Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little of this A little of that!

Well this has been a busy week and it’s not over yet!

Starting with Monday we had Emily and Joe for our last ‘Monday sitting’ – they started school yesterday (Wednesday) and were very happy to be back and they said hot lunch was ‘awesome’…lol
They sent us a picture taken just before leaving for school

Emily and Joe first day of school 
Aren’t they getting big????

Then Doug and I headed into Milwaukee to JoAnn’s on Tuesday so I could get some more supplies and to use my wonderful ‘gift card’ – which I certainly did…wow did that ever help…I rang up quite a hefty bill!
I didn’t have to use any coupons this time either because their wool felt was on sale at 40% off – this is probably the 2nd or 3rd time it has been on sale in the years I’ve been sewing with it….so I took advantage of that for sure.
Canvas boards were also 40% off so I bought several of these.
I bought some 5x5 this time too – for some really small Presidents.
And then my usual DMC (53 skeins!).

Oh I totally forgot that we went to a flea market on Sunday and I found a couple wonderful items.
A $5.00 Pewter Pitcher and a $4.00 Rowe Pottery Crock
The pitcher isn’t really as bad looking as it appears…but it is very well used looking though.
Pewter Pitcher and crock

I’m really backtracking here…last Thursday I had lunch with my best friends, Renea and Joyce -  they both had ordered some items from me so this was a good excuse to go to lunch.
Karen Renea Joyce

So that afternoon we started right in getting ready for our Rummage/Craft Sale for tomorrow and Saturday.
Got the garage rummage priced and set up, and then yesterday and today we got the screen room business merchandise priced and set up.

And wouldn’t you know tonight it started raining and turned into a driving rain so we ran out and covered everything with plastic in the screen room – it was blowing in sideways through the screens…but we saved it!!! Now tomorrow we’ll have to hurry and push all the furniture and tables back into place – more work than we wanted but necessary to keep everything dry.

Everything isn’t in its place yet because tomorrow we’ll put lots of the rummage outside in the driveway and not be so cluttered in the garage.

So here are a few photos…and like I said…it’s kind of cluttered at the moment
Rummage 1

Rummage 2

Rummage 3

Rummage 4 

Rummage 6

Rummage 5

Now on into the screen room for the business sale – my goodness this was hard to set up…there are no walls to use!
Craft Sale 1

Craft Sale 2

Craft Sale 3

Craft Sale 4 

Craft Sale 5

Craft Sale 6 

Craft Sale 7

Craft Sale 8

I really don’t know what this holiday weekend will bring for rummagers but normally the people having them have pretty good traffic so hoping for the best.

If there’s anything left that’s worth it, I just may have an ‘On-line Garage Sale’ after things settle down around here…I’ll let you all know.

September is going to be a heavy month here

  • Our sale
  • Family Golf Outing
  • Craft show in Milwaukee I soooo want to go to
  • Market Square Wholesale Cash & Carry in Madison
  • My Nephews wedding
  • Warren, WI CranFest – I thought Lititz had a huge show….this one has over 800 vendors
  • 3 Birthday Parties in One
  • Our Anniversary
  • Our daughter in-laws birthday

And I’m sure there are a few other things I’ve forgotten…oh yeah…Doug will be doing some deliveries in between all these.

Now if I have forgotten to mention anything here that I was supposed to I’m sorry.
My head is so foggy the past few days with my back and hips hurting so – I’ve been taking something for it but the pain just wears me out completely and this is a good reminder of WHY I STOPPED HAVING MY IN-HOME SHOWS!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend everyone.
If I’m not floating around blogland you now why!

I’ll leave you with a sweet picture…or is it a devilish picture?
Mr. Aidan
Aidan devil

Hugs, Karen


  1. So many beautiful items. Loved all the snowmen. What a steal on the Rowe Pottery Crock $4!


  2. Oh!!!! I wished I lived closer to you!!! I see so much I would like to purchase. Good Luck I hope you sell everything and have good weather!!


  3. I sure wish I lived closer...I see lots of great goodies at your sale!! Hope you have a great turn-out and sell everything!!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!..You have been busy!!..I hope you have a great sell and a great weekend!!~~hugs,Jen

  5. Good luck with the sale - I know it's a ton of work to get ready, so I hope "traffic" is steady and spending! Sure wish i lived closer!
    P.S. LOVE the pictures of the grandkids :)

  6. Wow, I want to come to your sale! What great items. I am running right over to email a friend of mine that lives close to you to see if she knows about this! Good Luck!


  7. Karen, Your grandchildren are so cute and they do grow up to fast. You sure did do well at Jo-Ann fabrics, what a deal 40% off!!!

    I saw all the pictures of the sale and I wish I was there because I see alot I would get!!!

    I LOVE Christmas and I see Christmas things that I LOVE!!!!

