Friday, November 12, 2010

Tobacco Cloth Panels & Photos

On Monday after returning home from the Simple Goods show I got busy rinsing my Tobacco Cloth panels for the family room windows – hopefully the other rooms will get theirs soon – they’re washed but I’m just too pooped to put them up.

I had my Flu shot on Tuesday night and it knocked me every which way!
Horrible headache and very, very sick – on the mend now but still feel punky – nausea won’t go away as well as a nagging headache in the back of my head. Dr. said it was a reaction to the shot…had it last year the same. Going to re-think getting the shot next year.

Well, onto the panels…I had to use 2 panels on each side otherwise they would be too thin – and as things go, one thing leads to another.
Now the walls look rather dingy and too light for the panels. A little bit darker maybe???

I’ll have to take a panel with me to pick out paint though because they look different in different settings.

The opposite wall has our sofa and some tables and chairs – but the windows above are long across the wall and high up – not sure what to do there. Maybe just keep what I have up because they work with the privacy panels in the bow window.

Den Fall 2010

You know, last weekend at the show we went to the Seraph (Colonial furniture store) in Delaware, Ohio and I forgot to put pictures on. Nice shop and I was told it was their first/original store.
Now we loved the furniture and all but the store really was in total neglect. Very dusty and dirty – things just didn’t look fresh and clean to represent the prices on the pieces of furniture, but still a nice store if you wanted Colonial furniture.
click on photo box to open – then click on slideshow

Oh at the Buggy Seat Antiques they had this adorable
Miniature Pony…and they put a Christmas hat on him!!!!

Have you seen the photo books you can make yourself through any photo processing company?
I made one up for our Grandson’s 21st birthday on the 17th.
I started with his birth photo for the opening picture in the cover box and then added photos for each of his years.
You can add more than one photo on a page…just too cute.
I think he will love it.
I had a 50% off coupon for one too so that was a plus!

So there you have today’s entry

I know there’s more but I’m tired.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone



  1. Karen
    The panels are so primitive, I love how you have them hanging!
    Sorry you had a reaction to that nasty flu shot>>I am the same way>>keep me away from that shot!
    So I hope you are feeling better!
    have a nice weekend,

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. The flue shot can be a gamble.
    The Tabbaco cloth curtians look so nice. I enjoyed checking out the Seraph. The outside looks so different from the Sturbridge location.The inside pretty much the same. I love going there but usally leave with just a small token as the prices are high.
    Love the pictue book idea. what a wonderful gift.

  3. Karen, your panels look good. I was disappointed to hear about the Seraph. I think is pricey but I love going there. I did buy a large redware pitcher when I was there 2 years ago. Didn't you like Buggy Seat Antiques? Man you guys hit them all!!!
    sorry about the shot reaction

  4. Now I get was the nasty shot that did you in! Well you made my mind up, no shot!
    Why fool with sucess?
    The curtains are beautiful, but so much work!
    I am too lazy to be bothered.
    Thanks for the great pictures.
    Feel Better,

  5. Oh Karen hate to hear that the shot does that to you..I myself have never gotten one and I think its for that reason..I am so affraid to. Glad to see you are a little better. The curtains I must say look fabulous..What a wonderful job you did. Isnt freda's mini horse adorable..she has one named trigger that my daughter just absolutly loves. It was so nice to have met you..well I am off to make some prim goodies for my show coming up next week..will talk to you soon dear friend♥

  6. i bought curtains that are similar to my wall color. i think it really makes the room look big( and i have a tiny living room). :)
    i forgot to comment on your simple goods post. the pictures are great!!! i would so love to go one of these years. i heard they need to move it because of lack of space. thats a good thing!!
    i wonder how they make those cement snowmen? they are cute! i can see one standing out near the end of the drive. :)
    have a great weekend, kim

  7. Hi Karen.. Hope you are feeling better for the weekend.. We should only be sick through the week, eh? lol.. I love your panels.. I have been looking for them up here but no one has them.. Our livingroom needs an overhaul and you have inspired me.. Yet again...

  8. Sorry about the flu shot. I hope you are feeling better. Again your pics are great! Loved the furniture. I wish I lived close to the shops. In this area...nothing! I miss my antiquing adventures. I so enjoy your blog. It makes me feel as if I were at the shop. Blessings!

  9. Hi Karen
    Sorry the flu shot made you ill. I get it every year, and knock on wood, the only thing I get is a slightly itchy bump at the injection site. LOVE your panels - they look beautiful with your decor.

  10. Hi Karen,
    Love the panels!!!
    Your home is always so gorgeous.

    Im so sorry to hear the shot has you feeling under the weather.
    My husband gets one ever year also.
    Me.... nope.
    I hate shots!
    But with delivering to nursing homes, it may be something I will now have to consider.
    Hope you feel better soon. Headaches are the worst!

  11. I love your room. It looks perfect to me. I would love to know more about the photo books. And I sure hope you continue to get better. I have never got a flu shot before. They ask but I just haven't.

  12. You sure have been one busy lady!
    I hope whatever that flu shot accomplished in the way of good makes up for your feeling so awful.
    I've known about the Seraph for what seems like forever. That was disappointing to hear. Maybe the dust was left there for historical effect? *wink*
    Alex has started a blog
    I enjoyed the photos. Thanks! :)

  13. Heres a good article about flu shots and an alternative.
    Best Wishes, Fiona

  14. Karen ~
    I do hope those nasty flu shot symptoms are gone and you are protected from the flu!
    I haven't been to the Seraph in many years. They do have wonderful (pricey) things.
    I missed the miniature pony at Buggy Seat. Maybe because we went in the evening.
    Hugs :)

  15. Hi Karen,
    I'm so sorry you are under the weather. I never get the flu shot even though I am suposed to. I have crohns so my immune system is crap and my doctor is always demanding I get it so I don't get the flu. But darn it... everytime I have gotten it I am down for 2 weeks. And that's about the same as the flu so why even bother. No thanks. My doctor tells me everytime the dhot CAN'T make you sick but I tell you what... he's full of it. It does make you sick! I'll pass and take my chances!

    I'm glad you made it to the Seraph even if you were disappointed with the tidyness. The furniture IS beautiful and if that is what you like... that is the place to get it. If you can afford it. Of course I can not (lol)... but I love to go in there and browse just for fun. I visit there often being that it is right around the corner from our home but I can honestly say I have NEVER even bought one single thing there. Way to expensive.

    Love your curtains! Hope you get to feeling better! **evil flu shots*

    Carmen and the Primcats

  16. Sorry to hear about the flu shot, I guess that`s the main reason I don`t have one. Been thinking about the tobacco curtains for myself or make to sell in my shop. Lets in a lot of light, I like that.

  17. Karen you go to the most fabulous places. I'm so glad you post pictures for us so we too can enjoy your trips.
    I love the look of your curtains. I need you to come to my house and change things up for me. I desperately need help in my decorating!
    Hope you get to feeling better real soon.

  18. Hope you are feeling much better ....looooove your tobacco cloth panels...and I always enjoy all your pics you post....xoxo

  19. I love your family room curtains. I think the whole room harmonizes well color and furniture-wise. My dream is to live in a colonial house someday. 'Hope you get to feeling better soon, too :)


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