Monday, November 8, 2010

Back from the Simple Goods Show

The last two weeks it seems like all I’ve done is ride in cars and shop – but I’m told I do it well – Shop that is!
And proof of that is all I bought this past weekend. Just look at the haul.
Photo intensive post…beware!

Karen Doug purchases

After meeting up at the hotel on Thursday evening we all went off to get to bed so we could head out the next day.

 Friday morning the 6 of us piled into our van and headed out – Doug likes to drive and we have a van so it was fun having us all in one vehicle.
It gave us all a good chance to get to know each other better and that we did…I think we all laughed more than we talked but it made for a great time.

First stop was Curry’s (their home wasn’t open this time) – they have the most beautiful setting I’ve ever seen – it sits on top of a hill and has several log cabins. They also bring in, restore and sell old log cabins.

The photos are of the shop, grounds and our group.
I’ll try and put the photos in order of how I took them

Snowman at Currys
These adorable ‘cement’ snowmen were popping up every now and then.

Heading to Currys  
Currys 3
Currys 4
Currys 2
Currys 1 
Currys garden closeup

Some inside the shop pictures…it was jam packed with people in there so very few photos – but it’s gorgeous in there
Currys shop 3
Currys shop 2
Currys shop 1
Inside the little cabin ladies were giving demonstrations
Currys ladies in cabin
Inside the Smithy Cabin
Smitthy cabin 
Currys karen in window
And off we go with purchases in hand
Currys 5 

Jill Peterson was there doing a book signing of her newest book 'Homecoming’ and I bought one…Jill is as sweet as her face.
Karen Jill Peterson
The 4 of us girls – Linda, Me, Sandy and Grace in back
Currys the girls 2
The group
Currys Group
Doug and I
Karen and Doug
Linda and Ben (they came all the way from Florida! And I thought we drove far for things!
Linda and Ben
Grace in red from Lancaster, PA and Sandy from New York
Grace and Linda 

From there we headed on over to Miller’s – the day just kept getting better and better.
Isn’t it just gorgeous????

Millers exterior front 
Millers exterior 2
Millers exterior 1 

This is one of the cabins from Curry’s
Millers Out cabin 

There are a couple shop photos and the rest their home
Click in photos to view full album

We were finished with all of this by 12:30 and decided to head to Waynesville, Ohio which was about 2 hours away but it was worth it.

We went to Olde Glory Antiques, Days Gone By and I think another one – all just wonderful.
We didn’t have time to go into the Wooden Sunflower – that’s going to be another trip – the shop looks fantastic:

Looks wonderful doesn’t it!!!1

Wooden Sunflower

Then it was back to the hotel. Grace and Sandy were supposed to go to the SG’s vendors dinner but were too late. Guess we took too much time in Waynesville. I felt so bad for them.

We all went to bed early Friday night so we could be up early to get in line. I know…we’re crazy but you know what? Getting in line with 26 degree temps at 6 a.m was more fun than you would think. We met many wonderfully crazy people like us – now how bad can that be???
Between the 6 of us we took turns going to some of the outside vendors and going back into the hotel lobby to warm up.
There was hot cider and donuts for those wanting it and a nice bon fire to keep everyone warm.
Here are a few outside photos – click in photos to view album

Here are a few friends I got to meet up with – many, many people but quite easy to find each other in the crowd.

Tiffany (Twigs) from Mercantile Gathering
Karen and Tiff

Carmen from ‘Primcats House Blog’

Me and Carmen

Me and Kris Thomas
Karen and Kris Thomas

Me and Lauren
Karen and Lauren F

Me and Linda Fiorita
Karen and Linda Fiorita

Me and Lisa Adkins
Me and Lisa Adkins


Our group just before heading out on Friday’s power shopping!!Group 1

We at all our evening meals at Jakes – we found the food delicious and reasonable and the wait staff was so friendly. I hope some of you who stayed over had a chance to eat there as well. 

Ben got a small Make-Do chair in honor of his wife Linda finding her long awaited Make Do chair. He’s not crazy about those kind of chairs but being the sweet guy he is…he didn’t care if she bought it so Sandy gave him his own chair
Ben 2
Ben 3

Our last night together at Jakes

After dinner we all went back to our rooms and had Show & Tell (our purchases!)

Karen Doug purchases

Ben and Linda
Lindas Purchases

Graces Purchases

Sandys Purchases

Here are close-ups of my purchases
Click in photos to see all of album


Thank you Linda for these wonderful gifts:
Gifts from Linda

And to you Sandy for your lovely gifts:
Gifts from Sandy

Grace…the dinner was so much appreciated and Ben…the gas was also appreciated!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My husband and I haven't had so much fun with 'friends' in a very long time...there were 6 people with the same kindred spirit – even the men enjoyed themselves and provided us with some very funny moments...we just meshed that’s the best way I can put it.

