Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today was one of those days - I accomplished so much in one day and then there are days when I barely get one thing finished.
Between doing laundry, website clean up, cooking a wonderful pot roast dinner and sewing orders it was packed full.

I did get a couple pictures of some of the things we bought in PA - I’m not happy where the blue table is though…it’s not in its final place but had to put it someplace for now. It really looks awful next to the red plaid sofa so maybe this week I can get some spare time to re-organize my den and family room and get things where I want them….and take some final pictures.

I did buy 4 different kinds of wool from a fabric outlet - only $10.99 per yard!!! I'm going to make myself a WOOL PENNY RUG for once!

I really do love the table - it has a bin in the center underneath that I want to put some pretties in…I think a little light would be cute in there too.

I bought a couple Penny style pictures from a great designer - here's a sheep one I just

The dress in the hall pegs and the one on the cupboard we got as well - I’m really getting into this homespun and fabric thing for decorating.

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE the new cabinet in the bathroom - been wanting one for sometime but never found the right color. Oh, and I bought Hannah and her dog sitting on top too!

I also bought some Pewter spoons as well - needed some for my spoon board but they are for sale if anyone is in need of them - oh the two forks are for sale too! $20 for each item.

We didn’t take many pictures this time but I did get a picture of one of my favorite places we pass on route 23 on our way to Valley Forge…It’s the Poole Forge Mansion - I finally got to snap a picture and the grounds are just beautiful, especially with the new snow
Isn't this place pretty?
Here’s a little about the Forge…
Nestled into the hillside along the Conestoga creek, sits the once vibrant iron plantation called Poole Forge. The spectacular 1700’s Iron Masters mansion, paymasters house, tenant houses, lime kilns and covered bridge date back to 1859.

TaTa for now!


  1. Oh Karen!....I love love love that table!!....and the wall cupboard too is wonderful!....well actually ALL your goodies are wonderful!....thank you for sharing such great pictures! Janet :)

  2. I love everything you bought ! That cabinet in your bathroom is great and I love the dresses and pewter spoons. That's a really neat table too !I'm glad you had a nice day today. I got some stenciling done here, but that's about it ! Have a great night Karen !
    Janae :-)

  3. I LOVE all your goodies that you found! Can't say I like one thing more then the other. Your wall cupboard looks somewhat like mine. Except mine looks much larger and it is in the mustard color.

    The pictures of the grounds are so beautiful! I love that house!


  4. I love, love, love the cabinet in the bathroom. I AM going to try and make one myself REAL soon! My dining room needs something like that!
    The other items are FABULOUS as well!


  5. Love all your new goodies Karen!! But I really LOVE that sheep on the floor in your first two pctures!!! Have a great night!~Wendy

  6. Hi Karen,
    Love all the goodies you got! Great table and wall cupboard! I really like the sheep beside it...reminds me of the ones I make.

  7. I really love the little cupboard in your bathroom! Love the pewter spoons too...I just love it all really!

    Have a great week!

  8. I love the table and well everything...glad you had a safe trip! Beth

  9. Hi Karen!
    Well, I just LOVE it all! :)
    That table is wonderful...and your new cabinet looks perfect.

    What a beautiful old mansion!

    Have a wonderful day, Kath

  10. Everthing looks wonderful. I can't believe I LIVE near Valley Forge and didn't get up to the show. I am still kicking myself! Love the cabinet in the bathroom and the table -- everything great!

  11. Karen,
    Love the cabinet, and all your other goodies as well. Glad you had a great time!

  12. Welcome back, karen! What wonderful things you came home with. I do love your style! I wish I had an eye for prims like you have.
    The cabinet in your bath is something like I've been looking for. I found one similar, here in a shop in Maine but it was too pricey for me. Someday, maybe I'll find the right piece at the right time. :)
    Thanks for visiting me. The house and willow tree images are one stamp image each. I colored in the house and I colored the stamp of the willow tree using the colors I wanted. There is a link in my post as to where I found them. I hope this is helpful. Feel free to let me know if I can give you more info on them.
    Hugs & blessings to you and welcome back!

  13. I loved seeing all your new goodies! I bet shopping for them was fun.

  14. Karen,
    I love all of your new treasures. That blue table & wall cupboard are awesome, as are the spoons, the doll, the dresses, just love it all.

  15. WOW - I love that table...ok, I will be honest... I like everything (lol). You definitely have a knack for decorating with prims. I am now a proud follower!!


  16. Don't you just love the old stone houses in PA? They have so much character and those deep windowsills.... a girl can dream of what to do with those!!


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