Friday, July 2, 2010

Did it change the look of the bedroom!

Did it change it at all?
I’ve had my Tobacco Cloth panels for some time now and was waiting until I got my bedroom repapered….well, the
old paper isn’t off yet so it became a thorn in me waiting
for the panels to go up….I like the look but I think I
do need to get the old paper off and some new darker up… (just a bit darker though).

What prompted me today was ‘boredom’ and needing to
wash my curtains so I started taking off the valances and
I liked what I saw. It seems that over the years my brain said ‘you need valances’ so they went up – I liked having them off so that got me thinking – I’ll put up the panels and see
how I like them as long as the windows were going to be
bare anyway….and walla….new curtains and I also put
on my woven bedspread I bought last year at
Family Heirloom Weavers – it didn’t sell so now it’s mine….I have the plaid one just like it so I can change off if I want to.

This is the original look:
Bedroom old 2010

Here it is just now after taking down the
valances – brightened it up somewhat didn’t it:
Bedroom 2010

Now here it is with the panels up and bedspread on
I know it darkened it again but not real bad:
 Bedroom 1 new curtains
Bedroom 3 new curtains

Yesterday Darren and MaryAnn stopped over after Darren’s MRI…yes, he’s having even more difficulty – not only does he have limited use of the right arm but the left is getting numb again plus he’s having tremors and forgetting things or not relating to things and his balance is off a bit…PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM…he really needs Gods help right now!

Oh, and as things go like they do…his job was terminated because of his problem and can’t do any of the jobs – but they did say even though they had to file the ‘routine’ paper work…his job will be reviewed after everything is settled….

I’m angry over the whole situation with that horrible Dr. and I pray he gets his lawsuit going quickly before the insurance company drops the Dr. fast.
Sorry – I get all worked up about that!

And while they were here Dan and Jamie stopped by, they’re both on vacation and were heading out to the lake with their boat  so wanted to say hi to all of us.
All 5

Dans boat


Aidan tumbling

Can’t think of anything else right now….guess I’ve
been really bored to post three in a week!

Doug will be home tomorrow afternoon but we don’t
have any holiday plans and that’s just fine – hope you all have a SAFE AND HAPPY 4th

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  1. Hi, Karen ~
    I love the look of your bedroom now. Love those tobacco cloth panels and your coverlet. I have the same woven one but mine is in blue. I haven't used it yet as I'm waiting to paint our bedroom. I'm ordering more panels, too.
    What a shame about Darren ~ he is such a young man & I can't begin to imagine how he's feeling. I will keep him in my prayers.
    Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.
    so glad I didn't opt for the surgery.

  2. Karen all the looks are fabulous but I do like picture 3 the best. It is so the look I want for my bedroom when and if I ever get there. The striped coverlet is right up my alley.
    What an ordeal Darren has been thru. I will certainly pray for a perfect healing from the Lord. I will also pray that things turn in his favor with his work and that the lawsuit gets started and finished quickly with the results that are most pleasing to him.
    I hope you and Doug have a wonderful 4th. It might be nice spending some alone time just the two of you.

  3. Karen, the new look in the bedroom is very nice. I don't think it is too dark.

    Sorry to hear that Darren is still having and developing new problems. Your family will be in my prayers.

  4. Karen, your curtains really made a big difference! I love that look you have now. I love your coverlet too! I can't blame you for keeping it! I will send up prayers for Mr. Darren! How awful! Nice pics of your family! I still love your jar of flags! I finally tea stained mine last night. They seem real stiff, I may have to work them over a bit.
    Hope you have a great 4th!

  5. Karen, I love the new look in your bedroom but must say...I really liked it the "old way", too. The coverlet is perfect and the tobacco panels let just the right amount of light in. Good job. See what happens when you are bored! I'm bored, too, (waiting for a phone call), so I am glad that you had an interesting post to read. Thank you.

    I was wondering about Darron and I wanted to ask before when you had the pictures on of him. Darm...this is terrible. Yes, of course I will continue to pray for him.

  6. love the new look in the is bright and cheery and the other is cozy and inviting..(they are both inviting don't get me wrong)...I love both looks..Hey I am wondering where you got your candle light sticks that are in your dining room..they are electric and look so real..I would love to get some..:) have a wonderful weekend as well..we are having the same weekend as you..quiet and at home.;)

  7. Karen:
    So sorry to hear that Darren is having more problems and about his job. I will certainly keep him and family in my prayers.. I'm sure they are worried about the situation.

    I love your new bedroom look..Everyone must doing bedroom makeovers lately... I love my new look.

    Enjoy a safe and happy Fourth..

  8. The bedroom looks great. It really takes it back in time. Keep up the good work! And also, I know decorating seems so petty when there are bigger issues happening around us(we all deal with these things), but decorating and changing things in our homes helps ease our minds and stress. So even with bigger things happening, do what you need to do to get through the day. I know that's how I feel. God Bless!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS KAREN!!...You really flipped that bedroom...i love the new colors & textures.SIMPLE BEAUTIFUL !!~The Best!
    From the beginning of his struggles, Darren has been in my prayers ..& will continue to be.
    God Bless

  10. It certainly DID change the look! It was certainly nice before, but I absolutely LOVE the new look!
    So sorry Darren is still having problems. I will keep him and your family in my prayers :) Have a great holiday weekend!

