Monday, June 6, 2011

Rainy Monday – Cleaning!

Gosh, we just can’t catch a break here in good ole Wisconsin. You get one or two days that are absolutely gorgeous and then ‘crap’.
It’s so gloomy and raining but supposed to clear up but that doesn’t make for a good start to a Monday morning. One wants to wake up bright eyed and raring to go…not today so far.


Saturday was a day of running around getting groceries and odds and ends errands.
Yesterday we cleared out the screen room and cleaned it from top to bottom.
The weather hasn’t been such that we could do that up until now.

We moved the furniture out into the driveway and I scrubbed and hosed it and cleaned all the cushions while he did the inside.
But after he was finished I noticed the Porcelain tile on the floor was very streaky so I took a wet cloth and ran over a spot and it looked like nothing was done.

This was mainly due to the fact that there was so much Pollen in that room from early Spring and it was in every nook and cranny and then the humidity didn’t help any with it plastering itself to the floor…well, it wasn’t all that bad as I’m making it sound but it did streak so I got down on my hands and knees and did a double rinse from section to section.

Screen room 1

Screen room 2

I’m hurting today needless to say. It didn’t do my discs/hips any good but when things need to be done you just do it.


We also picked up our flowers that were being held for us at the greenhouse. We picked out the flowers several weeks ago and they planted them in our pots and gave them a good start in the controlled climate. We had 4 of them planted and they did a good job as usual.
Yard 3

Yard 4 

Yard 2 

Well I finally heard from the Pain Clinic and I get the RF Procedure on the 21st – I’m so looking forward to it and hopefully I will be somewhat pain free at least for a longer period of time than what the shots did for me.


I have had so much trouble with pages loading using Internet Explorer and last week my tech told me to use Google Chrome and so I am – amazing what a difference it made.
Everything loads with a click more waiting for it to ‘think’ so if you are having IE sluggishness then switch to Google Chrome for your browser – you will see a huge difference.

Enjoy your day and week!



  1. Hi Karen,

    Wow, you have a beautiful porch! Sounds like you guys are having the same type of weather as we are here in Idaho! I use Mozilla for my web browser and love it! IE was to slow for me!


  2. Hi Karen, your patio area is so pretty and looks very inviting and cool. Hope your RF procedure works too.


  3. Karen, Sure wish we could switch out the weather with you. It is so dry and HOT here. Mr. P. is having to water our garden just to keep it alive. There has been no rain since we got it with the terrible storms that came thru the South a few weeks back. Oh well, will deal with what the good Lord sends our way and be thankful.
    Love your porch and your patio area. Looks beautiful.
    Glad you will get some relief from your pain soon. Please keep us posted on your progress. Hoping the rain stops and sunshine will brightern your day.
    Angela (Thru Nanas Window)

  4. Whew! I'm worn out just reading it...

    Love your colonial home. I'm new to your blog and look forward to checking back!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Karen, what lovely inviting areas you have.

  6. Whoops, I forgot to tell you that I hope the treatments give you some relief. My husband always says that the shots are just temporary band-aids. LOL

  7. Oh, Karen~ the closed in screen room is breathtaking! I want to come over, sit & chat!!!
    The garden is so pretty~ everything looks wonderful!!!

  8. Karen, I did not realize how big your porch really is! looks so nice and comfy! Your patio is so pretty, too

    BTW, my package arrived here and I am so happy!!!!! Thank you.


  9. That room is ALL kinds of gorgeous, Karen!!! I am so jealous!!! I think I'd be living out there! (Well? Then again, we are in Wisconsin!!) And your patio and yard area is equally beautiful - love that fountain! You sure do know how to do things up right Girl. Best of luck with the procedure....I know your pain! Smiles, Hugs & Hope for A Wonderful Week! Robin

  10. I love everything...always feels good to scrub something and get it clean....i prefer not to do the scrubbing?! LOL

  11. Your porch is beautiful!!
    I hope the treatments will help you to be pain free.
    Have a great week.

  12. your sun room is AMAZING!!! just breathtaking. I bet that is so relazing to just sit and enjoy the outside. Thanks for sharing

  13. Hi Karen~

    Are you enjoying the heat??? It's a little too sticky for my outside today. Love your sun room!! Hope your treatment works well for you.

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  14. Your porch and flower and so pretty! We are also have rain, rain and then more rain. Cold the HOT HOT HOT! The weather is a mess this year. Hoping your pain starts to go away!

  15. I hope your back is feeling better soon..I love your porch and flowers..Your house is just so beautiful..Have a great week..

  16. Karen, I feel your pain... I have to say, I am seeing improvement today... I am excited for you to get this done too!... What doing so much... but so hard when there's so much to do....
    Oh yes... that porch.... To die for!!! LOVE IT! OLM

  17. Karen ~
    That room is to die for!!! Can you say Your gardens are lovely, too. So inviting.
    Pug hugs :)

  18. Karen everything is just gorgeous ! Hope that your procedure is a huge success.Hugs,Jen

  19. Hi karen...Wow your Screen room looks wonderful...Have you ever used Sharks Steam cleaner machine on your tile floors. I bouht one last year for my business and I totally love it. It makes cleaning tile and wood floors so much easier. Heck of a lot easier then getting down on our hands and knees to clean...I know how you feel its killer.. You might want to look into getting one.


  20. Just beautiful. I want to live in your screen room! Hope you feel better soon!

  21. Hi Karen, I don't think I ever saw your screened in room!! Your home keeps getting better & better! Hope the RF helps you (as I sit here with my herbal heating bag on my back)I know what you mean about just needing to get things done but you just push on right? Love all your planters too, beautiful little sitting area. I've been watching a house close by that is being remodeled in the hopes that I'll see them getting ready to throw away the bricks so maybe I can offer to take them & save them some work LOL Thanks for the great pics ~Kriss~

  22. Everything looks wonderful, Karen.. I love your outside living areas... And your flowers are always beautiful..
    I am glad you are going to get some relief from your pain.


  23. Hi Karen, Gosh you have a nice porch. Love it all. Hope your treatment work out wonderful for you. Continue to enjoy.


  24. Love your patio setup, just beautiful & how unique that pineapple birdbath is!

  25. It looks like a wonderful place to sit with a glass of sweet tea and work on some stitchery. I could handle the heat even down here in the South if it weren't for the bugs. We've thought about covering part of our deck. I tend to get cold in the a/c easily. The flower pots look wonderful, also. Another place to sit with some sweet tea!

  26. And I thought I had a pretty porch! That is absolutely beautiful. I sure hope you get some relief from that pain. I know what sweet hunter goes through. He is like you though just keeps on keeping on.

  27. I gave up on IE years ago. Chrome or Firefox are much better choices :-)


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