Sunday, January 10, 2010


Good evening everyone. This has been a long weekend for sure.

First off my computer got a virus of some desktop is blank - a virus warning comes up that I have to run my security - aniti virus but I can't it won't open - and when I click on the one that comes up it wants me to purchase it...IT HAS EVERYTHING BLOCKED and it says there's a DESKTOP BLOCKER VIRUS....I'm so darned angry right now because I need to get into my files for my business.

I did backup everything onto a jump drive like normal but it still frustrates me! So I'm on Doug's laptop and it doesn't have half of what I need so I keep working from the jump drive.
OH....I am doing this post in Blogger which I DETEST, especially after using Windows Live Writer...trying to put picture in...WHAT A PAIN.

I had so many things I wanted to complete this weekend but didn't finish a single thing - mainly I guess because of the computer thing. I went to the fix-it guy but he was closed and not sure when he'll be open.

I guess  we all have  times like that but I sure don't like it when it happens to me.
Doug left Friday on a delivery and I had plans to put my house back together and that didn't happen.

I unpacked all the containers and laid everything out on my table and then proceeded to go through it all in hopes of getting motivated....that didn't happen either.

So I went through it all and got a large container of things I just don't want anymore - I'm going to have an on-line yard sale very soon to get some of it sold....some of it is new and some is older and there are a couple vintage items as well.
I just don't have room anymore to keep rotating things like I have been.

Packing up what I don't want is the right thing and then LET IT GO! I guess you can say I'm purging. Some will say 'cleaning'. My husband will say YEAHHHH!

So be watching soon for a sale of WHATEVER I come up with....
Here's a sneak peek at all the goodies I unpacked...and there's more where that came from. I do think I have wayyyy too much stuff. NOOOO, all this isn't for sale. I just got it all laid out here to pick through.

It snowed quite heavy on Thursday (whew, just in time for Doug to get it shoveled and snowblowed) and I took a couple pictures that I like to look at after a fresh snow.

This one is right across the street in front of our house - our dining room with all the windows faces this - and I just love looking at this scene when we eat - we're in the city but it has a feel of being in the country. 

Outside our kitchen door I can see the birdhouses that in the summer are full of sweet birds - every now and then we see one trying to get in them through all the snow and possibly they do - never have seen them actually do it though. 

I previewed this post and it looked okay but I know from past experience that it never looks like you think after it is published so what you see is what you get this time till I get MY computer fixed.

Not a fun post today but I have had a couple of frustrating days! I need something and I don't know what!

I'm watching the Packers vs AZ and what a game.....GO PACK!
Have a great one,