Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time to relax and decorate

As planned I closed all Christmas orders on the first and it was a blessing – what a wonderful feeling to get up in the morning and know there isn’t any pressure to get something finished and in the mail. Now I still love doing my sewing and always will in fact yesterday I was thinking about cutting out something to sew in the evening. I think I need to stop thinking like that don’t you???  My mind never rests!

But back to the ‘nothing to do’ – that’s not so true because just like all of you I spent the weekend and part of this week doing my Christmas decorating and at a much slower pace and it was so enjoyable. In fact I just put the last touches on a couple baskets and now it’s completely finished.  Minimal, Simple but FINISHED.

I may have to do this in a two part post because of all the pictures I took – and hopefully they will go on my Picturetrail sometime as well.

I want to say a huge Thank You to all my followers here – my how the number grows. You are all such a wonderful group of blogging friends and some I have even got to know personally.

I did a Christmas swap with a  FB friend I went to Ohio with last month – Oh I got some beautiful gifts – and hand made! These are from a dear friend, Sandy Schutt. She sent the most primitive Santa and long tall snowman.
Thank you Sandy! 
(You’ll see them in their rightful place in the Christmas photos)
From Sandi Schutt

Primitive Tree Primitive Tree Primitive Tree

And from another friend, Trena from,
I received these sweet gifts
A cute Christmas Pillow, faceless Primitive doll and a Primitive sign. She also threw in a special treat. Thank you Trena.

Goodies from Trena Ergler

Primitive Tree Primitive Tree Primitive Tree

And in today’s mail I received a beautiful Silver antique ornament and a Pewter Chamberstick and candle from Linda Tittle down in sunny but cold Florida – her and Ben were also part of the Ohio trip in October – Linda you nailed it on the head with these gifts…Thank you sweetie.
Silver Ornament

Pewter Chamber Stick
Here’s Ben (Linda’s husband). Now this just doesn’t relate…Christmas decorations and no shirt! Ben I’m jealous…well, not the no shirt for me but the Sun for sure.
Ben in Florida

Primitive Tree Primitive Tree Primitive Tree

I’ll get to the decorating in a minute but first I want to show you my Christmas present from my husband. I am a huge reader and the library is starting to overflow so he thought I needed an electronic reader and yesterday he came home with a KINDLE for me...hmmmmm, thought I never wanted one of those things. I like to feel the book and read the back of the cover and all that goes with a ‘paper book’ BUT…now I have changed my mind in just a short day!

It’s fantastic – I purchased 2 books already and have read most of the first one – I can’t say enough great things about them. So I guess I can eat my words about NEVER GOING TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE THINGS!!!!
Today we went and bought a jacket for it so it doesn’t get banged up.

Primitive Tree Primitive Tree Primitive Tree

Oh…still another thing to talk about – I am in a swap with Grace from Lancaster, PA – she wanted a Cabin table runner. Well that was a challenge put to me to say the least – I do more Folk Art designs so I went to work in my head figuring out just how I wanted it to look and the fabrics. I got the picture in my head – now I needed to get it on the runner.
Here’s what I came up with – It’s RIGHT ON with what I had pictured in my head and I realllllly love it.
The one thing thought that I couldn’t get right was the angle on the left side – that bothers me but it is still what I saw in my head.
I had to prepare each element of the cabin separately and used 3 different types of fabric for it and then bake the pieces in the oven to get the look I wanted
Cabin for Grace

Primitive Tree Primitive Tree Primitive Tree

Oh man, this post is getting too long and I’ve probably lost many of you by now – I think I will post Christmas pictures maybe on Monday how does that sound?
Didn’t mean to tease you but I think you will agree.

I’ll leave you all with my snowy picture from Saturday – windy, snowing and 2 degrees! Blizzard conditions
Snowy Saturday 

I also received some photos from a follower of my blog and my website – Diane Ward – she tried my Pantry Cake recipe I have on my ‘Tips N Techniques page and sent me photos of them along with some of her lovely home. I told her that her home is Country Sampler material!!!

You can find it here:

Didn’t her cakes turn out gorgeous????

Photos of Diane’s Home…it’s gorgeous!







P.S. there may be some typos and no periods, commas but this darned thing was acting up – every time I tried to correct something it would delete the next character and I’d have to keep typing to finish the thought. I decided you would all know what I was getting at so I left the boo-boo’s.


  1. Karen
    Oh, so many wonderful kind gifts!

    Beautiful snowy pic! Burrr!

    So enjoyed,
    keep warm

  2. Wow what wonderful goodies you received!! I love the last picture of the snow, it is beautiful. But of course, I am in sunny Arizona and don't have to shovel it or freeze!!
    Happy Holidays,

  3. Hi Karen, It's good to hear that you have some extra time to enjoy the season this year. Your decision to stop orders was a smart one!

    Your swaps are great and that runner is amazing. I am sure Grace will be thrilled!

    I said the same thing about e-readers - NO WAY. I want to hold a book. Then I got my Ipad which is also an e-reader and I love it. It's my laptop and e-reader in one! I hope you enjoy your Kindle for years to come!!

    Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor come Monday! Have a great weekend!

  4. Thank you, Karen! Everything looks so warm and inviting. Love all the neat things you received. The runner you made is so neat - I know your friend will love it.
    I am an avid reader and with the number of books I read a week, I don't think I can afford to own a Kindle and purchase the number of books I want to read. LOL
    Enjoy yours.

  5. Beautiful Christmas Pics, Karen..! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Merry Christmas to you and your family, enjoy your "free" time during the Holiday Season! K

  6. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing more pictures on Monday. I still getting a few things done, and will enjoy the next couple of weeks with family. Life is good!

