Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today is going to be a finish up day I hope!

I have a few orders underway plus a revised item for my website...I changed out the Crow/Star to a Crow with Spring Flowers...and I like it much better.

I am working on a table mat and candle sleeve with the bee hive and bees - not nearly done with them, I just have the hive and bees stitched is all....and the tabs are made. This has been one of my biggest sellers for Spring.


I have a customer who sends me patterns and has me give her quotes to make them using my was a challenge at first but has worked out quite well actually. Here is what she sent this time....see below.

I just have to get these items finished plus a mantle/shelf hanging finished so she can have them sometime by the end of the month.

Three stuffed 4.5 inch ornaments with just a back and a front - one design on each.

Here are three different stuffed eggs, and these will be stuffed and have 3 sides but only one side has a design. They are like bowl fillers or put them in gatherings...about 5.5 inches tall

This is a 3 sided egg and I have all the designs stitched on - now I have to machine stitch the large egg which has the three different decorated sides and then stuff it - it's approx 11 inches high and will be about 8 inches round when finished.

Hope you enjoyed my WHATCHA WORKING ON WEDNESDAY and hope to read what all of you have going!

Has anyone tried the Campbells Super Bakes - when we were in PA last week my cousin fixed the Herb Chicken one for us and it was absolutely wonderful.

I was so busy yesterday with sewing so I had purchased one over the weekend and had it for dinner last night - you must try it. It took only a couple minutes to put it all in a baking dish and walla, bake for 35-40 minutes and a meal all in one....TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT!

Hugs to all.....