Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pretty Flowers – Sneak Peek – Clean Up


So how is your weekend so far (by the time I’m finished composing this the weekend will be all over – I’ve stopped I’ll bet 10 times so far to do other things)…it has been a busy one here, and gorgeous – I went to the greenhouse yesterday for some annuals…I think (no…there’s no thinking now…I already bought them) I’m going to plant my own pots this year and save the labor costs so pray real hard for me because
I don’t always have good luck.

I just tried to take pictures of them but guess what…when I got back inside I saw the screen on the camera and it said…no card available…  It’s in my computer! I forgot to remove it!
So now you have to wait to see what I bought. I don’t even know the names of them either so that will be another post.
But then I realized there are name spikes in each plant and I have the internet so there ya go…easy peasy to find pictures.

So the following 3 flowers will be in one pot

Bluebird Nemesia

Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Nemesia Angelart Pear

I would have had them all planted but the containers are in the garage rafters and this ole body doesn’t climb ladders these days – not if I want to come down the same way I went up!

Then today I went out to my most favorite of all places to shop -  Northwind Perennial Farm for some Perennials.

I bought some Woodland Poppies, also known as Celadine Poppy…Oh My Gosh they are delightful! Such a beautiful gold and they look so much like a regular ‘red’ Poppy shape.

Celadine woodland Poppy

I bought 4 of them and really don’t know where they are going but need shade plants and also ones that aren’t going to be killed by the Black Walnut Tree that gives off a poison in the ground and kills lots of plants. And the side of our garage doesn’t like to grow grass because of all the trees and my husband kept his boat there for years…you know the story…nothing but dirt! So maybe I will do something there.

Our mulch is being delivered on Tuesday so wherever these plants are going to end up they had better get there by Tuesday because I’m not disturbing the mulch once it’s down. We’re getting Chocolate Brown mulch this year…it’s rather new in our area…we’ve seen it in Lancaster, PA at our cousins but this is the first year we’ve been able to get it.

And some Campanula Port Resholt – we have this growing in our rocks in the front of the house and want some in the back too….I bought 2 plants of these.
And they will go with pink Geranium Incanum
which I couldn’t find today
CAMPANULA_port_Resholt_VarietyGeranium Incanum 

And one plant of Veronica Waterperry which I have a couple of these already but the flower is gorgeous and tiny and loves shade and resists Black Walnut Trees.


Ready for Sneak Peeks????

I have also been a crafting fool yesterday and today as well – trying to get my wholesale merchandise made and I’m going to tease you some more again…and who knows, some of it might find its way into the Mystery Give A-way…hmmmmm…not sure but you can hope! lol

Just some little glimps’s of what I was doing today

I Finished 3 projects

really close up towel
 Picture close up 
Towel really close up

Oh, I forgot…I have some flags that had like a blueish
cast to the white part so I took my grunging mixture and doctored them up today and I love them….they look
so much like a Civil War Flag…they still have a bluish look
but I love them now all fixed up
CW Flags


Okay…now after doing these projects I had more mess on me than anywhere else…wish you could have seen my white top….more brown on it than white and you all know how coffee stains if you don’t get to it right away – well never fear everyone….a very long time ago I found a product that was meant for messy clean ups basically in the kitchen I think
but I don’t use it that way because of all the bleach in it…why anyone would spritz this near anything that would be effected by bleach is beyond me – but it is a Super Duper stain
remover on white clothes. I use this instead of spot remover and ALL the brown spots are gone.

I’ve had articles of clothing that have had a small spot here and there that just never came out no matter what I did until I found this. (Again…only on white clothes!) Just give the item a spritz, toss in the washer as normal and Walla – spots gone.
So if you have never tried it…Get It! You’ll love it.
Clorox Touch Up

So did I bore you with flowers today. Sorry….but I was
just so happy to find something that would
survive living by Black Walnut Trees!!!!

And again….don’t forget to sign up for my Mystery Give A-Way on Mother’s Day…go check it out here:
I keep getting better and better ideas of what to include so you will really be getting a great Give A-way!

Well it has been a very long day of crafting, groceries, misc. shopping, enjoying friends, eating dinner and then taking a long walk so I’m very ready to head in the house (I’m in the screen room) and it’s really getting dark….so I bid you all good night!

Hugs, Karen

I had my post all done and even had some comments so I had to come back on and add this…I totally forgot that I had a surprise on Friday…my husband went shopping by himself and came back home with a new set of Golf Clubs for ME!!!! yeahhhh
I have the new bag I bought  a few weeks ago, so now I’ll have to find a home for it because this set came with a bag.
Golf Clubs 1


  1. Hi Karen.. I really enjoyed seeing which flowers you picked.. we don't have walnut trees up here in New Brunswick.. They will look lovely.. My 5 grandsons would love your flags... they are so interested in the civil war even though they are Canadian.. they have a clubhouse at the cottage decorated in the American Civil
    I am looking forward to winning your ...
    Blessings/Faye / Primitive Lace
    /The Blessed Hearth

  2. Hi Karen!
    I am so enjoying your blog! After viewing all the floral pics, I sat back and dreamt of you taking over my backyard!! Honestly, the flowers you chose are so lovely. ~.~

  3. Karen, your flowers are going to look wonderful! It is nice to know that someone out there is planting something! Yep, snow again off and on here today... I love flowers! I can't wait to see what you are making, it does look great what ever it is! I like the looks of the flags in your jar of fixins. That is a great idea! Thanks for the clorox clean-up tip too!
    Hugs, Jayne

  4. Now what is it? I thought for sure it would be dish towels with a prim striped border... oh well, I don't know everything, do I ?
    Your posts are so interesting.. and I love them.
    I'm still at a standstill with my blog background. But help is on the way..
    I learned something.. I didn't know that black walnut trees would poisen the ground.. Learn something new every day....

