Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BUSY and more BUSY

Oh Yes, I know the heading is not proper grammar!
What started out as a slow Spring/Summer is fast becoming busy.

Last week was very busy with Alexandra’s graduation on Friday night, then on Sunday we had Jessica’s (Nieces daughter) graduation party to go to (about 1-/12 hours drive away) so that was a very full day.
They live on a farm and so there was lots of space for everything…even horse riding. 

Jessica photos 

Jessica on horse 3

Jessica on horse 2

Mark, her dad, had built onto the end of his workshop a huge addition this past Fall and even put in heated floors…this is the space he’ll work on his big machinery – but so far it has been used for their huge Easter dinner and now Jess’s graduation party.
Shed 1

All the kids played Volleyball for most of the day
Tinas 2

Jesse our oldest grandson (21) and Aidan our youngest (3 next Monday) were the only two grandchildren that could make it there.  Jesse is in the gray and white stripe.
My step-mom in the white jacket (right).
Tinas 1

And naturally we had to get some pictures of Aidan around the farm

Aidan calf 1

Darren, MaryAnn and Aidan taking a walk to find some cowsDarren and family 1

Aidan 2

Way up on the big tractor. See him in there!
Aidan tractor

Tire is taller than Aidan
Aidan machinery 1 

So that was our weekend…

Then the week I got busy with orders and then yesterday we decided to take advantage of a perfect day (temps in the mid 70’s and breezy).
It was perfect Golf weather (for me that is…).
So we headed on down to the place we had our Golf Clinic and also our favorite place to golf. Prairie Woods. It’s a bit of a drive for us but well worth it just for the scenery alone.
The weather couldn’t have been more perfect…and the breeze made it even more so…actually quite windy at times.

Prairie Wood
Story with this place is…when our boys were very little, along with my brother’s family, we would go out there when it was just a farm and woods…mainly HICKORY NUT TREES…we would spend many Saturday or Sunday’s out in the woods picking Hickory Nuts…the kids loved the adventure and we’d take a picnic lunch along too and made a full day of it letting the kids wander in the woods finding treasures. The owners being friends of my brother made it possible for us to go there so it was always available to us.
So this place has some wonderful memories. Most of the woods are cleared now for the golf course but it’s just a pretty place to be.

So on with my day…just pictures of the golf course.Golf course 
Golf course 2 
BYE-BYE!  Oh yes, quite windy…see the fluffed hair!

Today is swim class at the fitness center, then Lola kitty has an apt. this afternoon…she’s so darned sick again!
Then busy with orders the rest of the week…then Father’s Day Sunday, Aidan’s birthday on Monday and Tuesday I have my procedure on my back…guess I had better get some books loaded on my Kindle because I’m going to be resting for about a week after that.

Thank you again everyone who follows me – and for all your fun comments. You are the reason.

Have a good one!



  1. Karen, Great pictures of Aidan on the farm! He is adorable with the cow licking his hand!


  2. Karen
    Hope allgoes well with your back procedure!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Your family iS beautiful.
    Will be thinking bout you next week,

  3. Hello Karen what great pictures little Aidan is so Cute!! congrats on the big order!

  4. Love all the pictures!! I hope all goes well on Tuesday - I will be saying a little prayer.

  5. Hey Karen,

    What a wonderful farm! That looks like a great place anytime...and a perfect graduation party place! Little Aidan sure is growing and is as cute as can be!

    Hope you all are doing well! Have a great summer! :)


  6. what a GREAT post! You look so happy in the picture there ;)

    The golf place is beautiful (I don't know anything about golf) but it's gorgeous peaceful spot, looks like.

    This summer is so busy for me too and I don't have little ones at home...How did I ever do it once before??? LOL


  7. Hi Karen....loving the pictures from the farm. I grew up on a big long ago! LOLOLOL! are still on my prayer list. I will continue to pray for your procedure next Tuesday and let's hope it is a huge success. Take care...


