Friday, September 25, 2009


I just updated the post I put on this morning…
I added pictures of the Bittersweet we found.

It’s really embarrassing looking but I wanted to know
if I got the right stuff and woe and behold….when I went
to take a picture of it I noticed they started to open…
so I guess I got Bittersweet!


  1. Good for you !!
    Guess you know your wild flowers.
    Oh I need sooooooooo much help with my photoshop Elements..
    Congratulations on your giveaway win... I keep entering but alas... no wins so far.. I'm hoping for one soon..

  2. I love looking for bittersweet.
    My husband and I took a hike a couple weeks back and got lucky, we found a bunch!
    We were thrilled!!!

  3. Love all your goodies you won...they will look so nice in your home. The bittersweet is great but there is a lot of work involved in gathering it. I have never found it in the area where I live but have found it already gathered in the N.C. mountains. Does anyoine know if it grows in S.C.? Karen, I have the new Jill Petterson book, The Settlement and it is very good. A couple of the homes are really nice and prim. I also have her 1st book,Homestead. It is a little more primitive and log cabiny but it is a good one too. The new Judy Condon book is also out. I will pick up my copy this week-end. I really like her books too!! Have a good week-end. Sherrie

  4. Karen....isn't that fun to see that it opened up? Looks like maybe someone got to that patch first and cleaned it out.
    Not to worry, be looking for the postman next week!

  5. Hey Karen! We went out bittersweet hunting last Saturday evening...and we found it, first trip! it looks great...and it is fun to watch the berrie's pop open!

  6. Congratulations Karen, on your winning. You've got some fun new things headed your way.
    How wonderful that you found some bittersweet. It must be fun to see them open. I'm still on the lookout for some around here.
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  7. Me again... sorry for the double post. Blogger is having a good time with me today. :)

  8. Hi Karen ~~ Yes you got your self some tip would be to wait a few weeks and then when it opens on the vine it will be easy to spot. You'll be surprised how much you will see when you start to look for it when you drive around...then make a mental note for next year.( I would mark it on the calendar lol) Pick it early next year put it in the sun and watch it open. I like to gather it lots earlier than most people, cause I just love it. Congrats on your winning that awesome bunch of goodies. Hugs ~ Connie xox

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