Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wanna see what I bought at the wholesale markets?

What a busy 3 days in Columbus!

On our journey to buying, we came across the Warm Glow Candle Outlet in Centerville, Indiana…I’ve seen it before but seeing this huge candle is always so cool. I’ve never seen it at night so I’m wondering if the flame lights up and flickers…anyone know? Glow Candle Co
Going through Illinois there is an area of the Wind Turbines – it’s like they are growing out there….and it’s for miles and miles in both directions. They run in and East/West corridor. I think it’s
a rather spooky look myself – rather sci-fi and with the bit
of rain it was even more so.
Wind Turbines

v v v v v v v v v v v

We arrived in Columbus there around 3 on Thursday in time to
go to the Columbus Market…Hmmmm….not so good, well the products were good – but we didn’t buy anything there.
Beautiful handmade products but the prices were high.
Well deserved prices though…just more than we
could justify for resale. And there were only about 14 vendors
there so we were in and out in 1/2 hours or so.

We had quite a bit of the afternoon and evening left so
we went to CWI and bought a few goodies.

Friday we got to the Heritage show early to stand in line to get in and it was a wonderful show of all American Hand Made products.
We bought a few items there and also saw a few girls we
had been hoping to meet from the blogs.

Dawn from and her husband found us while in line, I must say Dawn is soooo sweet.
We ran into them off and on during the time we were there.
We had hoped to meet up with them at North Shore Primitives
in the afternoon but that didn’t happen

We also met Vicki from the APP forum and Jan whom I met on the internet. It was a fun day all around.

Then we left to head to North Shore Primitives where we met LISA from
North Shore Primitives  Karen and Lisa 1
She had her mother Sandy with her and I give them so much credit for hanging around as long as they did till we got there. It was further away from where we were than we realized! Wish we would have had more time to spend with them….what wonderful people!!!
I’m so happy I had the chance to finally meet Lisa, Dawn, Jan and Vicki!

Saturday again up early to get downtown to the Offinger’s show
where we bought more things here than we thought we would
so it was a good shopping day.

v v v v v v v v v v v

Well, enough of the chatter…on to what we bought. Now mind you it’s
not put out on display and some of it isn’t even unpacked but I wanted
to get some pictures of what we bought before it got put away.
Some will be sold, some is ours.
YellowWare Eggs  Blue small bowl
From Ragon House I bought 2 sets of these Yellow Ware eggs
so I’ll have 12 to put out in this Robins Egg Blue bowl.

This birdhouse is Doug’s….he wanted it for the garden

I wanted more of these oranges but this is all they had…
I just love the aroma.

Gray Large Bowl  Large Bowl
I got 3 of these large 18 inch bowls and 2 medium ones from Doug Musser…we have a few of his cabinets in our home and the workmanship is wonderful.

Some tapers….always need these

Not very interesting but poly packaging bags for my products

Bulbs and Fabric
And some much needed silicone bulbs (these flicker)

Candles and Notes
More battery candles and my favorite note pads that I use for
my mailing labels….they have the penny tabs and work perfect
on the mailing bags.

Also from Doug Musser they had these large bags of Pods and Pine Cones and some other kind of outdoorsy thing like a vine….They were displayed in a large bowl and caught my eye…so had to had them!
I’ll show a picture later after I decide where they are going.

Wool Fabric
Now this was my bargain buy. When I was buying the candles at The Hidden Den space I saw these Wool fabric scraps in a bin….she had $1.00 per each piece but when I checked out it was .50 cent a piece!
I purchase 14 pieces for very little and got my favorite colors. I took several photos and none of the colors show up like they really are….
I got a deep gold and 3 that are different greenish golds and some browns. I thought they’d make a gorgeous Penny Rug but this picture sure doesn’t show the colors.

We took a drive over to the ESC Trading Company’s warehouse
sale and thought we did quite well for what we spent.
Everything for this sale was $2.00 a foot!!!
They gave you a yard stick and away you went.
Fabric Snowman
Foil Santas  Foil Santas backs
Santa  Snowman
I had the small foil covered Santa’s during Christmas for my home show
and sold them all and they had some more plus different ones at the
sale so we ended up with one of each size.
All our little guys cost us $2 each!

Book Clips
I bought some of these book clips too…they aren’t like the first one
I bought but they actually hold the thicker book pages like a recipe
book a lot easier.

