Thursday, September 30, 2010

My package came!

I knew this package was to arrive but didn’t know when but yesterday there it was on my porch – My Rug Hooking supplies arrived! 
They came
from a very sweet lady– she knows who she is and I so I say THANK YOU – by her request she will remain un-named.

I thought I was getting wool strips to do a small Pineapple Rug – but to my surprise there was more than I imagined.
Colors of all shades from light to dark – I can make just about anything.

In the box were packs of wool strips, hook, rug hooking book, patterns and 2 kinds of linen…large enough to make an ample hooked rug.

Wool Strips 3

Wool Strips 2

Wool Strips 4

Wool Strips 1



Sheep Pattern

 I am not sure when this new project will start but it’s sitting here staring at me calling my name...I have several orders to sew, so I won’t be able to touch it until I’m through with those but when I do I will show you all what design I am choosing…probably a Pineapple but not sure.

Pumpkin line

Last Saturday night we were at our daughter in-laws brothers house for a birthday party for their mother, brother and his wife. Her brother lives on a farm and so we took Aidan into the barn to see the cows and one of the cats had kittens – I don’t think Aidan liked them at first but he warmed up. He liked the cows the best because that’s what he wanted to keep going back to see.

Aidan with kitties


Mama and kitties

Aidan and cows

Pumpkin line 

Then on Sunday there was a birthday party at Darren’s house for MaryAnn – she turned 40 so we got to see him again.

Me Aidan Grandpa 
Grandma, Aidan, Grandpa

Aidan in car 
Aidan got a Cadillac awhile back!

Aidan on shirt 
Isn’t this cute… a t-shirt with Aidan’s picture on it

Pumpkin line

I made reservations for my trip to Lancaster the end of October for the Wholesale Market and another day of shopping with Lori (the blackcrow). I’m looking for new places to shop so if anyone has suggestions besides the ‘usual/obvious’ shops…let me know.

And I made reservations for the SIMPLE GOODS SHOW in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. The show is on Saturday, Nov. 6th.
Here’s the link:
Scroll down to find the exhibitors list – this is a very Prim show and Antiques
Anyone out there going???

Pumpkin line

Not much happening in my world right now so I’ll close for now.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Karen, that looks like an abundance of rug hooking wool. I've been wanting to try making a hooked rug for a while - I thought I would start with a kit but haven't found the one I love yet. Looking forward to seeing your finished project - I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  2. Hi Karen, Look at all the wonderful stuff you recieved to learn to rug hook! I have been wishing I could find a kit ...even with the book. I can't wait to see you start it. It should be lots of fun.

    Your little grandson is so cute. That is an extremely nice picture of you, Doug and Aidan.

    Happy Fall to you.


  3. Karen wow you got lots of goodies can't wait to see what you make. Aidan looks like he is so happy what precious pictures

  4. Aiden is so cute. You know he may just want Gram & Pap to get him a cow. I love seeing children with animals. Both so sweet. All those beautiful colored strips. They look a bit like mop heads. I wanted to tell you Create & Decorate Magazine holiday 2010 issue has a hooked angel door topper-framed hooked sunflower-hooked santa bag-patterns inside. Love pineapples & would love to see yours in progress.

  5. Rug's always interested me but not sure if I would have the patience for it. So instead for the time being, I will watch you ;) You will have to post pics as you progress along.

    Looks like fun was had by all. Getting together with family is always so much fun!

  6. I took a rug hooking book out of the library and I was overwhelmed. I'm a hands on person, so I just need to sit with someone and have them show me how to do it. I'm sure it's something I would enjoy doing. I'm going to keep my eyes open for a rug hooking class in my area.
    Can't wait to see your rug completed! Oh yeah Karen, thanks for introducing me to Amish Fiction books. I'm on my fifth book and have two more waiting on me! I love them! I guess I'm hooked! LOL!
    Looks like Aidan had fun at the barn! He's precious.


  7. Oh I can't wait to see what you create Karen. The colors of your wool strips are so yummy.
    How precious is your little man Aidan. He is growing up so fast. Why can't they stay little just a bit longer than they do. Enjoy your shows you will be visiting. I'm sure you will find some fabulous goodies to share with us.
    Have a nice weekend,

  8. Wow! that is alot of rug material. That was very sweet of the person to drop it on your door step. One good turn does another I always say.Can't wait to see it when it's done.
    Primiful thanks for sharin, Lisa

  9. Karen,
    I admire you for undertaking another beautiful primitive craft. I would love to learn too so you can keep me posted on how it goes. I've seen so many gorgeous hooked rugs. Aidan is so sweet, love the pictures. I would love to go to the Simple goods show, very primitive, right up my alley. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. great photos..and I love the kittehs..:) oh those little wee ones are precious.;)

  11. where did you order from? i want to order a kit and learn. there is one place in country sampler i'd thought about. can't wait to see your finished rug. let us all know how hard it is. denise

  12. Karen ~
    You are just too cute! I love the pic of you, hubby and Aidan!
    I'm 2 hours from Simple Goods and am going to try and make it this year. I went a couple years ago but got there late so had to hurry through it. Not too far away, the antique shops may be having their Christmas open houses. There were a couple of REALLY good shops. Let me know if you'd like me find out if they are the same weekend again.
    Can we soon call you the happy hooker?
    Pug hugs :)

  13. Hi Karen.. Aiden is adorable.. They grow so fast.. Your rughooking supplies look lovely and I can't wait to see what you make...
    Take care...

  14. the wool you got. To me, that is the hardest decision, what wool to use. I need to get back to my rug hooking project. It's a Santa by Polly Minick.
    I love the Simple Goods Show. As far as I know I will be going again this year. I will be in touch to let you know for sure so we can meet up.

  15. Wow, I can't wait to see your rug! I sure would be itching to start. Aidan is so sweet :)

  16. I have been to every Simple Goods show. It is heaven for primitive lovers. Do not miss it. If you think you are taking enough money, take more. I warned you! Candy and Max do a wonderful job as promoters, too.

  17. I can't wait to see the hook rug when you get it done!

    I loved to see the pictures of your grandson, he is a doll!!! He is the apple of Grandpa's and Grandma's eye!!!

    I love all the pictures!

    Prim Blessings,

  18. Dear Karen, I love reading your blog entries. And oh my goodness, what beautiful wool strips for your rug. I so want to start rug hooking myself. Made some rugs years ago with strips of yarn but never strips of wool. Oh, I just bet it is going to be beautiful. Do you have a recommendation for a "how to book?" I really want to go to those prim shows. What is the Lancaster show called? Does it have a website? Have to come all the way from Texas, but it sure looks like it would be worth it. Have a great Sunday.

  19. Karen, you photograph so well! I may be going to the show too, so send me a email later in the month- maybe we can have coffee or lunch. Hugz, Ree

  20. Karen,
    Oh you will become addicted to hooking!! Im on my 5th rug now. Its like painting with wool!! Im not great, but improve with each rug (i hope). I wish I were going to Lancaster..we havent been for a few years. I have no other wholesale shops to reccomend(you gave me tons remember?)Well have a great safe trip..Adian is getting so big!!

  21. Hey Karen...Happy Fall!! Enjoyed viewing your pictures and can't wait to see the finished rug!! Hugssss

  22. Oh wow, look at all those scrumptious colors! So vibrant and pretty! Looks like a really neat book too. Love that sheep pattern. Goodness, I'm sure it'll be hard to pick a favorite to start on. I'd be looking for the easiest one to do, hehe.

    Aiden is so adorable! Look at that precious smile of his, so sweet!


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