Friday, September 24, 2010

Wishing Fall would just get here!

if anyone has any for sale please contact me. I need quit a bit.


The weather here hasn’t been very Fall like and didn’t Fall arrive yesterday?

It’s drizzling, dark and windy here today – not a fun day to think of doing anything except having a fire in the fireplace and relaxing with a good book…yes, that’s what I’m going to do this afternoon!

I wanted to get my Fall decorating started today, but I had the first of 3 shots in my Lumbar on Wednesday so I’m to lay low for a few days to let it take effect so maybe I shouldn’t be running up and down the basement stairs anyway so I guess the Fall decorating will wait a few more days.

On Sunday late afternoon Doug went to Joe’s first Fall baseball game and it was a really cold and windy day and we invited them back here for supper and the kids had Grandpa make a fire in the fireplace – the first of the season and it sure felt good. Emily and Joe both got down in front and never left the spot until we called them to eat.
Emily and Joe after game 1

Pumpkin line

On Wednesday my brother and sister in-law came over for the afternoon and evening so we went to this cute little shop we love to go to when they come over. Called Finder’s Keepers and I found a cute Tin Pumpkin mold – it’s small and I wanted the larger one but she had sold out so got it anyway.
Tin Pumpkin

I found that I could get the larger one from Ragon House so I logged on to buy one but they are sold out – but they did have the Jack-O-Lantern one in 10 inches and the back side is just the plain pumpkin so I did order it along with a beautiful stitchery I had seen at the shop too…called Adam & Eve.

Here’s the Jack mold and I’ll just turn it around to the other side.
10 inch jack mold

And the stitchery – it’s 14 x 30 – good size! And the fabric is very dark and old looking too.
Adam & Eve Sampler

Pumpkin line

Buying this has made me think about all the Counted Cross Stitch pieces I have done – and they are many but I don’t know where I put them all – some are packed away and I couldn’t find them today. But here are the one’s that are in the guest room.
I think I’m going to take them from the frames, darken them and put them in black frames…whatcha think???
Stitchery 4

Stitchery 3

 Stitchery 1

This one is of Central Market downtown Lancaster, PA
I did this one in 1988

I purchased this kit at Sturbridge Village about 30 years ago
One of the first ones I stitched
Stitchery 2

Pumpkin line

Well, as if I didn’t have enough to do with my time I am going to start Rug Hooking!
It’s going to be very new to me – never tried it but always wanted at least one for myself made by me so as soon as my kit gets here I will start (providing I don’t have lots of holiday orders that is...this will be in my spare
I didn’t want to start something of this magnitude (time and money) without the proper equipment so I went on e-bay and purchased the lap frame – well let me tell you they don’t give these babies away.
They run anywhere from $150 to $400 – I got this one for $66 plus shipping ($76.00 total).
I guess if I’m going to do it I better do it right or I’d not be happy with it and get frustrated. This isn’t saying that won’t happen on its own!

Hooking Frame

Pumpkin line

So I bet you thought you weren’t going to see any of the photos of the wedding from last Saturday.
I took several but only am going to put a few on here…I know they aren’t that interesting but our family is in them so thought I’d share.
I’m sorry this is such a long post but I haven’t been on here for some time so had to get it all in at once.

Doug’s sister Kenlyn (mother of the Groom)
Our Granddaughter Alex and boyfriend Tyler
Kenlyn Alex 

Doug (right) with father of the Groom
Doug and jim

Sister of the Groom, Andrea (left), Our daughter in-Law Jamie (right)Andi and Jamie

Jessica and Chad Poteat (nephew)

 Chad and Jessica

Dan and Jamie
Dan and jamie

All of us
All of us

This girl never stops smiling..she’s like this all the time! And just as sweet
Is that a genuine happy smile or what
Jessica 1 

They had a tiered cupcake stand instead of the traditional cake.
I really liked the way they did this wedding. It was very big ceremony of cutting the cake or any kind of speeches or presentations – just a fun celebration of two people ‘finally’ getting married!


Didn’t get a picture of the other food table.
It was an appetizer buffet and just wonderful food...gosh I loved this casual way they planned this.

Meatballs, Egg Rolls, Bacon Water Chestnuts, Chicken Wings, Ham and Turkey Sandwiches, Tons of relishes and cheeses and meats – many other things that I can’t even remember.
Then at 8:30 there was an Ice Cream Sundae bar – that went over huge.
And at 10:00 they had Pizza.
Reception food 

Reception 1

Coming in for the bridal party march
Jessica Chad bridal party walk

So for all of you who hung in here till the end…Thank You...I do get long winded at times don’t I?
Be glad you don’t live with me...

