Friday, February 6, 2009


Hi everyone - well it sure has been a very long week being away from all of you.
I did check in a couple of times when I had internet available to me but most of the time even when it was I didn't feel I could just sit at the laptop and type away being we were with other people.

Our trip to Valley Forge, PA was wonderful. Market was good - not busteling like a year before but people were still ordering new products and buying from Cash & Carry.
I did my part to keep the economy flowing that's for sure! lol

We ordered lots of new Christmas items to be delivered late September/early October. Plus we purchased some goodies from the Cash & Carry and also from other wholesale places.

And for ourselves we bought a really nice cabinet for over our toilet in the main bathroom. It's nice and primitive, done in a grayish oyster over black. I'm loving it lots.

Plus a couple more woven coverlets, fabric, dark aqua trestle side table for our den and many more goodies that are still packed and I can't remember what they are.

Later I'll take pictures of some of the items but need to get some orders sewn so they come first. But hope it's soon because all the boxes are stacked in my dining room!

At the order writing show I met Dan DiPalo who is a designer for Primitives By Kathy as I am as well.....but I have never met him and so at the show I went into his booth and introduced myself - we both had to chuckle that we drove 850 miles to finally meet when we live just 6 miles from from each other! LOL Small world!!!!

Gosh I have a lot to catch up on with the Blogs. I got a chance to look at a couple but need to go deeper.

Tonight is my first relaxing night in over a week. We got home Wednesday night and on Thursday morning friends of ours came here for the day and night and then Doug took them to the airport at 5:30 this morning to go back to Raleigh and then back home to St. Kitts.

So hopefully in the next couple days I can get some pictures on.
See ya!