Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pewter, Birthday, Father’s Day

Maybe not in that order -
On Saturday night our oldest Darren and his family took us out to dinner for Father’s Day – isn’t it nice when the spouse gets to enjoy the benefits of the occasion?
Took a couple photos before we left
Father's Day dinner 2 

Darren and Aidan batted a few wiffel balls around first…and got a tad silly.
Racket Ball 1

Darren Silly

Aidan silly

Sunday morning on Father’s Day Doug and I went to a flea market south of us and I found another piece of Pewter – it’s a beat up ole Tankard but I love the wear on these old pieces. For what ever reason the dents got in it I’m not sure – but it shows someone used it and well. And it only cost me $2.00 so the dents really didn’t matter at that point.
Pewter Tankard

Monday late afternoon we went back over to Darren’s place for Aidan’s 3rd Birthday – I can’t believe how old that little guy is getting and I’m thinking he may be good at Golf
Aidan golfing 1

Aidan golfing 2

Aidan on swing

3 Generations
3 generations

They served us a delicious dinner of Ham, Scalloped Potatoes and fresh Green Beans.

Time for Cake!
Three of them
Aidan cake 1 
Aidan cake 4

Now some gifts!
There were many, many relatives there so he received lots of gifts – I’ll spare you the pictures and show a couple.
 Gift 3

 Gift 4

Gift 2

Mommy and Daddy bought him a picnic table

Picnic table 1 

Picnic table 2

Picnic table 3 

 Picnic table 5

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Thanks for sticking with me through this picture intense post.