Friday, January 1, 2010


Do you do what I do all year long….gear your time from one happening/gathering/event to the next?

Seems I say to myself that (whatever it is) will never get here and then all of a sudden it’s here and over….that’s how this year went.

My goal all year long is to get my orders out and prepare for the once a year home show and I say to myself “I still have --- months or weeks”.

Oh yeah???? All of a sudden it’s here and I wonder where the time went and then I’m rushing to get it all done. The older I get the faster the weeks and months go and a year is a very short time!

When I was little time just sat still – summer vacation was loooooog and we couldn’t wait to get back in school (yes, I said it!). My birthday and Christmas would never get here! Now they are blending into each other year after year.

I don’t make resolutions because I never follow them – oh I start out good but something always gets in the way to ‘stop it’….Me, that’s what gets in the way.  So I never make them because I’ll break them. I just always tell myself to do the best I can with who I am and what I have to work with.

Our New Years celebration was different this year. We always stay home and have a quiet steak/crab leg dinner and watch DVD’s or TV but this year my brother and sister in-law were visiting their children so we drove the hour west to have dinner with them at one of our favorite supper clubs….which are few and far between these days.
This place is called the Buckhorn and it has been run the same for the past 45 years….nothing has changed except the owners but they still operate it the same and serve the same menu. A true old fashioned supper clubs – oh and it overlooks the lake!

So we had a leisurely dinner and afterwards my brother said he had something for me….well, it was the best surprise ever. He had made me a beautiful ladder for my Family Heirloom Weaver linens!!!! He’s just the best brother a girl could have.
The one shown is theirs – they brought it so I could use it for my show but it’s exactly like it!


Not a very fun post today but just wanted to check in with all of you and share my New Years with you.

Doug is going on a full days delivery tomorrow (Saturday) so it’s just me and the two kitties so I’m going to do some much needed cleaning and putting the everyday decorative things back in place – maybe they just might find new homes….only time will tell when I get going on it.

An addition after I had this posted most of the afternoon but I forgot to put this on.
I have a huge sale on my website….some left over Christmas and decorative items from my Home Show and also some New items….check out the categories by clicking on the link pictures below.

Happy New Year Everyone!