Friday, March 20, 2009



Well this has been a busy week with house cleaning and running. I did buy a few goodies while shopping and forgot they were on my camera and when I started to download the picture from today there they were.

When shopping we stopped at this absolutely wonderful fabric store out in the country in an old house…it’s really a quaint setting and when you go in it’s wall to wall fabric…I was drooling. But I ended up buying only two pieces, both in Aqua…my new favorite color!

The stripe fabric was on sale for $4.20 a yard and it’s really beautiful - smooth on one side and like a soft flannel on the other so you can use it either way. I was looking for some Colonial reproduction fabric but couldn’t find any so I think the print one will work…what do you think?

Then we went to a resale shop and found two really cool pictures of a man and woman - I like the pictures but the frames and oval matting is what I really like. I’m going to put pictures of Lincoln and Washington in them. I got them both for $5.00

We also found 2 bottles very much alike - both are iridescent and one is pinkish…and it says pint on it…I’m guessing a whisky or some kind of alcohol bottle - but then again maybe a cough syrup bottle…just don’t know….and they were $3.00 each

And then this beautiful 54 X 54 red and blue cotton throw for $16.00.

So that was my shopping on Wednesday…I did get a little muslin grungy bunny and some really neat primitive Easter grass but the picture didn’t turn out.

Yesterday and today was insane so to speak….but in a GOOD WAY. The e-mails that came in about the Country Sampler article was phenomenal! And the orders!!!!! They just kept coming - and one was over the phone. She didn’t have a computer so she had someone look me up and then she called me!

And we even got a letter from a woman who had seen our home in the magazine and in the letter was a picture of a very large dough trencher like on our dining room table - the lady said she forgot she had it until she saw ours and it has been in her attic for many, many years and wanted to know if it was worth anything! Wow - it’s 71 inches long and 17 inches wide! If it’s old I just can’t imagine what it would cost.

And then my computer has been acting up so it has been to the doctor and got fixed so just got it back tonight - that’s partly why you haven’t seen me posting on your Blogs! But I’m back…..

Then today Doug said I could have a decal of my business made for our car so we went to where he works part time and went to the decal dept. and told John what we wanted and within 2 hours we had it and it’s on the side windows of the van. I LOVE IT…HE DID IT JUST PERFECT. What do ya'll think????

Well, I got a little overboard here on this post - hope you stayed with me to the end….Hugs, Karen


  1. Wow you have been busy!! Good for you with all your orders and calls. Like I always are so very talented!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow you HAVE been busy! Country Sampler arrived in the mail and your home is GORGEOUS!....I have an ad in this issue too and was surprised to see my little purple pansy and grubby little bird on the front page of their Craft Fair section, I was only expecting the normal room combo ad so that was a nice surprise....I've never thought about advertising on my car, that's a great idea!....have a wonderful weekend Karen full of orders! Janet :)

  3. Love the decal! How cool! Hope you'll be able to keep up with all of your new orders, between CS and the decal, you will be one busy girl!

  4. Karen,
    Love your decal! And you are so welcome about mentioning your article in CS on my blog! I have been out of the blogging world in the last few months but I am back in the game!I also have missed everyone over on CS forum so I am on my way over there now! have a blessed day!

  5. I am so happy and excited for you Karen! I got my issue in the mail this morning and I thought the article was fantastic! They did a great job, and your home is beautiful!
    You found some wonderful the material.
    The decal is very cool too!
    Congratulations on all business!

  6. Karen,

    Being busy is a good thing...glad to hear your business is doing well! I am enjoying the article on your home. I looked at it in the car on the way out of town, but I will look many more times! It's great!


  7. Hi Karen,
    Sounds like you have been busy and are going to be busy. How wonderful to get bunches of orders!! I really like your decal on your van.
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  8. Love the window decal and I hope it brings you even more business. Your CS story and photo spread is awesome. I keep going back to re-read and see your pics over and over. Isn't it wonderful for so many to love the same things as you?
    Have a great weekend, and enjoy the ride! LOL!