  7. Karen,
    I am glad that you have been able to slow down and enjoy the season. Your gifts are all so fabulous. Thanks for sharing, Can't wait for monday to see those pictures.
    Happy Holidays

  8. Hi Karen... Your postings are always so interesting and so many lovely pics..
    Have a very Merry Christmaa and enjoy your off time with your family...

  9. Merry Christmas Karen..I loved all of the swaps and can't wait to see your home pics when you post them..My neighbor also got a kindle for Christmas and here where I live our library lets you rent books for the kindle with your library card..Check into it in your area..Great concept..Also she has a site that you can buy used books for the kindle..I love the cabin runner you made..It's beautiful..

  10. Karen,
    OH MY!! I received my special gift in the mail today, they are all adorable...My very favorite is the bowl tuck, the embroidered little tree is precious! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. How wonderful to get a "squishy" package in the mail. May you have the most memorable Christmas! With special thoughts from Pennsylvania, JeanneBender

  11. Karen,
    What a wonderful post! Relax and enjoy your beautiful decorations. Isn't it so enjoyable to sit down and look at the tree lights in the peace and quiet. You got some darling swap gifts and I LOVE that vintage silver ornament. I just ordered some off of Ebay. Can't wait to get them. Your cabin runner is amazing! Grace will love it! Happy holidays to you, can't wait to see your decor. Take care. ~Sarah~

  12. Oh my goodness! I just loved this post. You would never ever lose me! I love seeing all the pictures. I need you to decorate my house!!! One day I am gonna have a log cabin and decorate it like I want to. I can't wait to see the Christmas decorations.

  13. Karen ~
    Great post!!! Thank you for sharing Diane's home. It is lovely.
    Your snow is beautiful. I am so happy our blizzard fizzled out snow-wise, but we did get the wind and cold temps (though not as cold as you).
    Hugs :)

  14. Have a very Merry Christmas Karen!! I love the table runner and all the goodies you received!

  15. Loved your pictures of your swaps and that runner is gorgeous! Looking forward to your Monday post. Enjoy your down time, Karen!

  16. love all your decorating! Wish that mine was done also. The runner is beautiful! You did a great job. Wonderful swaps also!


  17. What a wonderful post. I loved reading it and was, as always, inspired.We all lead busy lives, specialy at this Time of the Year but it is soooo good to take time out and do just what we want in the Time we want.
    And may I make a suggestion for your worry about to long a Post?(not that it bothers me) You can always try and make the photo's smaller, since they are clickable. That would 'shorten' the post and so you can write more for us to read:)
    Have a wonderful Holiday

  18. Karen~

    You received some wonderful gifts! I loved all of them. I cannot wait to see your Christmas pictures. I know they will be amazing!


  19. You got some lovely gifts, Karen but I really enjoyed the pics of your beautifully decorated home! The snow picture looks like a postcard.

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Hi Karen,
    What wonderful gifts you received!
    Love the cabin runner you made. You are so talented!
    Primitive eye candy is my favorite kind of candy...can't wait to see pictures of your home all decorated!


  21. I can appreciate the feeling of relief that you felt upon finishing your orders for Christmas.My last one has been mailed today and it feels so good.Enjoy your break Karen.Happy Christmas.

  22. Glad you're taking time out to enjoy the season, loved the pictures.

  23. I always enjoy your posts Karen! What lovely gifts you received and the log cabin runner is amazing-nice job!
    Nothing wrong with stopping the orders and taking "you" time! We all need to do that this time of year as we tend to get caught up in all the "have to's" and drift away from the spirit of the season. I will admit I am looking forward to your decorating photos but Monday is good!;-)
    Sending warm holiday wishes to you~

  24. Hi Karen...
    It's good that your relaxing and enjoying your Christmas decor...Life goes so quickly that this time of year is just a blur to some people...
    Looking forward to seeing all your Christmas pictures..I know they'll be beautiful as always..
    Merry Christmas,

  25. Karen,
    I love the runner!!! Just beautiful!! Cant wait to see your Christmas Decor...I would love a kindle(Loved books since 3rd grade)...but with all our kids, we dont exchange presents between two of us. Merry Christmas to you and Doug.. ..Happy New Year Too!!

  26. love all the pictures... thanks so much for sharing!
    I still dont "get" the kindle! I keep telling my husband to go to the library... its FREE! haha...Guess im just too cheap!

  27. Karen, thanks for sharing your beautiful home, it looks so inviting. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas.

    PS A little bird tells me that Santa will bring me an e reader too!

  28. What wonderful goodies you received Karen! I just love your runner, I am sure Grace will too :) I can't wait to see your Christmas pictures!

  29. oh my , where do I begin? LOL...loooove all your swap goodies and Im soo happy you have taken this month off for a less stressful holiday to do your decorating, shopping , etc...AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> oh my gosh!!!!!!! must make more log cabin runners, etc to sell on your website...I LOVE IT sooooooooooooo much......ahhhhhhh...Merry christmas to you and your family....

  30. Wonderful post, Karen. The log cabin runner turned out beautifully. Looking forward to your Christmas pictures.

    Wishing You A Blessed Christmas,

  31. What wonderful goodies you received! Congratulations on the Kindle, that Doug is a sweetheart, isn't he?!

    Grace's cabin runner is lovely! I love the way the cabin turned out with the different colors of fabric and baking.

    Yikes! 2 degrees is way too cold for me, but your snow picture is gorgeous! I just love the way snow transforms things.

    Diane's home is beautiful! I agree... Country Sampler material for sure!


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