We bought 2 different size flags to make some things with. I actually got a bargain on the ones wrapped in plastic…they were $1.05 each but you could buy 12 of them all bundled up so you didn’t have to count them. Well I didn’t realize it until we got home and I checked my receipts…I was charged only $1.05 as a single flag!!! Guess that was my bargain for the day ya think?

Package of 6 ticking towels that I’m going to
make something with.

Well there you have it! Nothing too tremendous on its own but hopefully when I get some things made up with what I bought and get some of it displayed it might look like something. I’m wishing I had a place to put the bowls upside down stacking against each other.
Gotta find a place first.

Thanks for visiting me today – come back again.


  1. OH KAREN:


  2. What a great trip - love all your goodies!!! I would love to go to a market!

  3. I want one of the book clips too Karen!

    Love the robin blue bowl and the yelloware eggs are going to look fabulous in it, be sure to show a picture when you get to fixen it up!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.....thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like you hit some great bargains.Sounds like you had a good time also.Can't wait to see all your finds on display.

  6. Looks like an enjoyable trip! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Oh the yellow ware eggs...I love the,...will you be selling the other set????? Dianntha

  8. I mean...selling them (the eggs) Dianntha

  9. I love everything Karen. If you ever run across more of those oranges, please please please let me know. I have been looking all over for them. I can't wait to see what you do with the ticking towels. Please post when you come up with an idea for them.
    Enjoy your day,

  10. karen: went to North Shore Primitives last weekend for the first time I'm about 1 1/2 away loved the shop but didnt buy anything. When you said you were going to Columbus I didnt realize as in I thought NSP would have those book clips..Thats why I went and to

  11. what a wonderful trip~love all the goodies~how nice to be able to meet up with some fellow bloggers!

  12. It sounds like you had a great time! I love everything you bought!!

  13. Looks like you got a lot of neat things to work with. You will make them all prim perfect!! So glad you and Doug were able to get away even though it was work. Great that you got to meet lisa and her Mom...she was excited about meeting you. I think it is great that we are able to meet our blogging friends...looking forward to meeting several this year. Take care and have fun with your new goodies!
    Hugs, Sherrie

  14. Love, love, love all your purchases!! And what bargains you found!!

    The yellow ware eggs are just beautiful! A friend of mine has some in a bowl very much like yours.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us.


  15. Karen, You did a great job. I love everything you got!!!!!I love the bookmark, how much are those are they for sell!!! I can't find them down this way!!!!!

    It looks like you had a ball.


  16. It looks as though you had a bargain-filled trip. Glad you got to meet bloggin' friends, too. From the sound of it, you've got a ton of ideas floating in your head. Be sure to post pictures of finished projects.

  17. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I was surprised to see you mention the Hidden's about 5 miles from my house and is the shop I go to sometimes when I just need some inspiration!! LOL

  18. Hi Karen
    You sure did pick up a lot of neat stuff on your trip!!! Was really great that you got to meet some of your net friends, that's always fun!!


  19. Karen ~
    Looks like you had a whirlwind trip and found quite a few treasures. I, too, did not realize it was Columbus, Ohio, where you were coming. I do hope all the buckeyes were nice to you ;-)
    Pug hugs :)

  20. You got some great things. I like them all but I really like the yellowware eggs. I have some bowls they would look great in. Can I watch your website for them?

    Have a great week.


  21. Karen,

    You just drove by my house in Centerville, I live about 2 miles from there and no it doesn't light up at night. It would be something if it did though. Love all the goodies looks like you had a great time on your trip.


  22. Karen,

    It was absolutely WONDERFUL having the opportunity to meet you. I enjoyed our chat even if it was for a few short minutes. I hope you enjoyed your walk through NS Primitives. Isn't it a great place?!?

    Anyway... it looks like you left Ohio with plenty of goodies. I especially LOVE those bowls. I hope that you enjoyed your visit here in Ohio and hopefully on your next trip...we can have lunch and chat a while longer.


  23. Wow! You got some great deals. We order from some of those companies for the shop that I work for. And those Warm Glow Candles are really good too!

  24. Wow, lots of goodies there. Enjoyed reading all about it. :)

  25. Sounds like a fun weekend - a road trip with hubby, meeting prim friends and prim shopping. What's not to like??!!

  26. Hi Karen......I am so sorry that I didn't get to meet up with you and Lisa at North Shore. My plans were changed and I was headed to Cleveland instead. Be sure and let us know the next time you will be coming to Ohio and we will see how many we can get together for a visit.
    Love all of the things you bought.

