Friday, November 21, 2014


And I’m not talking about Thanksgiving - although I’m really looking forward to it!
No…what I’m talking about is the craft show…one more week and it will be here so I have a few more days to create and tie up loose ends.

That’s what I am doing today – sewing pillow seams, making product labels, making sure every string is nipped, any wrinkles ironed out and it goes on and on.

I’m giving myself through Monday because I need to price EVERYTHING YET, and then it will be all packed up in totes until a week from today when we can go to the cabins and set up our booths.

But…being I haven’t been on here since the 6th I have a few things to share.
In October we went to Oaks, PA for the wholesale show. I was looking for great hand-mades for my show…even if we didn’t make it ourselves we can sell it at the craft show if it is ‘handmade’.

Got a few treasures to sell
I found these in one booth – these snowmen are about 30 inches tall
2 snowmen

These Santa pillows are a good size – approx 12 x 15
small santa pillows

And a smaller size
two lg pillows

I bought a few more items but they are packed in a tote and couldn’t get them out.

And…2 weeks ago we went to Arthur, IL for HOMESTEADER’S ON THE PRAIRIE show. AWESOME!!! Fantastic Primitive antiques and a few vendors had lots of wonderful handmade items. I found some grungy wax molded snowmen and a tree.
One of my fun purchases was from Rachel Engles of Too Far Gone Primitives.
This fine looking reindeer
Deer 1

Deer 2

And from Carriage House Lighting we got 4 wonderful lamps – I think 2 or 3 of these may go to the craft show (they are HAND MADE)

Floor lamp
2 lamps

lamp bath 

While in Pennsylvania I found a sweet little bear that just melted my heart (as much as a stuffed bear can lol )
He has stuffing coming out being held in with a rusty pin – his sweater is ragged and pinned as well. And sitting as his feet is a cute little sheep.
Bear 1

Bear 2

You know I love baskets and I found 3 that had to come home with me
The one on the right is a towel hanger. The middle one is an antiqued blue but it’s hard to see

You know those Luminary flicker lights, well we found a vendor booth who was selling grunged up ones.
So I bought a 4 inch and a 5 inch.
She said she only uses the Ivory colored candles, dips them in hot wax and then rolls them and sprinkles them with Cinnamon and Cloves.

So…I’m about done sewing, painting and gluing and so tired of working from 8 am to 9 pm.
Here’s some of what is sitting out

I had fun making these bell hangers – simple to do and will hopefully sell.
I have one that I leave hanging on a nail on our pie safe door

Several pillow – many are packed in totes but these were finished up this past week
I love these sleigh pillows!
Sleigh pillows

Two Christmas ones (and again, several are already in totes)
two christmas pillows

craft things

So much to go through and start pricing!! That’s the only part of this I do not like!
Craft totes

Our daughter in-law is sharing the cabin to sell her hand thrown pottery
Here’s a few of her Christmas items…see the sleigh plate!
jamies pottery

At the moment I’m working on two Penny Rugs done on a woven
piece of Family Heirloom fabric – I love the design on it and love how it’s turning out.

See the design on the runner part of this
pennies closeup

On to something fun now….Monday night we went out to dinner for our grandson Jesse’s 25th birthday
I can’t believe he’s that old – I remember like it was yesterday him running and playing through the house and being just a fun little boy – but he has turned into a wonderfully handsome, polite and intelligent young man.

Jess, dad Dan, mom Jamie, Doug and me.
us and jesse

Jesse 2

I so want to thank all of you out there that have hung in there with me being MIA for so long.
And through all of this I still have been getting new followers and new followers on Bloglovin.
I’m looking forward to the 29th be over with and then I can concentrate on cleaning our house and getting out the Christmas decorations….and maybe I can finally get back to visiting my blog friends.

I probably won’t post again until after Thanksgiving so I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving however you celebrate it!

Blessings to all

Pineapple line art[3]

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas Craft Show Invite!

Hi All

I've been MIA for quite some time and I'm sorry - it hasn't been because I don't want to be here but with the show coming it's imperative that I stick to it and get the work done.

Anyone who does shows knows what is involved
I sew and create and still feel like I don't have enough.

