Saturday, February 20, 2010

A ‘Just Because’ Gift and Soup Supper

A couple days ago there was a package stuffed in my mailbox and I knew I didn’t order anything so I was very anxious to open it so in the house I hurried and inside were some wonderful gifts from a very sweet blog friend and she said she did it just because…ISN’T THAT SWEET?

Thank you Dale Elizabeth of A COUNTRY SHOP BLOG 
Here’s what she sent me!
Just look at the detail on the Candle Paddle – it’s a rusty tin candle holder tacked onto the wood…I love it!
So in the package was the Candle Paddle, Battery Candle, Wooden Egg with a Star painted on it and an adorable Pip Berry Candle Ring…that is supposed to go on the Candle Paddle but I didn’t want to cover up the detail…and the colors in the ring match the star!

oldglory1   oldglory1   oldglory1   oldglory1

We woke up this morning to more of that good ole white stuff – got about 2 inches and it’s supposed to snow again tonight.
Doug had a run to Indiana today so it was kind of a free day for me so I did some grocery shopping and then back home to make some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup – a good day for it too I might say…because it snowed off and on all day…felt like a snuggly day.
So the soup was our dinner this evening and oh did it hit the spot.

Yesterday we invited Darren, MaryAnn and Aidan to lunch in Lake Geneva at this darling restaurant called Egg Harbor. We figured with Darren still off work (yep…still no use of the right arm!) we would do this now and then with him off and little Aidan was such a sweetie – I don’t think I’ve seen such a good baby in ages…not a peep out of him the whole time and he sat and ate his lunch – by himself- quietly…but those little eyes never missed a girl! Whenever a waitress or a girl customer came by he watched her the whole way and then would grin! We all had to chuckle over that. I guess even at a year and a half he has an eye for a pretty girl! LOL

I will put the 2nd part of my Pottery and Crocks on a bit later. I need to go unpack some of the pieces that are in the basement and some are high up in my cabinets – so be patient!

oldglory1   oldglory1   oldglory1   oldglory1

I put a few NEW items on my website today
One of these days I hope to get
a couple new designs on as well

And…until March 20th
ON SALE FOR $7.00 reg. $10.00.



  1. Hi Karen:
    So sorry you're having email problems. I sent your email back to you.. don't know what this is supposed to do... but hope it works anyway.

    Sorry Darrin's arm is still bad..I'm praying for his health to return to normalcy. No fun with a "bum arm"... I've experienced that..

  2. Karen~ That was such a nice to surprise to get a gift from one of your followers. I am sure you are all so tired of snow. This winter has been very snowy everywhere. Spring will be here soon! I hope you have a great weekend! ~Dan~

  3. Karen,
    What a wonderful just because gift!!

    They are calling for a mix of everything here tomorrow. I'm tired of all this snow, but I really don't want to get freezing rain.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. How sweet of Dale! Don't you just love this community of bloggers, it's so wonderful! I love the detail on that candle paddle too Karen, you don't see too many made like that! Thanks for sharing Dale's blog. I'm going there now to follow!

    Homemade chicken noodle soup and grilled sandwiches... one of my favorite chilly day dinners!

  5. I am so glad that I read your post this morning, as it reminded me about Dale's shop here in NH. It has been sometime since I was there, but I do remember her having lovely things and I plan on taking a trip over there. Your soup and sandwich dinner is a favorite of our family too and really hits the spot on our cold New England days.

  6. Just because gifts are the best! we actually got snow last week & that's something for Ala LOL that soup looks sooo good, I just knew if I kept scrolling there'd be a recipe LOL LOL


  7. What a nice surprise to receive! I am sorry to here Darren still has no use of his right arm, but I am glad you are able to spend a little more time with him and his family. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  8. Hi Karen........that soup looks so good! I may have to make some myself. We have souper suppers a lot of Sunday nights.
    Love that little candle holder too.

  9. Isn't it fun to get surprises in the mail? Sometimes one of my friends just sends me a little scrap of fabric she thought I might like and it makes the sun shine on a gloomy day..I am now going to be a follower on your blog and will put a link to yous on mine. Take a visit to check out my blog when you can..I am having a sale right now to help pay the vet fees for my sweet little pup that we just found out has heart worm.
    I will be listing more items every night as long as I can sit in front of my computer.
    go to to read about Maggie :)

  10. What a very nice "just because" gift! I just love those candle paddles & that one is really cool with the rusty tin candle holder! Sorry to hear that you got more of that white stuff! I will send some of our warmer temps your way!
    Have a great day!

  11. What a wonderful surprise. You deserve it to. You always have something positive to say and do. They are great items.

  12. Karen ~
    What a great "just because" gift ~ love the candle paddle.
    Hope Darren gains the use of his arm soon ~ will say a little prayer for him.
    Pug hugs :)

  13. Hi Karen. I just love your candle paddle, we bought one with a battery candle when we visited Ohio last year. What a nice gesture, a "just because" gift. So nice for someone to brighten a snowy day and such sweet things! Hope your snow stops, it seems that winters are just getting too long! Have a wonderful day.

  14. What a sweet surprise. Love the paddle. The soup looks delicious!


  15. Your soup really looks good! I just checked
    out all the pottery pictures, love them!..I
    have a lot of crocks, some are blue/gray...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  16. What a wonderful surprise and how prim perfect! Your dinner looks soooo yummy, one of my favorites.

    Hugs, Libby

  17. karen everything is just beautiful i just brought one of the candlepaddles at a prim store near me the only one the had mine is white do you know where i can buy more or just find the rusty candle holder part ecause i could make them ? it would be easy for me to do right now ? kathy

  18. Hi Karen, I love the wonderful gift you got from your friend. I think that is the best gift, you you don't know you are getting anything and then you go to the mailbox and you find that someone is thinking of you,. how sweet.
    I also love to make homemade chicken soup when it is cold and snowy out or when the kids are sick!!!!!!
    Have a great weekend.



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