Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today is going to be a finish up day I hope!

I have a few orders underway plus a revised item for my website...I changed out the Crow/Star to a Crow with Spring Flowers...and I like it much better.

I am working on a table mat and candle sleeve with the bee hive and bees - not nearly done with them, I just have the hive and bees stitched is all....and the tabs are made. This has been one of my biggest sellers for Spring.


I have a customer who sends me patterns and has me give her quotes to make them using my was a challenge at first but has worked out quite well actually. Here is what she sent this time....see below.

I just have to get these items finished plus a mantle/shelf hanging finished so she can have them sometime by the end of the month.

Three stuffed 4.5 inch ornaments with just a back and a front - one design on each.

Here are three different stuffed eggs, and these will be stuffed and have 3 sides but only one side has a design. They are like bowl fillers or put them in gatherings...about 5.5 inches tall

This is a 3 sided egg and I have all the designs stitched on - now I have to machine stitch the large egg which has the three different decorated sides and then stuff it - it's approx 11 inches high and will be about 8 inches round when finished.

Hope you enjoyed my WHATCHA WORKING ON WEDNESDAY and hope to read what all of you have going!

Has anyone tried the Campbells Super Bakes - when we were in PA last week my cousin fixed the Herb Chicken one for us and it was absolutely wonderful.

I was so busy yesterday with sewing so I had purchased one over the weekend and had it for dinner last night - you must try it. It took only a couple minutes to put it all in a baking dish and walla, bake for 35-40 minutes and a meal all in one....TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT!

Hugs to all.....



  1. Karen, Those Eggs are cute. They would look great in a basket with prim decor. I have to look for those dinners from campbell's. I am always looking for different and quick meals that are healthy, which is not always an easy thing.

    Have a great day!

  2. Nice looking eggs, you have been busy!

  3. Karen - You are SO talented. I peronsally love that crow...he is my favorite. You do absolutel beautiful work.

    Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!!

  4. Love the crow stitchery and the bee hive stuff is coming along nicely! I so want to get spring items done but then there is this part of me that keeps saying it's only winter and if I start now, I'll just jinx myself! LOL

    The eggs are cute. I think it would be tricky to make things according to someones elses exact instructions. I like being able to kind of mess with things and use my own twist too much. You've done a great job, though and she best like them! :D

    I bought the Supper Bakes once years ago. There wasn't enough to feed us and at that time there were only like 3 of us! LOL I paid attention to what was in it and came up with my own version, minus the box. It was cheaper, made more and just as quick.

    Campbell's has their own recipes and I bet if you look through them you'll find a recipe just like what you found in that box. They use a special soup for each meal, some chicken and veggies. That's it. Many of them are quick and simple meals with only a few ingredients!

    Have a great day :)


  5. These will be very pretty! Busy Lady! Lewaina

  6. I love the eggs Karen ! I've never tried those dinners. I'll have to pick one up to try. Have a great afternoon !

  7. You look like you have your hands full with the egg order, which looks wonderful!
    I love the crow pic! You do fabulous work!

  8. Karen,
    I love the crow with the posies and those eggs are beautiful. I love them all. I'll watch out for that Campbell's meal. Sometimes it's so nice to have something fast to fix when you're knee deep in crafting.

  9. Those eggs are Adorable and I'm loving the crow.

    I like the Dinners too, I keep one on hand for those nights that DH is working late and it's just the kids and I , otherwise it wouldn't feed all of us.

  10. Hi Karen,
    I have an egg pattern that is like the ones you are doing. They are so cute! Seeing yours, makes me want to go get my pattern out and make some.

  11. Hi Karen! My friends picked up the long stem strawberries at our local gorcery store here in eastern Utah. I had never seen then before myself, but they told me they usually have the for sale for Valentines day. I'm not 100% sure, but think they have come from Calif.? The stems made it easy to dip. :-)Thanks for the visit!

  12. you are one busy lady Karen. I just love the bottom bunny on the large mat....very nice!


  13. I just love seeing all of your projects. You amaze me. You accomplish so much. Today was a day when I felt like I got nothing done. Yesterday was good though. I guess we all have those days.

  14. I just love always do such lovely work. Love the bee hive and eggs:)

    I've tried the chicken and biscuts but I'm sure it was another brand not Campbell' was good though:)

  15. Karen,
    I LOVE your crow with the flowers! love those eggs too-you do such beautiful work!!
    Everything is just wonderful :)
    Enjoy your day-Kath

  16. Hi Karen! Welcome home. I love all of your new creations. The eggs are adorable and I like the new crow design, too. I just tried one of those Supper Bakes the other night. It was the Cheesy chicken. Not bad and sooooo easy. I love easy meals when I get home from work. Happy birthday to your little guy!

  17. Hi Karen,
    I added to your blog list, I have a blog called Applestone Cottage and I wanted to find a few more fellow Wisconsinites. Please come visit some time (love your blog) Cindy


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