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YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A BLOG OR A just have to have a love for Primitives/Colonial/Country and a desire to meet new friends with the same interest...that's what this whole thing is about...bringing kindred spirits together.
GATHERING OF FRIENDS trip to Lancaster, PA
August 5 - 8, 2009
We've had a wonderful response and I want everyone to be able to take advantage of this.
I have finalized a few things so it will give you a better insight to cost, etc.
But read on down if you haven't seen this before.

First - I booked rooms at THE AMISH VIEW INN in Lancaster, PA thank you Robby for the lead!

Grace gave us a deal to die for at this busy time of the season.
$99.00 per room and you can sleep up to 4 so if you want to share and cut the cost go for it!
You don't know what a great deal this is!!!!!
Log onto the website to view it - it’s gorgeous and set right between the main roads in Amish Country.
The price includes a wonderful American breakfast every day - full course with freshly made Omelets as just an example.

We also have use of the ‘gathering room’.

Grace will have rooms available a couple days before and a few after for those wanting to come early and or stay later….which I know we will be doing.

Second - I booked a Make And Take project at Family Creations by Julia in Intercourse.

We’ll be making a Fabric Covered Book with a stitched verse on cloth for the front.
This is for Thursday night the 6th from 7 - 9 (she only does evening sessions) and it includes snacks and drinks - not a meal but goodies.
We’ll have dinner before heading there.
Cost is $15.00 payable that night
I will need a positive for this session by June or the end of June for the Make and Take session.

We’ll go to the Lititz Craft Show on Saturday the 8th

More details as time goes by for the other days.
How does this sound so far????
I do hope we get a good response for this - it has been something I have been hoping to do for a few years now and decided it’s now or never!

The Lancaster, Lititz area is just beautiful and there’s soooooo many places to shop, many things to see and do and many wonderful places to eat!
It would be so much fun to meet all you Blogging and Forum friends out there….this could be a huge event if we just DO IT!!!!

E-mail me at: with GATHERING OF FRIENDS in the subject line
I have ideas of what we will be doing but need to get some feedback so I'm not planning something you all aren't in favor of...this is going to be an enjoyable outing for all of us.

1. Would anyone be interested in getting tickets for the SIGHT AND SOUND THEATER it's the most fabulous show you will ever see:
And I was thinking it would be a good Friday night show to see....but I need your feedback. We would not do a package that included dinner - we'll just do our own and then head for the theater.
I need at least 15 to get the group rate.

2. I'm not sure if anyone would care to do WHOLESALE shopping or not - we probably will have enough shops to get to in the time given with so many people....BUT if you do have your tax ID and sellers permit number bring it along - you just never know. I'll have a list of WHOLESALE places to go to.

3. I'm going to need to know approx. how many are going to do the MAKE AND TAKE so I can give Julia a head count.

4. Each person is responsible for getting their reservation into the Amish View Inn where several rooms are being held for us...just tell them it's for the KAREN MARTINSEN group.
Try and do this as soon as you can so Grace isn't holding rooms she would need for other guests.

5. I would like it if each of the lady/girl participants would bring ONE SECRET GIFT for our MEET AND GREET NIGHT which will be on WEDNESDAY (5th) evening - we all want to receive something nice so keep that in mind when packing up your special gift....we will try and keep the dollar amount between $15/$20 so as to make it fair for everyone.

6. I will be arriving there on Monday night very late so I'll have Tuesday to do some running and setting up.
Please let me know when you expect to arrive so I can hopefully be there to meet you.

7. Every evening after shopping I'm having a SOCIAL HOUR in the Gathering Room from 5 to 6 p.m. - we can unwind after the day and if there are any stragglers this will be a great place to relax before heading out to dinner.
I'm hoping to have some treats/snacks and beverages available.

8. FOR THOSE THAT LIVE LOCAL do you have some kind of idea when you will be joining us - will you be able to do the MAKE AND TAKE???....are we going to have your pretty faces at our dinner table???

9. I'm going to make sure we get at least one good Amish meal in for the 4 nights we are good place is Shady Maple Smorgasboard and I mean to tell you it's the BIGGEST and BEST one we've ever been to.
I'm hoping to have us do some shopping up in that area so we are near there for our evening meal, otherwise it's a 25 minute drive....but hey, we're on vacation...RIGHT???? It's soooo worth it though.

10. I also think this would be an interesting and fun thing to do is anyone is interested:
I purchase many of their products - made right there in Red Lion - and they give mill tours as well.

Well that's it for now...this is just a quick note to say I haven't forgotten and that my head has been going over and over different things to see and do.

Yes, we will be hitting all the hot spots for shopping on the shopping days so that's a 'given'...but if anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear from you.


  1. What a great idea. Living in Philly, Lancaster right up the turnpike. I would say I am participating, assuming all stays stable on the job/financial front.If things change (God forbid)I would have to back out.

  2. Karen - Do you know how far that is from Ohio?

  3. hey I think that's only about three hours from me! ::::emailing Karen:::: Janet :)

  4. I'd love to come if the economy doesn't crash anymore than it already is in Michigan. Sounds like a dream trip to me! Thanks for the invite. Dawn

  5. Hi Karen!!! Hope you get a lot of interest for your gathering! I will be setting up at the Lititz Craft show so I won't be able to attend your gathering but be sure to look me up! Ladies..... if you have never been to the Lancaster area you must try to make it. Turst will not be dissapointed! The Lititz craft show has over 700 vendors so it is a biggie!

