Friday, March 11, 2011

I received some special gifts

I saw the box, knew who it was from…but wasn’t prepared for the treasures inside.
Oh Grace, you were too good to me!

Grace (from Lancaster, PA) and I had planned a swap and if you remember I made her the ‘cabin’ runner and I also made one of the ‘weaver cloth Feather Tree pillows’ – well I feel I didn’t do enough in this swap – I THINK I GOT THE

Take a look at these wonderful goodies!
The box was full!!
What more can I say…pictures finish my words!

Box of gifts

Wrapped 1

Wrapped 2

Heart Pin Chushion


Tooth Wash Box 

All Gifts

The Tooth Wash and Fever Cure are going on a shelf in our bathroom and the pillow and heart pin cushion are going in our den – so you see I can look at them whenever I’m in these room.

Girls at fence

So what’s happening here and why haven’t I been out and about visiting the forums and blogs…well…

I don’t know for sure when they will be ready because now I need photos of all the ones I’m doing patterns for….all the pictures I have were sized to fit my website so they don’t turn out will in a photo. So I’ll be sewing for awhile to get the product made to be able to photograph. Wow, this is work!

I need to find outlets for selling now – anyone know how to go about this? I do know there are a couple sites but the Pattern Cupboard isn’t taking new accounts right now. That just leaves The Prim Pattern.

Girls at fence

Come on over to my website:
I have a sale on my
Bee Skep & Black Eyed Susan Runners
It goes to the end of March
Ivory or Black
Bee Skep & Black Eyed Susans

Daisy and Beeskeep long runner1

Daisys and Beeskeep

Well everyone – that’s it for this week!



praying hands 
Let us take a minute out of our lives to PRAY
for all those involved in the horrendous
earthquake and Tsunami



  1. Congrats on your winnings :) so nice

    Yes, let us remember those who were affected by this tragedy.

  2. Nice Gifts..! Are you interested in selling only online? Email me, I know of some Ladies who have craft Prim stores who sell only handmade in USA..

  3. What great goodies...I love the Olde Crow bottle. Your pennt rugs are always so nice!

  4. hi, Karen
    lovin your penny rugs~ great job!So many goodies you received~ had to giggle at the olde crow fever cure~love that!!!
    Yes, prayers for all affected & will be affected may the lord be with all!

  5. I'm so excited that you will be offering patterns of your awesome penny rugs! I have seen a few online sites who sell new designers' patterns--try Lisa Bonjean at Primitive Gatherings, Karen Perry at Farmhouse Woolens, Pumpkin Patch Primitives, and Prairie Grove Peddler. I'll bet they would jump at the chance to offer your beautiful designs! (And I'll jump at the chance to buy them!) Also, try selling them on etsy!

  6. I have just become a follower - Grace from Lancaster? I live in Lititz - can you pleas post her blog name.

  7. Wow...Super goodies there !! Grace is a sweetie !!
    and so glad you are putting in your designs into patterns !!!

  8. WOW! Isn't that Grace a "DOLL!" Her work is great - even down to the way she wraps and packs. You made out well my friend.
    I never feel like I do enough for her when we exchange treasures.
    I am excited for you that you are going into another way of staying in the business.
    I feel so bad for what is going on in other parts of the USA and the world. Prayers going out for all.
    Have a nice weekend and hi to Doug.

  9. Karen, You penny rugs are beautiful!!!
    You swap goodies, WOW!!! Love them! Enjoy! OLM

  10. I LOVE the penny rugs!!! Just beautiful!

  11. You really did recieve some beautiful items..Your work is so nice on your penny runners..And I do agree that we should keep all of the people of Japan in our thoughts and prayers..Have a great week-end..

  12. Karen ~
    MY! You are busy. It is so good to see a post from you! I hope you find an outlet for your patterns. I wish you great success, dear friend.
    Wonderful swap goodies!
    Pug hugs :)

  13. Hi Karen.. You certainly received some beautiful swap gifts.. What a great idea doing your patterns. You are so talented,.
    Holding all up in prayer...

  14. Wow Karen awesome swap goodies!!
    Haveva wonderful Sunday.

  15. LoL!
    Posting from my iPad, meant to say...
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  16. Good evening, Karen,
    Now, that's the kind of mail that is fun to get! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

  17. Wonderful goodies! I am not sure about selling patterns on the internet, but I would think that if you visited some of the local wool shops, they would buy wholesale from you. Your items are wonderful!


  18. Hi Karen.
    I just love all the goodies! How lucky are you.

  19. You did get some beautiful treasures! But so did she! :-)
    So, way good new about your patterns!!! Be sure to keep us posted on how it's going. Good luck sewing. YOU DO BEAUTIFUL WORK!
    btw, The bride is 23. But she does look 15 from the side huh. She has such wonderful hair for real too. Long, thick and copper!

  20. Karen, You certainly have many wonderful goodies...Congrats on your winnings. Enjoy!


  21. Oh I just love when goodies are wrapped up so nice and pretty! The presentation is half the fun, I think. =] What wonderful goodies you received! I love to see stitcheries, you just know there is lots of love in each piece because it is so time consuming. How nice of Grace to send you such tokens of hard work and love!

    YAY!! I'm so glad you are making your original designs into patterns! That is wonderful news for me! =] I have been wanting to just jump in and try my hand at making penny rugs, but if I have a pattern I know that would be so much easier for me. Please keep us posted as to when they will be available and where. How exciting! I don't know of any pattern places but best wishes on your new adventure!

  22. You certainly had some stunning swap goodies, loved them all!

    Good Luck in your new pattern venture Karen and wishing you every success

  23. Well, FINALLY! :) LOL!!! I told ya I would NOT GIVE UP! ;)
    Goodness, I have no idea why but each time I tried to visit you the page would just stop loading and hang there!
    I am so far behind on my bloggin' and visits. I took the winter off and now trying to catch up is a little much!
    You sure did get some terrific goodies!!
    That's so wonderful that you will be selling patterns! Your talent is awesome--You'll do very well with this, I'm sure!!! :)
    Hope you're doin well... Happy St. Pat's Day!

  24. What a great fun to get new stuff in the mail. Blessings...hope you are feeling better. Dianntha

  25. Karen, You sure did receive some wonderful gifts in the swap!! Lucky You! And I Love your penny rug runners!! That's awesome you are going to be selling patterns for your work! What about Pattern Mart?



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