Friday, March 11, 2011

I received some special gifts

I saw the box, knew who it was from…but wasn’t prepared for the treasures inside.
Oh Grace, you were too good to me!

Grace (from Lancaster, PA) and I had planned a swap and if you remember I made her the ‘cabin’ runner and I also made one of the ‘weaver cloth Feather Tree pillows’ – well I feel I didn’t do enough in this swap – I THINK I GOT THE

Take a look at these wonderful goodies!
The box was full!!
What more can I say…pictures finish my words!

Box of gifts

Wrapped 1

Wrapped 2

Heart Pin Chushion


Tooth Wash Box 

All Gifts

The Tooth Wash and Fever Cure are going on a shelf in our bathroom and the pillow and heart pin cushion are going in our den – so you see I can look at them whenever I’m in these room.

Girls at fence

So what’s happening here and why haven’t I been out and about visiting the forums and blogs…well…

I don’t know for sure when they will be ready because now I need photos of all the ones I’m doing patterns for….all the pictures I have were sized to fit my website so they don’t turn out will in a photo. So I’ll be sewing for awhile to get the product made to be able to photograph. Wow, this is work!

I need to find outlets for selling now – anyone know how to go about this? I do know there are a couple sites but the Pattern Cupboard isn’t taking new accounts right now. That just leaves The Prim Pattern.

Girls at fence

Come on over to my website:
I have a sale on my
Bee Skep & Black Eyed Susan Runners
It goes to the end of March
Ivory or Black
Bee Skep & Black Eyed Susans

Daisy and Beeskeep long runner1

Daisys and Beeskeep

Well everyone – that’s it for this week!



praying hands 
Let us take a minute out of our lives to PRAY
for all those involved in the horrendous
earthquake and Tsunami