I've tried to keep my items to 3 of each so there isn't an
overload of 'one style/design' - people feel like the items are a dime a dozen if you have 8 - 10 of something.
They want to feel they have something someone else doesn't!

Anyone living in the area I sure hope you can make it - it's such a fun experience doing the show as the vendors are in the log cabins throughout the property.

I did sent out 60 invites to those that have attended my prior shows
…so if you were one of them you should be receiving your invite very soon.

Any questions email me and I hope I can help

Show invite for web


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LOST MY EMAILS....please help

this past week or the week before at least.

I was cleaning out my messages and trashed EVERYTHING...and there were a couple emails from 2 ladies in particular that asked for something - one was a paint color the other was 'traveling' information.

SO PLEASE whoever hasn't heard back from me send another email - I'm not ignoring you just got crazy for a moment.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Fall everywhere!

The feel of Fall is in the air and there’s nothing more refreshing and awakening as the cool crisp mornings and the same for late evening/bedtime.  I love having at least one window open in the bedroom at night – I think one sleeps better with fresh air.

Last week it was so cool I made a large pot roast with potatoes and carrots and a yummy apple crisp.  It’s that time of year isn’t it, needing all those wonderful comforting aromas and tastes.  I  love Fall the most of any of the seasons.

I’m anxious for the Fall flea markets full of their wonderful pumpkins, gourds, squash and delicious hot cider and baskets of apples to make apple crisp and apple pies!

I have the house  ready for fall inside – not so much outside except for some wonderful HUGE pumpkins, 2 deep Red Mums and a  couple of large twig wreaths that are spruced up with Bittersweet. They are kind of sad looking though because the same Bittersweet has been in them for a couple of years and they sort of lost their punch. So I will be looking for some at the flea market next Sunday.

I am trying to cut back on my decorating (for all seasons and holidays)…do you all have as hard a time keeping that thought when deciding what to bring out?  I sure do.  Seems I get more and more each year when all I want to do is get less and less!

So I basically decorate with Pumpkins, Gourds and Bittersweet.
The vessels they are in are what is there everyday – I don’t add new containers so it works out quite well when taking it all down.

Okay on with the show!

I love this table in the kitchen – it gets decorated for all seasons and holidays and sometimes (well most of the time it gets decorated with things that need to be taken out to the recycle bin lol)

Table in kitchen

Turkey on table

Top of pantry

Mitten box

Kitchen 1 

Kitchen counter 1

Bought this cute blue tin box this past weekend filled with these goodies.

Blue Box


Basket in den

Blue Lamp Table

Bowl Box

Crock on desk

Side table in den


 Dinng room table

 Dining room table

Bowl rack

Candle box

Pumpkin in trencher 

Gourds in trencher 

Gourds in screen room 

DR cupboard

 Large pumpkin

blue pie safe

Black walnuts


Gourds on pie safe


Dining room

Pumpkin on door


Family room

Pumpkin on cupboard

Sheep on cupboard

 Gourds on firescreen

Crocks on fireplace

Blue wall box 

 Coffee table


Screen room 1

Outdoor basket


grain bin

That’s my Fall decorating for this year
No outside pictures…sorry (but I bet you’re not!!!)


Anyone living near the area of these open houses and flea markets I hope you can make it – you won’t be sorry!

(I put all of the Cabin happenings for the rest of the year)
21875 Silverthorn Rd,
Shullsburg, WI
~ September 26, 27, 28  Pumpkins on the Vine
On the 27th there will be music, food, vendors,
pop corn, broom corn and pumpkins.
~ October 17, 18, 19  Jack Frost Days
~ November 14, 15, 16  Cabin Christmas
~ November 28, 29, 30  Gathering of the Greens
Fresh greens, tree tops, birch, prairie sticks, ribbons galore
and how to workshops
~ December 5, 6, 7  Fill the Sleigh and Dash Away
Both cabins are tucked full of antiques, make do's and hand-dids.

September 28 the last Elkhorn, WI flea market
this is a big one and you don’t want to miss it…lots of antiques, goodies, Pumpkins/gourds, broom corn, corn stalks and
soooo much more, oh and lots of great food.


Thank you every one for taking time to read my blog and following me. I appreciate everyone of you and would not be posting if it wasn’t for your faithful visits