to be tomorrow (Nov. 3rd).
I’m hoping that this time I won’t have problems and end up in PT for 8 days – but this surgery is supposed to take care of the problem that was still there after my first one and gave me so much grief.

I haven’t been blogging much at all because my head just isn’t in it – and I’ve been trying to make some things to sell and get a couple orders finished up before I go in…so far all is on schedule in that department.

I have a few Christmas things I will be working on when I come home so all my projected work is piled up in the corner of the den where I’ll be resting for a week or so. 
Lots of punch needle designs and some rug hooking along with 2 runners that will get their final stitching done one them.

Besides the work in the corner – I bought several books to keep me busy when I don’t want to stitch anymore.
Hopefully I won’t be laid up much more than a couple weeks because that would be the max. for my laying around tolerance – it’s difficult for me to just lay around.

I’m hoping I am able to get my Fall decorations taken down and packed away right after Thanksgiving and then get the Christmas things up that weekend as well – big plans but most likely will get nipped in the bud by my family saying I’m doing too much too soon….and maybe they will be right….we’ll see….decorations this Christmas may be very minimal.

Here’s just a couple Fall pictures I didn’t get posted last time.

Mitten box

Table riser 1


Top of blue pie safe

Pie safe

Red pie safe

Pewter cupboard

I hope if some of you get to go to the Primitive shows that are now happening that you will post pictures.  We had plans to go to a couple of them this month but now that won’t be happening.

Thanks again for all your wonderful comments and words of encouragement – I will be back on line again as soon as my body feels up to the computer.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I guess Fall has arrived

Fall is here but last week the temperatures have said different….but this week…FALL.  Crisp in the morning but sunny and then it warms up a bit by noon and the rest of the day.

Well – I first want to say thank  you to all those that purchased my Sweet Potato garlands and Gourd garlands.  The minute I posted it on FB they went!!!!
I only wish I had more supplies to make more but I guess that will wait until I go to PA again to buy more gourds.

So on with Fall – the decorating here is minimal – but I guess I have come to like it that way. Inside the house there are little touches here and there – just looking around a room it is subtle, it doesn’t jump out.
I think my Christmas decorating is going to be that way as well this year.

My husband did the outside this year. I talked him into buying us a bale of straw for in front of the screen room and he actually said yes!
I think he did an excellent job of placing things.

Front of screen room

We did some things to the back door bench but it’s not finished yet.  Still need some Mums and Pumpkins.

Back bench

Here are a few of the inside.
Trencher 1

Gourds 2

Gourds 1

Bowls on island 2

Bowl on island

Basket on counter

Kitchen table 1

Blue pie safe 1

Basket under pie safe

Old cupboard

Pewter table 1

Fireplace hearth 2015

Clipper box 1

Side table 1

Blue table 1

Bath cabinet

Brown pumpkin

Wall in den 1

Side of pantry 1

Table in screen room

And that’s all she wrote!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back for my next post.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Simply Fall!

Oh yes – Fall is finally here and I am in my glory.
The days are what I call PERFECT for here in the Midwest – typical temps are in the mid 70’s. I doesn’t get much better than that for me.

This past weekend was a busy one.
We left Friday for Michigan to a Primitive/Antique show - Harvest At The Mill .  It was hosted by Dawn and Dick Rossell from Holly Hills Primitives blog:

We got to meet some friends as well as help another friend get her booth organized.  Had so much fun but totally worn out and hurt from too much bending and standing/walking – but the end results were worth it.

We got to see Marie Morgan from: 
She always has such cute Pumpkins and Jacks as well as her Primitive dolls.
We found a sweet little pumpkin to go with all the other ones we have purchased from her.
Karen and Marie

Isn’t that the most innocent face for a pumpkin?

Pumpkin from Marie

Sweet friend Earlene Landis - and Earlene 1

Huge bunches of Bittersweet from Earlene’s booth.
Bittersweet 2

Bittersweet 1 

And our friends Teri and Joe Merle from Carriage:

Karen, Teri, Joe Merle

A few of the purchases
Bittersweet sign

  Candle molds 2

Candle mold 1

 Corn and Gourds

Large gold bowl 1

 Pumpkin from Dawn 2

Rug from Linda S

 Tall Bear 1

And Two Teresa Kogut punch needles
Santa pattern 1

 Santa pattern 2

And a gorgeous stack of wool from Never Enough Wool.
Fabric 2

Sunday and Monday we did a bit of Fall decorating – not much though.
I mostly use Bittersweet , Pumpkins and gourds.
The dining room looks like a pumpkin patch!

I’ll put a couple pictures on but the rest will be in another post later this week.
Pumpkins on table 1

Mitten box

Top of blue pie safe


Happy Fall and thanks for stopping by