  6. Karen I would love to say yes...but yesterday I looked at flights for August and they are expensive.

    On the gift front...the last time we got together in PA we all took a gift for each person and then exchanged at dinner. It was like Christmas. I am sure the other diners look We took lots of beautiful things back home with us to treasure.

    Dinner - Millers Smorgasboard is beautiful!!!! It is a little more expensvive than some of them....but worth it!!!

    If you stay at the Amish View then breakfast is included in the cost. It is beautiful and they have a conference room downstairs. (I am the volunteer European Marketing is what I tell Grace) The rooms have 2 qs beds in them for the girls that want to share but not get too 'close'

    Julia at Family Creations does classes and may be interested in setting up a class for you all. She is inexpensive too. Her shop is super prim and her and Mom are the best.



  7. sounds great to me. i will be coming from ohio too. things here are financially okay for now. so if nothing changes i would be interested.

  8. I can't make it, but want to tell everyone to have fun without me! Sounds like a wonderful time.

    Have a great day, Denise

  9. ugh!!!....I will be on vacation!...However, it will be on the Lake so I am not feeling that bad...LOL

    But, I wanta come!.....waaaaaahhhhhh

  10. If only I lived closer......but I hope it turns out well for everyone involved.
    Please take lots of pics for thsoe of us that can't attend.

  11. That's a fanastic idea! I am sure that it will be a lot of fun!

  12. Oh Karen, your killing me here.... I would love love love to come! But we'll be in San Diego California for our wedding!!!! Clear across the country! LOL
    You all will have a blast! Lots of work for you on your end though.
    What a great idea! ♥

  13. Karen, this sound like so much fun. I am going to check with hubby first. We went to Litiz a few years ago, I think we are maybe two hours away. We were going to attend a big antique show and it never took place! I will let you know asap. Litiz is a cute little town, we stayed at a B&B there. If this works for me I know my husband would want to come too so we would get our own rooms.

  14. Karen it sounds so fun. I live a little too far away and my kidlins aren't old enough for me to leave with a hubby who works long hours. I hope you get a great turnout!

  15. OHHHHH....I would love to come!! Babies are still too young to leave alone, but these are the things I can look forward to when the mothering is done in years to come. Have fun....have an ice cream at Lapp Valley Farms for me!

  16. I wish so much that I could come Karen!It sounds like it will be a wonderful time!One of these days I'll get to do something like that!:-) Have a good afternoon!

  17. Karen,

    I wish I could come! It's too far away for me, but maybe one of these days... It's so nice of you to put this together! I know you all will have a fantastic time!

    Have a great evening,

  18. Karen,
    I would love to do this, but I need to check it out with DH first. It is about 7 hours away from us where I live in Ohio. I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

  19. Oh, Karen! This sounds like such a wonderful time!! I so wish I could be a part of it, to meet you and other blogging friends and do all those fun things.
    I do hope whoever attends, you all take lots of pictures to share with us who can't go.
    What a great brainstorm!
    Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

  20. What a fun idea! I am not sure where DH will be working at that time. He would love to golf while I hung out so if I think we can make it as it gets closer, I will let you know by email.

  21. Karen,
    I talked with DH and we really want to come, but we are trying to figure out what to do with our Yorkie for that many days. If we can't find someone to take care of her...we won't be able to make the trip. I'll keep you posted.

  22. Girls you won't be disappointed at all to go. The Amish View Inn and Suites is perfect. The staff are fantastic and the breakfast is beautiful. The rooms are absolutely beautiful. Go if you can!!! Bring a swimsuit too.

    Julie will give you all a fantastic night her!!!!

    We had a gathering in October and all took gifts for each person attending. It was like Christmas!!!! Check out my forum, you can find the link on the sidebar of my blog. Oh hang on...that was on my old blog. I will post pics on my new blog so you can see the fun.

    Meeting new people is scary....but so much fun.


  23. Holy smokes!!! This sounds like a blast!
    Hmmm... I may have to break into my piggy bank and see how much is in there.
    Then dig around the couch cushions and finally rummage through my hubs pants pockets.
    Thanks for the info! I'll seriously think about it! :> )

  24. ohhhhhhhhhh! I wish I could goooooo!
    I'm gonna pout all day now LOL!

    Have a fabulous time ladies and take tons of pictures to post!

  25. hey karen, its me again. :)
    i put this in my sidebar.
    maybe have a link to a page with all the info so you can update easily??
    want to do gift bags?
    games, door prizes?

  26. Oh, I am so envious! Just too far for me to get there. But I'll be there in spirit!

  27. This would be a dream of mine to come to this but things are just so unstable right now with jobs, I cannot commit. It sounds so much fun though.

  28. Oh, Karen! That sounds like sooo much fun. I sure wish I could attend. I know you will have a blast, so be sure and take lots of pictures to show us. I'm sure you'll get lots of takers. Have fun!

  29. Hi Karen~~I got your blog added in my links, and did a little post about your get together. I wish I could come, but I will be swamped with getting ready for my shows. I'm sure it will be a wonderful time!! Take care~~Jackie

  30. Hi Karen,
    That sounds fun, is there a Wisconsin Bloggers meeting? Actually I wouldn't mind going to PA. Cindy in WI

  31. That sounds sooo fun! Wish I could go, but planning a wedding late summer is going to take all the $ I can find...:-D

    I posted a close up of my wallpaper as you requested...March 25th post. I got it thru CWI :D

  32. This sounds fantastic..wish I could squeeze it in...but we are already gone on vacation at that time...we will be gone from the 3rs-10th!! DARN!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful time!!!



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