  5. Your flowers have me itching to get mine going--but I don't dare plant pots until after Mother's Day here because we still can get frost!!

  6. Wow, Karen! You have been a busy girl! Love your new flowers and I'm sure they will be beautiful wherever you put them. Can't wait to see what you are up to with the flags. Hmmm? Well, you just gotta love a guy that buys golf clubs for you. I hope they help you lower your handicap. If they do, I'll be wanting to know what they are! Have a great rest of the weekend.

  7. Sounds like you had a fun and busy day. Can't wait to start shopping for annuals, but I think it's still too early to plant here. Hope the rest of the weekend is great, Dawn

  8. I like your flower pictures very pretty. I have to admit I really love your flags. I am looking forward to decorating when I move. I may have to try to do some flags!


  9. Hi Karen,
    I didn't know about the walnut trees either:)
    We went flower shopping too today, bought some different flowers that I've never had before, not to many impatints because the deer eat them!

    Love the flags and can't wait to see what you are working on:)


  10. Karen,
    Your flowers are all so pretty. Another great shade perennial is bleeding heart, we have quite a bit of shade, too. Can't wait to see your finished products instead of just a little tease.
    Enjoy your Sunday. I just got back from a long day of out of town shopping and i'm pooped.

  11. Lovely flowers Karen, I love the brown mulch too, it always looks so wonderful when it's new. Those flags really do look old..can't wait to see what you are making..

  12. Hi Karen!....looks like you got some really pretty flowers!....I am not a gardener at all but have had husband planting a few things for me and we are trying black mulch this year!....guess I'll have to go outside to take some pics sometime.

    As for getting stains out of white things, that spray you use must have the same effect as the Chlorox Bleach Pen that I's like a marker that you rub on the clothing and the blue gel stuff that comes out is bleach and yep it sure does the trick!

    Congrats on the golf clubs....looks like an early Mother's Day gift perhaps!....have fun!


  13. Hi Karen!
    Love your idea with the flags and the potpourri, I may have to borrow it!
    You are now an official golfing turning back! LOL
    Sounds like a fun weekend you had. Good for you!

  14. Karen, you sure did pick out some gorgeous flowers. I always buy flowers that I like and I'll figure out later where I'll plant them. We used to have a walnut tree that was right beside our driveway. Boy, what a messy tree they are all year long. What a mess when those green walnuts fall and you run over them with the car. My father in law cut the tree down many years ago. I don't miss it at all.


  15. Hi Karen..
    Love all your flowers...We have walnut trees also and they are really a dirty tree...I can't plant anything near them either...the plants all die within a year...
    Looking forward to see what your making...I know it will be amazing...
    Have a great Sunday...
    Prim hugs,

  16. Karen, I love the flowers you have, they are breath taking just like you beautiful home!!! I am going to get some more flowers this week , I do all perennials, I have 3 big garden and I love them and we get the humming birds every year, we put out the sugar water in their feeder and they love it!!
    This was a uplifting post!!

  17. Hi, I love the flowers! I am anxious to get planting, but waiting for the new deck out back, trees removed out front! I do not want to plant and then have them all trampled upon.

    I LOVE those flags! They are great.

    I hear you about old bones, some days I can barely make it to up and down the stairs to the second floor of my home. Even at times I sit and go down that way. It makes it hard when you are trying to paint a room or doing something and realize you forgot to bring up something and have to go back down!


  18. I love flowers! If there is a spot of dirt in my rock garden I must find a plant for it. Enjoyed your post! Happy planting! I priced hanging baskets for the gazebo and boy was I shocked $27.00 each. I would have liked 6.

  19. I am getting all my flowers this weekend and I am so excited. I can't wait to get my porch all decorated and fresh mulch down in my flower beds.
    Your flags are just perfect. I wish I could create like you Karen. Have a ball with your new clubs. They say golf is very relaxing. Maybe I should take it up!
    Enjoy your day,

  20. You write the BEST posts! Your flowers are an inspiration...I need to get some, quick! Congrats on the new Golf Clubs...hit 'em long and straight!" Can't wait for the 'em so far!
    Have a great week and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

  21. Hi Karen...your flowers are beautiful that you picked out!! Don't flowers make us all smile??!! They sure do me!!

    I love how you aged the flags they do look great!!


  22. Oh my Karen, your flower picks are gorgeous! Your yard is going to be beautiful when you have it all planted! I can't wait to see it!

    Crazy sneak peeks can drive a person crazy, you know it?! Lol!

    I love your flags! They do resemble a civil war flag. Very neat.

    Congrats on your new clubs! You are going to be styling out there on the golf course, girl!


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