    Have a great holiday weekend,
    Prim Blessings,

  8. are going to have one fantastic sale this weekend. I envy all those that are able to attend. The photos of the kids are adorable.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. My word Karen. You made me tired just reading your post. You have been a very busy woman these past few weeks. So glad you got such a great deal at JoAnns. I love your new crock. The cow is wonderful on it. So wish I could be one of the rummagers at your house this weekend. I do hope you get to have an online sale too. I'm pretty sure I can make that one.
    Aidan is growing up too fast. He is just precious devilish and all!
    Have a blessed and prosperous weekend.

  10. Heavenly Days, sure do have alot on your plate for the next month! Try to take one day at a time.
    I want to come to your sale!!! I want to so bad! Good luck....and I hope you have a great sell everything!
    Love the pictures of your gorgeous grandkids.


  11. I wish I could come to your show, you have such cute grandkids too. My kids are ready for a break this weekend.


  12. Hi Karen! Love your previous post with all your childhod pics! Such the lady....
    I want to come and "rummage" thru your beautiful things.
    Good Luck with the sale,

  13. Hi Karen! Everything looks wonderful! I wish I were closer. I'd definately be there if I could. I know you will do well.

    Sorry to hear about your back & hips. I have problems with my back & knees, and neck too, at times. Something I have found that really helps is Excedrin Back & Body. I was really shocked at how good this stuff is! If you haven't already tried it, please do! It really does work! I hurt my back a couple of years ago really bad. Once my muscle relaxers & pain kilers were gone, I needed something else. I was in pain for a very long time, but didn't want to continue with pain killers. I was afraid of becoming addicted to them. So I decided to try the Excedrin back & Body. It was a Godsend!

    Since then, I have been telling everyone I know about it. I hope it will help you too.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh my gosh Karen! I thought I had been busy until I read your post. I sure wish I could be there for your sale, everything looks wonderful (and it would be fun to just sit and have a cup of coffee together). The kids are getting so big, isn't amazing how fast they grow up? Hope you have a very successful weekend my friend, Dawn

  15. Wow, Karen, what a busy gal you are, no wonder you are hurting. Slow down a little bit. I know your sale will be a success ~ wonderful things for sale.
    Your grandkids are so very cute. Happy Anniversary and have a safe and happy Holiday weekend.

  16. You can't miss with your sale ... so many fantastic items! Best of luck!

  17. I wish I could come see all your 'stuff' in person!
    Looks like you've been a very busy bee! Hope you have a great turnout and lots of sales!

    Remember to rest later! LOL

  18. Karen,
    Now I'm really sorry I can't shop your sale this weekend. Some great stuff! Your customers should return to their cars with arms loaded! I have that Rowe cow crock but in a pitcher from many years ago. You got it for an amazing price! When you get a chance, can you let me know about the Milwaukee show you refer to?

  19. Karen, your Grandchildren are darling, and yes they do grow up so fast.

    Your purchases at the flea market are great and a great price. Love Rowe Pottery!

    Best of luck on your home sale.

  20. Good Luck with your sales. Wish I lived closer. I will be going to Warrens for Cranfest, getting excited for that.

  21. Karen, your grandchildren are adorable! Isn't being a grandparent just the best? I hope you have good traffic for your sale because your items will sell themselves - everything looks fabulous! I wish I lived close enough to come - an online garage sale sounds great!

  22. Karen ~
    The grands are so cute ~ must take after you!
    I hope your sale is successful. It sure is alot of work, isn't it?
    I do hope you are feeling better and the pain has subsided.
    Pug hugs :)

  23. Karen... Oh..I wish I lived have some wonderful goodies for sale..Best of luck with your sale and have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend...
    Prim hugs,

  24. All three of the children are good looking youngens. You have alot to be proud of. I am sure you are. Your rummage business sale looks so amazing. I only wish I was close by to visit. Good luck. Your pewter pitchure is great. I would like to say thank you for helping me find a coverlet. It was one by Pat Kline. I mentioned it in my last post. I got my first one & I am sold. I hope to get some other pieces in the future. I pray your feeling better today. Blessings!

  25. Hi Karen.. My, those children all look like you.. Honest..
    Just waiting for the hurricane to hit and the hydro to go
    The table with the bird on it is my favorite and I would love to buy everything on it especially all your lovely rugs..
    Your things are selling great and I wish I had of bought more of the candle ones...
    Primitive Lace..

  26. wOw! yOU are the busiest woman! Sure wish I could be there...looks like I'd spend a fortune! I;m sure you;ll do great! You have lots of wonderful goodies for sale. I love the new goodies you found. Both pieces are awesome! Enjoy all your upcoming activities! Hope your back and hip get better real soon!


  27. just look at all those prim goodies! hope you do well with the sale!

  28. Hi Karen! Just wanted to let you know that your comments did come through. Thanks!

    I hope the Excedrin B&B is helping!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  29. No, that's definitely a SWEET picture! He's a cutie pie!

    Hope you are having a great turnout for the sale...but I would love to see an online sale as well! :) Wonderful stuff you have there!

    Have a great weekend, Karen!

  30. Wow lots of great goodies....wish I lived near you!! Aidan is very cute....thats my son's name!

  31. Oh I wish I lived near you. I saw sew many things I would grab up! Thanks for sharing@@


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