  11. Good evening Karen. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new bedroom look!!! It is so darn cozy and inviting. Can I ask what company you got your curtain panels from? Sensational! Our prayers will go out to Darren, what a terrible ordeal he is going through. Glad Doug will be home with you for the 4th. I think we are going up to our cottage tomorrow night after work - I'm ready! Happy holiday, Dawn

  12. Love the new look to your bedroom. It looks so inviting! Will be praying for Daren. Hope you have a nice relaxing holiday!

  13. I really like the look of the 'new' bedroom, too! I have had my eye on those coverlets but since I am still unemployed, it will have to wait for quite some time. I like heavier curtains in the winter to help the room feel warm and cozy but in the spring and summer .... I want light and airy!

    T & P out to Darren and the entire family!

  14. Karen....I adore those curtains and I like how you can get a different look by just changing the elements on the bed. Blessings to each of you. Dianntha

  15. Hello Karen.. Love what you did with the curtains and spread.. Beautiful.. I feel so bad to hear about Darren.. Isn't it awful when it is so out of our control.. But we know who is and He can do more than we ask or think. We will just pray with faith..

  16. Oh my gosh Karen! I just adore how colonial fresh and inviting the bedroom looks with your new wonderful idea of treating the windows and changing the coverlet! Love it love it love it! I love when a plan turns out! Karen, I can't tell you how many times I have started moving around furniture and changing out items - only to get frustrated because I can't find the magic mix that works.. Then are are those times when BAMMmm -it all pulls together and everytime you walk by you love it.. You did it!
    P.S. Karen I'm so excited to tell you that I ordered the Biskit Cakes recipe print last night! AHH! I'm so giddy! yay!
    All my love,
    Jobeth xox

  17. My how a simple little change can make a room look completely different..Beautiful..So sorry to hear about Darren's problems..Have a great 4th and weekend..

  18. Hi very sorry to hear about your son....I certainly hope things turn around for him.

    Your bedroom makeover is fantastic! The tobacco panels and the striped coverlet make all the difference in the world!

    Have a Happy Independence Day!

  19. Karen,
    Love the new look in your bedroom...very comfy and inviting!! Keep your son and all of you in my prayers.

  20. I will pray for your Darren. I love the bedroom makeover. My bedroom has only had the ceiling painted and floor carpeted. That was 15 years ago. I would love to redo it and use your bedroom as a model to go by.

  21. Karen~

    I think the bedroom looks wonderful! You always do such a wonderful job! I love it!

    I am so sorry that Darren is still having problems! He and your entire family will be in my prayers.

    I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!


  22. Love the look of the bedroom re-do, Karen. I just took some valences down recently and really like the lighter look.

    Sending prayers for Darren.

    Enjoy your quiet 4th!

  23. Karen,

    Your bedroom looks very nice with all the changes you have made. I'd like to do a blanket like that in my guest room. That will have to wait though.

    I will pray for healing for Darren. Take care, have a good 4th of July.


  24. Your bedroom looks so fresh and inviting! Prayers said for Darren.


  25. Hi Karen....First of all sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family for the healing of Darren....
    Love the new look in your colonial looking...We all get frustrated at times when plans don't work out the way you want them to but your bedroom looks amazing...Great job...
    Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy 4th of July...
    Prim hugs,

  26. Darren is in my prayers as are you!

    Your room is beautiful. I am inspired to remove my valances, I too felt I needed to have them.

    Hugs to you and your family!

  27. Karen, So love the look! Love those curtains, I have gotten a few panels for the house. I just love them! Havea great Holiday. OLM

  28. Karen: So sorry to hear Darren's news! NEVER GIVE UP...SOMEHOW EVERYTHING WORKS OUT!
    Hope your day is going as well as it can, considering all. We think we are a MOM for 18 or so years, but we are MOMS forever! My heart goes out to you and family. I've "been there" and am still worrying about them.
    Your bedroom is incredible; love it!
    Hugs, Joy

  29. Hi Karen,

    I LOVE the new refresh look to your bedroom :) It does brighten it up. I am slowly purchasing things to make over my bedroom. Like you, I am anxious to get my tobacco curtains up. I want to repaint my bedroom a more lighter colour, but I haven't found the colour I am looking for. A little at a time and I will get it.

    I didn't realize things started getting worst for your son again. Hopefully they will find what is wrong and soon. I will keep him and your family in my prayers.

    I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.


  30. I am sorry to hear about Darren, God bless him, take him in the palm of his hand, and heal his body.
    I like your room! I think it is cozy and warm feeling, looks even more Colonial. A home the Founding Mothers would be proud to live in. For the Love of Country...Joan

  31. Sending prayers up for Darren!!

    LOVE the new look--even with theold wallpaper it looks like a brand new room!!

  32. Hi Karen~
    The new look in your room is refreshing and comforting. I love it!!
    I'm so sorry to hear of the continued trials Darren is going through. I will certainly keep him in my prayers.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  33. Love all your bedroom decorating. Probably the most favorite was the 3rd picture. It just looked picture perfect! Thanks for coming on my blog and your nice comments. May Darren lean on the LORD for strength and peace through his ordeals. liz

  34. enjoyed your blog. You are a very talented woman

  35. I love the new look of your bedroom. Isn't it amazing how much different it looks with a change of curtains and bedspread?! And they say paint can change a room. I really like those tobacco cloth panels. I'm thinking I need to invest in them. All of our windows have mini blinds that were here when we moved in. Four year later, my windows are still curtain-less because I can't decide what I want to do. The possibilities are endless, but I'm thinking the tobacco cloth has been my favorite so far.

    So sorry to hear about Darren. I'll be praying for him. I hope the next time you post about him it will be some miraculous thing that God has brought to his life.


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