  27. Karen~

    It looks like you had a great time and got a lot of wonderful things. I am glad you had a safe trip!


  28. Looks like you had such a great time shopping and meeting everyone!!!

  29. what a good deal on the wool. they'll make some beautiful penny rugs.

  30. Wow looks like you had a wonderful time shopping! What an awesome deal on the wool & the flags=) I have seen those wind turbins before & it is really weird seeing all of them right there said it is kind of like a sci-fi movie. Glad to hear you had such a good time & got to meet up with some fellow bloggers!

  31. Thank you to everyone who commented on my post - I never expected this many viewers! What a great group of friend out there...I love sharing with all of you.

  32. Hi Karen,

    Look at all those goodes, wow!! I too, love the wind mills, arent they impressive? They are SO big!

    Thanks for commenting me about a cutter quilt. Im having the hardest time finding one. ive been to 2 auctions in hopes of coming across one and nothing. The antique stores DO have them but I wonder on the age and with the price...forget it. I could never justify paying THAT much for a quilt that Im a just going to cut up to the hubby, hed kill me!!

  33. Hi Karen!
    Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I just love all your goodies! The yelloware eggs in the blue bowl will be just perfect for Spring! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  34. ok karen i want it all i am not hard to please it looked like a wonderful trip

  35. Karen -- wow, I love your finds! Those yellow ware eggs are adorable. And the treen bowls -- gorgeous! You are a good hunter!

  36. Karen,
    Sounds like a very busy trip but oh so fun ~ how great to meet up with Lisa and Dawn. Love everything you bought & I want one of everything, lol.

  37. Good morning Karen...what wonderful things you purchase...the yellow ware eggs are fantastic and I just love the oranges!!!

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip!

    Hugs, Doreen

  38. That sounds like a terrific trip. You got some beautiful things, and at such bargain prices too. I can't wait to see how those yellow ware eggs look in the blue basket. I'll bet it is spectacular. Blessings.

  39. You got some great stuff. I have been to the actual Hidden Den Store here in Ohio and it's fabulous!!!!!


  40. Oh Wow Karen! We came through that exact same spot in IL with the wind turbines this week too! We left IL Wednesday morning and drove down to MO, then on home to OK. I wonder if we could have met on the road somewhere! Lol!! But I thought the same thing because it was raining, kinda eerie out there!

    How delightful that you were able to meet up with some sweet blogging friends, that is so special!

    I was feeling sad for you not being able to get anything at that first show, but guess you made out like a bandit after all! Hehe!

    Oh, those yelloware eggs are going to be gorgeous in the robin egg blue bowl! Everything you bought is wonderful! I can't believe you got those wool scraps for 50 cents!! The colors you picked out are beautiful!

    What a delightful trip. I'm so glad you had a good time and ended up with lots of great things! Thank you for sharing your trip!

  41. Hi Karen!
    You found some great things. I can't believe the bargains. That must have been fun.
    How wonderful to meet your blogging friends. What a thrill.

    Blessings, Dale

  42. OMGosh Karen!!!
    You got soooo many wonderful goodies!!
    My mouth is watering just looking at the pict's!!
    All I can say is....
    I love everything you bought.
    And how fabulous you got to meet some of your online buddies. That must have been so much fun!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.
    Have a wonderful week sweetheart,

  43. You scored some wonderful eye candy! I'll take one of everything, please! lol. I love those oranges..... We are getting a lot of the wind turbines popping up all over here in Wyoming, too....seeing your pic of them it reminds me of that Stephen King movie "The Langoliers". lol. Thanks for sharing! :0)

    Prim Hugs,

  44. Oh Karen! Sounds like lots of fun and wonderful treasures too! Love the new bowls!

  45. Hi Karen,

    You got some great things! We bought a few items from Doug...all I can say is WOW!!! His stuff is amazing! Saw those pod things too, and kick myself now for not getting some.
    I think I may have seen you from a distance. We were near Doug's booth carrying some of the furniture out to be loaded in the van, and you were walking away from his booth...yellow jacket?:-)
    Sounds like you had a great trip! I know we had a wonderful time.

    Prim Blessings,


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