Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Secret Color….Can you guess?

Well I guess it’s a color but it’s also a metal…I’ll call it Silver/Gray
It’s a mix of things but I so enjoyed going around my home collecting shots of these and wow, one doesn’t realize how much Silver/gray one has!
Go check out your home sometime.

I do think it’s more prevalent in Primitive/Colonial/Country homes.
As I said in my previous post I will be away from my computer from Wednesday night through Saturday night so I wanted to get this post
on here before I left because hopefully when I return I will have
some new goodies to take pictures of to show you…let’s hope anyway,
I want the trip to be fruitful!!!!

So here goes…there are a lot of pictures

Bread Riser 

Candle Lamps 

Candle mold 

Candle on piesafe 

Candle Sconce 


coffee set

Cookie Cutters

Cream whipper

Dough Riser

Ink Well Pewter

Ink Well small

Jar lid large


Lamp shade



Mirror Stand

Oil Lamp

Paul Revere Lantern


Plate and Candle Box

Round jar lid


Storage Box

tin candle


So what do you think…does it qualify as a color????
I hope so cuz it took me a looooong time to get these pictures and size them.
I still have some other photos of a different color that will come way later. I’m kind of done taking and posting COLOR pictures for a bit.


This picture is hard to see because as usual I’m in the blurry mode there – seems when I need to take quick shots, not staged shots, they are blurry but I think we nailed Emily’s gift! These are the Capri’s she has been looking at and she was delighted. She loved everything we bought her but this pair was in her heart….we didn’t even know she had wanted them so it was a nice treat for us too that we succeeded!Emily capris

Emily’s little cousin ‘Charley’ picked her own outfit to wear to the party…she wanted to be a secret fairy and this is what she picked…and so we all had to play along with ‘not knowing who she was at first’….lol


Had a special order for a small Penny Rug mat in my traditional pineapple and I love the size – it’s a 10 x 22….great for small spaces.
Pineapple for blog


From now through the end of April
On Sale
Reg. $10….Now $7.00

Comes in Black, Bronze or Ivory

Thanks for visiting me today! I love my blogging friends and
thank you to all my new followers!



  1. Karen, I love all your silver! Great pictures. The little Penny Mat is too cute! I love that small size! And Emily looks tickled to death to get those capris...I know the feeling!!

  2. Karen,
    Emily & Charley are so adorable. Loved your "silver/gray photos & your penny rug is awesome. Safe travels.

  3. Karen your pictures are wonderful. You have such great pieces. I could look at your wares all day.
    The Penny Rug Mat is perfect. Pineapples seem to be very popular. You did a fantastic job once again.
    Enjoy your week,

  4. Beautiful silver/gray photos! Such a clean, soothing color!

    Your granddaughter's expression was wonderful!

  5. Oh yes, silver/gray is a color! Just fantastic! I think my next "color" will be black??? Don't you just love it when you give your grandchildren gifts that they are crazy about? Good choice! Looking forward to meeting you this weekend, Dawn

  6. I personally love the color silver/gray! I too have quite a bit of it. I really like your candle holders of course. LOL.

    Have fun in Columbus!!!! Wave when you get into Ohio and I'll wave back. LOL


  7. Loved your post, Karen!
    I love pewter and iron and tin...so I love silver/grey too! Your pieces are wonderful!
    What cuties those two are...Looks like ya picked out the perfect gift!
    Safe travels, have a blast!
    Oh, and I LOVE your pineapple penny rug! I love the mat ya made for me!

  8. Love all your pictures. I think the dish set is my favorite :)Emily's cousin is too cute :) So glad she liked her gifts.

    Have a great day!

  9. Charley made me smile and so glad she loved what you bought.
    Love the silver/grey photos so many great prims!
    Have a great time and I can't wait to see what you bring back!


  10. Karen~ I love all of your silver/gray items. They look wonderful! I am glad that Emily liked all of her gifts. It is looking like she is having a great time! I hope you have a great and safe trip! ~Dan~

  11. oh yes! I love love love tin!!

    the penny runner is a great size and the picture of the little fairy is too cute!


  12. Love all of the silver items Karen. Now I have to line up all of mine and have them pose for their close-ups!

  13. Love all your items. Great pictures!

  14. Hi Karen...I love your photos of the silver/gray. We have much of that color in our house. I love "tin". I have alot of "tin" pieces. Your things are beautiful.


  15. Karen,
    Great silver items!!

    Looks like your granddaugther had a wonderful birthday. And the secret fairy is just adorable!!

    Have a wonderful and safe trip here to Ohio. Wish I could come that way to meet up with you guys, but family from Tenn. will be here...maybe next trip.
    Can't wait to see what goodies you find.

  16. Karen ~
    The look on Emily's face was heartwarming. And the secret fairy is just too cute!
    Thanks for sharing all your pictures.
    Have a safe trip.
    Pug hugs :)

  17. hi karen....loved your post today....your little secret fairy stole my heart....don't you just love having grandkids....never a dull moment...i am trying to catch up with everyone tonight...lots of reading to do...see ya later

  18. loved the silver/grey!!!! your granddaughter is adorable!!!

  19. Thanks for sharing all the great photos. Love this piece on silver/grey!


  20. Oh Karen ... you got it going on, Great collection of Iron, Pewter & Tin and your right we all have lots of that stuff to fit in with "our style". Love the pics of Emily & Charley so Sweet !! Safe Travel & EnYoy your Trip.
    Happy Saint Particks Day !!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  21. You have some lovely silver items in your home, but the prettiest thing in this post is definitely your granddaughter's smile. I am glad she had such a happy birthday. Blessings.

  22. Ah, I love all the silver/gray in your home! I want some of them candle molds, they are so neat. Your table place setting is so Early American and reminds me of a museum!

    Love the look on Emily's face, too cute! Don't you just love how excited they get when you buy them just the "right" thing.

    I didn't get a chance to wish you well on your trip, but I'm hoping you have a fruitful time!

  23. Karen, I love the pewter, I can see what you love. Great pictures. I always enjoy seeing your blog!!!!

    Emily looks so happy that just makes the world a better place when you see a smile like that her their face!!!!!!

    Hugs, Tricia


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