And the only person Doug and I had ever met in our group was Grace...I've chatted with Linda through e-mails but that was it, and Sandy we never knew before then.

THANK YOU GRACE, SANDY, LINDA AND BEN for sharing this wonderful weekend with us.

There were more laughs, wrong turns, driving in the wrong direction and 'OPPS'  coming from our mouths...but it all made for a wonderful memory.

On Sunday morning we headed back to Wisconsin, Ben and Linda back to Florida, Grace to Pennsylvania and Sandy to New York…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hope you all enjoyed this weekend with us through these pictures.


  1. Karen, WOW! Looks like you had a great time! So many wonderful treasures! So love the big snowman and the gingerbread garland!
    Hope to go next year! OLM

  2. Karen, sounds like you had a great weekend. I love Waynesville, Ohio, and its wonderful shops so I know you had fun shopping there. Love all your goodies and all the ones that your friends purchased. Thanks for sharing all the photographs.

  3. Hi Karen, you guys were in front of Lori...Not Forgotten Farm and I..Robin, Millstone Mercantile. I had the chance to meet Grace and I chatted with you for a minute in line. Looking forward to the spring show. Drop me a not and maybe we can get together next time.

  4. Well Karen, all I have to say is WoW! =)


  5. Karen .... Thanks so much for taking me along with you on another fantastic trip! All the husbands should be commended for their bravery in joining all the gals in the shopping extravaganza! Everyone found some beautiful treasures which were a tease ... oops, meant to say a delight in viewing!! ~.~

  6. Looks like you all had too much fun! Enjoyed seeing your trip and goodies. Waynesville is a wonderful place ~ almost like Berlin, Oh. in Amish country, tons of shops galore!

    Country Register mag. is filled w/the most darling shops too!

  7. Oh my goodness,Karen!What great pictures!Thanks for sharing!!!..Doug looked so happy there with his new snowman friend..LOL.And you're as cute as always!!..Hopefully, someday, we can meet up also!....Have fun finding places for your new things and be sure to take pics to let us see!!~~hugs,Jen

  8. Wow! What a fun weekend with friends! Looks like you made good friends, had great laughs and made awesome purchases! Karen~can't wait to see what you do with all your new goodies!


  9. Sounds like such a fun time. Thanks for taking us along through your pictures. I love everyone's goodies and look forward to seeing how you use yours in your Christmas decor.

  10. Oh Karen what fun!! I have been blessed to spend some similar days with prim friends so I know what you mean when you say you all just meshed!! I have know Sandy online for years and it was fun to see you and her together and then with so many other blogging friends! I am guessing you made memories to last a lifetime!! I am sure 24 was no fun but at least it was DRY!! LOL

    Enjoy your time at home now!!

  11. Karen, I never even gave it a thought, but you could have stopped by my house and picked up the blanket crane. Did you come into Ohio on 80/90 and down 75 to Waynesville? If so you were only 8 miles from our home. Glad you had fun. Wish I could have gone this year. Maybe next year...~Ann

  12. I love those beautiful cabins. Wow Fun Fun Fun!

  13. Karen ~
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip to the Buckeye State. I am so happy I had the pleasure of meeting you. Too bad there wasn't more time to sit and chat. It looks like you found some unique treasures to take home.
    Oh, nice meeting Doug, too.
    Pug hugs :)

  14. Karen you did really well at that show. I went but did not find it wonderful due to extreme crowding... I only wish they would hold it somewhere that would be more suitable for the crowd they pull.. So happy you had a nice time when you drove so far. Love your goodies.. Sandi

  15. Karen, thanks for sharing your trip. It looks like great fun. Your purchases are great too!

  16. Whata fantastic weekend had by you all Karen. Thank you so much for sharing your almost makes me feel like i was there..almost!!
    You all bought some amazing to find a home for
    luv Annie.xxxx

  17. Karen, What a lovely trip. You got to meet so many wonderful crafters!!! It looks like it was so much fun and that you had so much fun!!!
    I love all of your awesome purchases!!!! May I ask who sells those calendars!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!! I loved everything!!! Enjoy!!!

  18. Hi Karen....what a great post! I must have just missed you at the Curry's and Miller's. You girls do know that Ben and Doug are special guys, right???
    Now I know what your next career can be...Prim Tour Coordinator. You take the best trips.

