Monday, September 15, 2008


I haven't been updating here the last couple days because we have been cleaning and re-arranging our house inside and out...well, not to a big extent...just getting it camera ready!

A few months ago we were contacted by Country Sampler Magazine about having our house be in one of their magazines....WOW! Excitement in overdrive!!!!

Funny thing though - last Monday morning my husband and I brought in all of our Spring/Summer decorations, flowers, etc and also took all the summery things from inside our house and packed them away nicely in bins and cupboards in the basement and then got out all the Fall things, got them all set up on the tables downstairs and even bought a few more things - well, you know you just never have enough, right?

So after doing all this I took the afternoon off - decided I could start decorating and getting things put out the next later in the afternoon the phone rings and it's them (Country Sampler)...they set a date to arrive which was a day earlier than they originally set - well, okay, that's fine...AND THEN she proceded to say the photo shoot was going to be SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!

The entire morning went through my head like a lightening bolt - I started to laugh and had to tell her what we had done all morning and she felt so bad but it's still going to be SPRING! lol

So, that's what we have been doing - I think we're ready, although I know they will bring props and move our things around to make it work for the camera and that's just fine...I love seeing things in someone elses eye and we just might leave it like they put it.

The shoot is for Wednesday the 17th and it will be in one of the early Spring issues....I will keep you all updated and hopefully I can take some behind the scene pictures of them doing the shoot and if I can, I will post them so be on the look out.


  1. Karen, oh how exciting. I had to laugh at your story about spring vs. fall though. That would be my luck too. Anyway, you sound like you are getting ready. And once they leave, you can get those fall decorations back out. :)
    Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  2. Thanks has been an ongoing laugh here bringing everything back out - We're just glad we were too tired to bring all the Fall things up that day!

  3. Hi Karen,
    I just found your blog over at Jenn' Bittersweet Prims.
    How exciting to have CS in your home to take pics then see it in a magazine:)
    I'm addin you to my fav list so that I don't miss any of your posts, please stop over for a visit when you have time.

  4. Karen,
    Reading the older posts of your blog I realized you are Karen from the CS forumn, geez I didn't know you had a blog:) So nice to read all about your home and congrats on your new grandchild..lovely family!

  5. Hi Karen!

    How exciting and a real dream come true! I CANT WAIT for this issue!
    Ide be a lil frustrated about the Spring thing tho, especially after just getting all the fall decor out. Congrats to you:)

  6. best wishes karen~i know the shoot will go well~from the pics i've seen of your home, it's beautiful. can't wait to see it in country sampler. have a wonderful day!

  7. know I am SO excited to get that issue in hand!...I have seen many pix of your home already...and I know it is perfect for Country Sampler!....And even though we know the weather is changing...and it won't be Spring when they shoot the pix...that will our little secret!...keep up the great work!

  8. Karen, I am so excited for you! Too bad we all can't pop over and enjoy it with you! I can take a sick day - they don't need to know I'm fine. Hopefully you'll get everything all back in their right places - guess it puts fall back into their totes.

  9. Hi girls, thanks so much for the comments.
    I certainly am excited and today is the day!
    I woke up early just from so many things going through my head but now that I'm up I'm wondering why! LOL
    I will for sure post as things progress and it will probably be in the May issure or somewhere around that time.

  10. Can't wait to hear how it all went yesterday. It was a good laugh for all of us reading who didn't actually have to GO THROUGH it. LOL~
    Hope it was fun and I can't wait to get that issue in the spring.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  11. Karen I am so happy for you. You must be so thrilled. I can't wait for next Spring to get here just so we can see your home in print!!!!
    Blessings to you!
    Amy Cosma

  12. Good luck with your shoot. I had mine in July and the interview this week. Mine was spring as well - and we found out at the last minute too. I use a loto f natural things for spring that don't keep so I had thrown them away and I was told I couldn't use anythng with eggs or bunnies so I didn't have much spring stuff. It was a challenge - and when the photographers walked in they said "no no no - this home should never be staged in spring" Lol it was INTERESTING to say the least!

    I hope you enjoy the process and can take some behind the scene pics like I did.

  13. Okay, Karen, I know this is happening today...but I can't wait to hear all about it! I'm watching the CS forum too! Please tell us! I would have been so nervous especially to hear it was a Spring shoot after changing everything out! Whatever you do is going to be beautiful! I can't wait!


  14. Hi Sweet Karen!!
    Oh I hope the photo shoot went well today!! I'm so excited to find out! I think I'll head over to OGP to see if you posted anything! I'm hoping today was a wonderful day for you!
    Many hugs!

    P.S. I'm still waiting to hear from the lady whom purchased your items, then I'll send you her addy! Thanks again Karen for ALL your support!

  15. Thanks girls!
    Yesterday was JUST THE BEST...I was amazed and in awe at what the lighting man and the stylist went through to get just one shot.

    BIRGIT - it certainly was fuel for laughing I'm sitting here looking at the spring things and not wanting to make the change over again!

    AMY - guess you'll have to wait for the April/May issue. It's going to be a long wait that's for sure.

    LINDA - How funny what you said about the bunnys and chicks and eggs....I was told the same thing! And.....when the stylist got here she felt our home was more for Fall or winter not the fluffy pastels of spring...but it still worked quite well considering.

    TAMMY - I posted on the CS forum that the day went well....I didn't want to post the behind the scene pictures I took because I didn't know how they would feel but it's on my other forum and I will post them here in a new posting.

    DEAR, DEAR are just always so kind to me! Thanks so much.
    I'm anxious to know who won my auction offering



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