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I sure do hope those shots help your back Karen. There is nothing worse or more limiting than a bad back.
    We have had so many warm days in a row here in Ohio that a fire would run you out of the house. Still I would rather have this weather than snow anytime!
    Beautiful wedding pictures. I wish the bride and groom many happy years together. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed day.
    Hugs, AMY

  2. Karen......sure hope your back if feeling better by now. I don't think you are in all the area that is getting flooded right now, have been watching pictures all over the news about it.
    Loved seeing all of you having such fun at the wedding. The setting was beautiful. I just love all of the fun ways couples are doing their weddings these days.
    have a good week,

  3. First I want to say...I love your cross stitcheries! I agree they would look great darkened and put in black frames. That would really make them POP right out!
    I love this idea that the bride and groom had for their reception! So casual and fun filled...what a relaxing way to enjoy family. I bet both adults and children alike enjoyed the sundae bar...Mmmmm!
    Karen~you have a great looking family!
    You are one lovely lady!
    Have a wonderful Fall weekend :o)

  4. Hi Karen,
    I agree, darken them up and put them in dark frames! You've done a wondeful job!
    The wedding looked like everyone had fun! I have one to plan now...
    I'm sorry to hear your back is bad, I too have had lower back problems for about ten years nows. Recently I discovered that if I sat on one of the rubber exercise balls (found mine at Wal Mart for 9.99) my back felt a ton better after sitting. Amazing how much it helped, seemed like it aligned fom my hips to my neck and causes you to use proper posture! Just don't have music playing, I just about hurt myself bouncing!
    I had a fair amount of success with the shots but it was short lived. Hope this helps some.

  5. Your stitching is simply lovely and I think they will look wonderful in black frames. Lovely post...we're not cool enough for a fire yet but yours is sure cozy :)


  6. I love the pumpkin mold and that stitchery you purchased..and yes paint those frames black..the stitcheries would just the wedding photos too...what a fun day..have a great weekend laying low..and love!! the photo of the kids laying by the fire..all nice and cozy.;)

  7. What wonderful x-stitch samplers..And you know me the darker the get to antiquing!!

    Thanks for sharing ideas and pics of the wedding..Being the mother of a daughter I'm always taking notes for the time when we have to plan a wedding..

    I have always wanted to rug hook also...Someday!..I thought about buying a small kit that I saw int he Country Sampler to begin..Let us know how it goes...

    I hope you get to feeling better!..Bless your heart!..If we lived close I'd bring you something chocolatey(sp) over...Chocolate always cures


  8. We have more things in common, I see ... I also did counted cross stitcheries for many years, that was before I began quilting. And, I'm attending a quilt retreat in November and guess what, I am going to start rug hooking too; I met some gals who will be there who are going to help me get started. I have no suppies yet but I was given tons of wool that I hope I can put to use.

  9. I love your cross stitched pictures! I think I did a couple from the same designer - the Amish ones. Before I started quilting, I loved to do cross stitched quilts. Now quilting has totally taken over!

  10. I just love the Pez dispensers on top of their cake! Beautiful photos! So glad the weather was nice for it!
    I think the black frames on all your stitcheries will look great! It will tie everything together for a great wall display!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. good luck with the rug hooking. i'm gonna order me a kit after the first of the year and learn,too. denise

  12. I loved your cross stitch, especially the last one. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It is always fun to look at wedding pictures, whether you know the couple or not. Can't believe you had a fire. Still 90 here. Supposed to cool down next week! I can't wait!

  13. Hope your back gets better. Love your stitchery!

  14. Hello Karen sorry for your gloomy rained here all day long and was gloomy also. Praying for the shots to help with your back. I enjoyed your post. What a wonderful wedding, simple is so much better.

  15. Hi Karen, sure hope your back feels better real soon. I love the stitchery you purchased and the ones you have done - the Central Market in Lancaster is my favorite. I think they would look great darkened up with black frames. Thanks for sharing photos of the wedding - what a wonderful celebration. Have a great weekend!


  16. It's been so hot here too! I'm wishing it were cooler. The wedding was so nice, lovely colors! I enjoyed looking at your goodies too.


  17. WOW...I LOVE all your stitcheries :)
    I agree with you, prim them up a bit and display them. It's a shame that they are in hiding. You have LOT's of work in them.

    Beautiful wedding pictures :)

  18. Oh Karen,
    Great Post! I triple love the stitchery of Central Market you did! The pumpkin mold is way too cute as well. The Wedding photos are beautiful! I love the color of the bridesmaids dresses and the cupcake tower as well! Thanks for sharing, hope the back feels better soon!

  19. I love what you are going to do with your stitchery. This gives me ideas for when I see many of them at yard sales....they are usually about a dollar or under, soooo...darken them and put them in distressed black frames...thanks for the idea!
    Beautiful little sister is getting married next month and I am in the wedding.
    Hope you get some relief for your back!

  20. Hi Karen... Here is hoping you are feeling better.. Why is it that when we are supposed to lay low we want to get up and dance.. yet, when we are dancing we just want to sit
    I have always wanted to start a rug, too. I should look into that this winter..
    Your grandchildren look so comfy and you of course, look beautiful...
    Have a great weekend...

  21. Rug hooking is something I have been thinking of trying. I have no clue as to what is involved but love the rugs I see posted. Please share all you can when you get started. such a lovely wedding. I dream of my daughter someday getting married in my garden in the gazebo. Moms dream not sure it is hers. love the cupcake idea.

  22. Hi Karen,
    I have just started in rug hooking and I think you will enjoy it. I have become hooked on I had been using a hoop like frame cuz I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. Now that I am hooked I just bought a frame from ebay also. I am looking forward to making my own designs. I hope you are as happy as I am with this art. Lisa


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