  19. Wow Karen, what an awesome trip you had!! Thanks so much for sharing all the pics, they were an absolute delight. Living in Texas that is probably all of Ohio I will ever see. 8-) But, who knows, I would love to visit up there someday....maybe I'll just have the opportunity someday.

  20. Good morning Lucky Girl! How I wanted to come to that show, but had to keep going with the shop and getting ready for our show this weekend. Maybe next time. Is there going to be one in the spring? Love all your purchases, especially the BIG snowman! Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  21. Wow, that was fun! What a great group. You win the Best Shopper Award. You sure get around, meet people, and have a good time. Good for you!
    Love all your treasures.
    Hugs, Dale

  22. Hi Karen..It looks like you all had a wonderful time together and what fun it must have been to meet up with such a lovely group of fellow bloggers...I love the large snowman that Doug is proudly cute...
    Love all you goodies..
    Prim hugs,

  23. Hi Karen!!! It was so nice to meet you!!!!
    I'm glad I could hook you up with Lauren!!!
    Boy when I was talking to you, you didn't have any of those goodies in your hands LOL.What a GREAT haul!!!!
    If you don't remember me I was on the blue handicap scooter (My Zoom Zoom)trying to make my way through the crowd!!

  24. What fantastic pictures Karen. Curry's is breathtaking. I was there years ago but never did make it to Millers. I hope to do that one day. SG is an incredible show I always say I am going again this year but can't seem to make it.
    You guys certainly did it right hitting everything. What wonderful treasures you all bought. Thanks again for sharing such great pics with us.

  25. It sounds like a truly amazing weekend. And I can tell you had a lot of fun

  26. Hi Karen! Glad to see you two made it home safe and sound! What a wonderful bounty you brought home!!!! Wowsa to the shopping Queen and King! It was so nice to ge to meet you both at the show. I hope we meet again under less crowded circumstances! Geesh it was busy!

    It doesn't look like you made it to the Seraph. Bummer. :( BUT... that leads me to say that next time you are planning a trip to Ohio let me know. I would live to take you there myself. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  27. Karen,
    Oh what a great time it looks like!! I cant wait till my lil ones are older and perhaps interested(the girls) in shopping!! Also, Thanks so much for the referal for the floor cloth :) it means alot coming from a talent like you!!
    Blessings, Anne

  28. Great pictures! I didn't get there this year ~ I live 30 minutes from Mt. Vernon but we headed north to the Lake!! Looks like a wonderful trip ~ I love Curry's but have never beent o Miller's ~ thanks for the tour!

  29. Wow, Karen, You had some fun & picked some great places to visit here in Ohio!
    I love Waynesville!
    The "Simple Goods Show", wasn't the vendors just the best! So many great items, I purchase a snowman also!
    Check out my blog,it is the post from Sunday!
    Glad you enjoyed Ohio!
    Have a wonderful fall day!


  30. I enjoyed the pictures of your lovely trip! I am so happy for you!
    Where I live,in Quebec, there aren't many places such as these to visit;and your pictures were my prim eye candy for the day! :) thanks!

  31. Karen,
    Looks like you all had a wonderful trip. The Simple Goods Show is only about 2 hours from where I live...I wanted so badly to go, but we had other plans.
    Isn't Waynesville wonderful!! I used to live there for 9 years and had a shop there for 4 years. Sometime I still miss it, but I do love living near my family now.

  32. Oh what a fun trip! Waynesville is my favorite , favorite place!! I usually make an annual trip there! Waynesville Furniture is a great shop also! Oh there are too many favorite shops for me to list!! The Hammel House Inn is the best place for lunch!! Glad you had a successful trip! I loved all the pics!


  33. Hi Karen,
    I so enjoyed browsing all your photos especially since I didn't get to Simple Goods this year. Have been to all the places you visited and now you make me want to return to them. We have two of the Jakes Restaurants very near us and always enjoy them. Jakes is named after the owners dog that has since passed away.
    I haven't been to The Seraph store for quite some time and so sorry to read of it's current condition. It was always fine whenever I stopped there. Love their items but too pricey for me I'm afraid.
    So glad you enjoyed your visit to OH - my state.
    Come again any time.

  34. All I can say is OH WOW!! What a fun weekend!! I would have came home and crashed for the week, hehe! Looks and sounds like you all had lots and lots of fun. How wonderful that you can spend the weekend with almost total strangers but leave as friends. I just love kindred spirits! Even though I'm very envious, thanks for sharing about the Simple Goods show! I enjoyed looking at every single picture in every single album! =]


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