Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uggggg Kind of Day!

Have you ever just taken the day off to go wherever your mind and body took you and had nothing at home pressing to do? Well I did just that today.

The weather is just beautiful - the kind of day you can dress for summer or put long sleeves on - MY KIND OF DAY!

Sooooo....I took off for an hours drive to one of my favorite Wholesale places to buy for my shows and when I got there I went in - looked around and no one was there so I went over to the stairs and called up to the one!
So I sat down at their desk for a few minutes thinking they would be back, possibly an early lunch....NOT!!!

So off I went to a cute litte shop up the street and found a couple of great treasures - you know what a treasure is - something you just have to have, can't live without....yeah, right....a halloween/pumpkin head doll and some beautiful red napkins. A girl just hasta have these you know!

And then I did the trip back to the other one! So I asked the people in the next building if they had seen them - they said they had gone to wholesale market and were not back yet! Aw man.....I NEEDED

Sooooo, I figured it was a wonderful day to 'stay away' and headed for the next town where there is a super wonderful Primitive shop that I always find lots of goodies in.....well wouldn't you know - THEY WERE CLOSED TODAY TO GET READY FOR THEIR FALL OPEN HOUSE!
I couldn't get a break on spending money even TRYING!!!!

That left me with the only thing I could do....EAT off to Applebees I went and had one delicious Asian Chicken far as I'm concerned that's the only thing they

Mind you I'm sitting there all alone and my hands are on the table, clasped together so the waitress came over and asked me if I cared to have a newspaper in my I said you bet - nothing more sad than a single person dining - especially a woman.

So then in came three business men and they were seated at the table next to me - and when I say next to me IT WAS NEXT AS IN 'WITH' ME....I was at one of those single tables along the railing and right next to the railing on the other side is a high table - THAT'S WHERE THEY SAT! I felt like I was dining with them....but you know what? They weren't gentlemen at all, not one of them bought my lunch! LOL

Thanks for putting up with my sad, uggy day!
Oh, I almost ended quite well. I went to visit my cousin who works at an ice cream shop and went in and had a big hot fudge sundae to drown my woes.


  1. Well...I am sure that my hubby would love for me to have that kinda shopping day...A day when all the shoppes I wanta visit and spend some cash at....Are all closed!...He has no such luck though...As a matter of fact, there would probably a new shoppe opening up that day for my trip!...LOL...glad it turned out good even though you were minus the goodies.

  2. LOL Char....I don't have too many of those kinds of shopping days - my husband would love that too!
    This was rare for me!

  3. Bummer! No where to spend money, that's no fun at all. LOL I kinda had one of those days. It rained all day and kinda cool. Stayed home and didn't have much energy to do any work till now. Typical of me as I'm by nature a night owl. There is a wonderful primitive shoppe 1/2 mile from me who is having an open house tomorrow so I can't wait to go and buy new goodies.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Nancy, I guess we all have one of those days.
    Hope you get to find lots of wonderful goodies at the Open House...let me know if you find anythng good.

  5. So glad at least the ice cream part of the day worked out well! Just think, more money for the next shopping trip.

  6. Oh when in doubt, ice cream makes everything better! hahaha!

    I agree with Char, my DH would love for me not to be able to buy! Aww well, you can always shop at etsy, preferably my store! haha! Just kidding, in all seriousness, I'm sorry you had a ugh day! How frustrating at that shop! I would be a tad upset too after driving all that way! But at least you have more money for next time!

    Have a wonderful day Karen!

  7. LOL Linda, I sort of thought that myself!
    I am ready to head out tomorrow!!!!

  8. Shay, I never turn down ice cream not for it can be ANYKIND OF A DAY!
    If it's a bad day it picks me up and if it's a good day it's my reward....I just can't go wrong no matter what! lol


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