  9. you didnt go overboard on the post. i think its great!! :)
    i am loving the floral print fabric. would love to find some like that. i am so happy for you to be getting orders and the new decals look great!!!
    congrats on the country sampler spread! we all wish you the best! :)

  10. Hi Karen,
    I haven't got to JoAnn's yet but I'm sur the CS is there, I can't wait to see your home, I'm so happy that the orders are pouring in for you! Love the aqua color too!

  11. HI Karen. Love love love your new fabrics! Is the one piece a cival war reproduction fabric? I love it. It will make up beautifuly. Good buy on the frames. I like the ovals inside the frames as well. Congrats on the decals! They look way good! Be proud of yourself!!! Thank you for your kind remarks :-) Enjoy your week-end! ♥

  12. Hi Karen!
    I love your fabric, and those bottles too.
    I am so happy to hear that orders are pouring in!
    Your decal turned out great.
    Congrats on all the 'good stuff' happening in your life right now....You deserve it ;)
    I am still waiting for my issue to come...hopefully today will be the day!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. I love all your finds and the letter on your van looks great! Congrats on all your orders!!!

  14. I really like your decal. I hope you keep busy with orders. I did get to see your house in Country Sampler and loved it.

    Take Care,

  15. I must have missed the whole Country Sampler thing or at least forgot about it! EEK! I was at Jo-Ann's yesterday and looked at the CS but it was the old one still. I will have to pick this one up and keep it and treasure it like the one Linda's house is in :) It's great seeing people's houses in magazines that we met on-line :)

    Have a great weekend!


  16. Love the decal what a sweet hubby! And your fabric is wonderful. What great finds Karen:)

  17. I guess you could say that I love the whole post this your fabulous finds, especially the throw! The fabric looks wonderful! The decal is Great! and on and're always just what I need to lift my spirits! Still haven't seen the Sampler, but I will!

    Thanks for sharing with us! I think we all look forward to what you've been up to!

    Hugs and more hugs,

  18. I got my CS in the mail today and flipped through it to see your pictures. They are great, along with the article. I'm so glad you are getting lots of orders and your new customers will be thrilled with their goodies. Love your new decal and your fabric. Enjoy!

  19. Yesterday I hunted for the issue of the magazine but couldn't find it yet...but I will keep looking...I am so excited to see it. Dianntha

  20. Holy smokes!! I need a nap after readin' this post, I'm exhausted!! :> )
    Congrats on all your orders! Woo-hoo!!
    Ooooh, I love all your goodies you picked up. That fabric is wonderful!
    Your decal is great! I guarantee you'll get even more orders with that too!

  21. I saw your spread in Country Sampler. It was my favorite article this month. Love the house, love the pictures, love the Blog... Just love it all!

  22. Hi Karen,
    I just got home from Canada where I went to spent time with a frieid and I brought her an extra copy of CS and we drolled over your home together. The article was great!! Isn't it fun to hear from people from all over after they see your home? I have some new freinds because of our article in CS. I answered literally hundreds of emails and phone calls in the first 3 weeks after it came out and still hear from new people to this day.

    How wonderful it has added to your business - that is an extra bous for you!!

    Great idea for the decal! Looks awesome - I hope that brings in even more business! Have fun keeping up with it all!

    hugs, Linda

  23. I have missed chatting with you . You won my giveaway . Send me your full name and mailing address .
    Your blog is so wonderful . Congrats on Country Sampler . What a success !

  24. hi Karen, I am a day late and a dollar short as the saying goes on commenting about your Country Sampler spread. I drooled over every picture! I was floored by the transformation of the living room from the wood and paneling unpainted that it was to the colonial master piece it is now. Amazing!!! I catch my husband who is a construction/carpenter worker flipping through my Country Sampler magazines now. He sees the amazing craftsmanship and transformation that people do in their homes and I dare say I think it inspires him! YAY! Your home is lovely. God has blessed you! Have a wonderful day. God bless, Jamie

  25. How much fun to get home from Ohio and find my issue of Country Sampler! Your home is just wonderful and such a nice surprise, I didn't know it was going to be published. I love your blog, it's one of my favorites. You are so talented and have such great ideas. Dawn

  26. thats awesome Karen I have one on my van too on the back window and its smaller...but yours looks wonderful


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