Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some new items and a thought!

Just a quick note to let you all know I put three new items on my website today

George Washington Cupboard Print
Abe Lincoln Cupboard Print
Twas The Night Before Christmas Cupboard Print

They’re selling for $14.00 each and are 8x10 mounted on canvas boards aged and distressed for the Primitive/Colonial feel.
They will not have my name plastered on the front either!

Washington Print small 

I ruined my sample so don’t have one done to show…
but this is the picture I use

Santa Claus Print small 

Now this is just off the top of my head as I post comments on others blogs….you know when the box comes up with the verification word in it…..I catch myself trying to make a word out of it….SILLY I KNOW…is it just me! lol



  1. These came out beautiful! They are the most handsome pictures of both fellas. Twas the night is gorgeous! Love them Karen!

  2. Hey Karen!
    These are really cool! Great idea!!! You are so talented!

  3. I totally try and make words out of the "captchas".
    Love your new items! I'm gonna have to see if I have a place for one!

  4. You are the most talented person. Is there anything you can't do. I love those prints.

    I never thought about trying to make a word out of that "silly" word. I do different things in my head with numbers all of the time since I work with numbers every day.

    You have a very entertaining blog and I do enjoy reading it.


  5. Oooh Karen, I just love these!
    The Christmas one is my favorite, I may have to get one:)

  6. Hi Karen,
    Love favorite is the old fashion santa.

    Yes, I also check to see if the verification letters make up a word or's not just you!!

  7. Karen those turned out wonderfully ! Love them !

  8. Karen, check her out....I love her patterns and she has that gripper frame. I would love to try one.

    Oh I hate those words....sometimes it takes me two or more times to type it correctly! LOL!

  9. OH MY Karen, Can I please come over, you are so talented. I will bring a BIG bag and I will fill it up with ANYTHING you don't want. I love the Christmas Old Fashion Santa!!!!!!
    Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year!
    Have a great week and say Hi to Doug, I hope that he is home safe. I did read in one of your GREAT posts he had to go somewhere for work, I think?????Can you believe I am at a blank!

    Love and Big Hugs,

  10. Karen~

    I love your new items! They are great!

    I do the exact same thing with the verification word. I try to read it as I type it! I can't help myself.

    I hope you have a great week!


  11. I got my goodies when I got home from Iowa and love all of led to changing the color scheme in my kitchen hutch, a picture arrangement in the entry and adding a hook for the square towel. I love your blog!
    redesigngal Joy

  12. Very nice Karen! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  13. Beautiful prints, very prim!

    Yes, I do the same thing too. I can usually make up something that makes me laugh out loud. Good thing I'm the only one around. Hehe!

  14. Good morning Karen..I absolutely LOVE the cupboard prints....they are wonderful!

    I do the same thing with the word verifications!!!!

    Wishing you a fantastic day
    Hugs, Doreen


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