  8. Hi Karen,
    Loved the pictures!
    Hope life calms down for you, soon.
    The whole Spring has been crazy around here too.
    And I havent been able to accomplish anything!!
    The list I had made up in my mind this past winter, has yet to finished.
    Oh, I had so many big plans, and so far it isnt working out that way! LOL!!
    Oh well, there is always tomorrow. ;)

    Take Care Sweetheart,

  9. Hi Karen, first off, I hope your surgery goes good and that you are back on your feet again super fast. I love all your pictres, Aidan looked like he had a super great time
    Have a great day

  10.'ve had your game of last! You look happy, nice to see. Thanks for the lovely pics of the family and I'll be thinking of you when you have your op. Want to see you playing golf again in no time. Take care, Maa.

  11. Hey Karen,
    Your pictures are great of the farm and your perfect golf swing...!

    Sorry to hear your having back issues again. I just had a extensive surgery done on the back...hope your not laid up too long..

    Enjoy this beautiful weather:)

  12. Congrats to your grand daughter - she is lovely!! And Aidan is a doll - he looks like he enjoyed the farm!!

    Oh my hubby would be loving that golf course... what a neat story behind it.

    Best wishes on your back procedure - I hope it goes well!


  13. Wonderful pictures Karen...your family is so nice. Little Aidan is a sweetie!! Gald you got to golf & have some fun down time. ~Kriss~

  14. Whew! You wore me right out with that schedule! Yikes!! Busy, busy...and more busy is right! Lovely photos and memories being made - I haven't golfed in half of forever; and truly think I'd prefer picking hickory nuts at this point... :o) Anyway - glad you had fun - you're beautiful and look so relaxed and happy....Best thoughts and prayers for your procedure....(At least you'll have a chance (i.e., be forced to) rest up then! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Karen, I really enjoyed all the beautiful pics. Aidan is adorable and seemed to be having a lot of fun exploring life on a farm .Will be praying that your procedure goes well on Tuesday. Love my kindle ,bought it on your recommendation .LOL! Have a great week ,Jen

  16. Very nice pictures Karen, thanks for sharing! I am jealous of your beautiful weather as I am sitting here with a sweater and warm socks on!

  17. Hi Karen.. your life sounds as busy as mine..the farm where the graduation looks like a nioce place to spend the day.. and the little one looked so cute up there in the tractor..
    Neat memories about your Golf course and here you are making new memories with your gold game..Pretty place to golf and spend an afternoon!!

    Take care of self and rest up for taht back procedure a little before hand..


  18. Other than for the rain, we've also had some pleasant weather for being outside some. Hubby's been doing yard work. I tried golf lessons years ago and found out had badly I stink at golf ;D so I gave it up. My clubs stand in garage and I should try to get rid of them, I guess.

  19. You certainly have been busy and it doesn't sound like it's going to slow down any time soon. Aidan was so cute and tiny with all that huge farm equipment! So glad you were able to enjoy a relaxing day on the golf coarse!!

  20. What a wonderful get together on the farm! I'm a horse person but I don't think I ever once rode barefoot, short-shorts and a tank top!! Hope your procedure goes well!

  21. Karen
    So much busy fun!!! oh, you know I love all the farm pics~ Looked like me riding a horse when I was young~ but I always rode without a saddle~ just loved Bareback riding~ (what a hayseed I am~ barefoot-& all!!)
    the golf course is so very pretty~ looks like you were having a blast~ big smile on you!!!
    thanks for sharing the fun~

  22. You have been one busy gal...what fun,,,just love going to the farm...every child has to experience the farm!...I used to love golf, haven't played in years...beautiful course..thanks for sharing..

  23. Hi Karen,
    I've been MIA on here, and also having troubles with blogger. :(
    I so enjoyed all the photos!
    I can't get over how big Aidan is getting! :) Love the calf pic! so sweet!
    Congrats to Alex & Jessica! Ahh, party on a farm-nothing better ;) Steve and I got married on his dad's farm!
    Best wishes with your back procedure...will say a prayer that all goes well and you have a speedy recovery.

  24. Great pics! The farm graduation looks like a lot of fun. Funny about that golf course, I picked up a magazine somewhere and was leafing through it and it had pics in it a golf course in Wisconsin that used to be woods also, wonder if it was the same one?
    Hope that your procedure goes well.

  25. Love seeing all the pictures and you are a busy girl- that is for sure. I woke up this morning thinking about my week and realizing I don't even have a day to call my own until next weekend. I guess that is the way it goes! I sure hope your procedure goes well and works. We are praying for you.


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