Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Am I a Horder???? Yikes

Hi all, Yes, I’m still around…been sick for going on 3 weeks now – after 2 Dr. visits, 2 different antibiotics…yuk! Won’t bore you with details but still not better!

I know most of us have seen the TV show Hoarders…well last week I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets to re-organize and to get rid of a few things and honestly didn’t realize how many bows I had…now I collect Salt Glaze but wow..
I put them all out on the table and put them in the cabinets according to size – makes it much easier to find them and get more use out of them. I also took a few to a consignment shop and put 4 of the real large ones on the shelves in the dining room.
Now mind you…I DO USE ALMOST ALL OF MY BOWLS AT DIFFERENT TIMES…and especially the really small ones almost daily so it was hard to determine which ones ‘went’.  I even gained a bit more cabinet space!

Bowls 1 

Small bowls

Bowls 2  

Bowls 3


Last weekend our sons came over to help their dad put the plastic on the screen room (necessary for our hard Winters of snow) would blow those screens right in if it wasn't up.

I know they all enjoyed it and it was fun seeing the guys with their dad...lots of fun and some things I won't repeat...guys you know!


Brett brought his tree trimming tools and fixed a place in the tree that had been splitting for years- hopefully it will last a while longer.

Then I got them all together (when they were finished of course….didn’t want to disrupt the flow!)
The 4 guys
Dan, Darren, Doug, Brett….thanks guys!

Oh….I asked Brett what Joe was doing because he didn’t come with him like I thought he would…he said he was having a LEGOPALOOZA with 6 of his friends – 7 hours of non-stop LEGO building.
Heather sent me a few photos – I can imagine all the different things they built that day. Joe is the third one from left in back row.
legopalooza 028  legopalooza 027
legopalooza 029  legopalooza 025


I ordered a wonderful door box from Jen over at Hickory Hills Primitives…it’s solid and the finish on it is a beautiful Mustard color.
I would show you what it looks like on my door but we’re trying to find a way to display it – I can’t get a hanger to work so I’ll have to go looking for one – our door is steel so no nails!
The picture is from Jens site…but our door is red also, so you get the idea – now I need to find a 3m hanger and fill the box with my real Bittersweet that has been waiting for the box to arrive
Door Box 

And in the package Jen added these wonderful Wax Bowl Fillers with an awesome Cinnabun scentCinnabuns
Go on over and check out her site…all their products are made by them 
Hickory Hills Primitives


Now I thought I didn’t have anything to post today…guess I was wrong – I can be chatty even when I don’t feel well….

Do you remember like way back to the beginning of Spring I think it was – maybe before that even…I was getting into rug hooking – well I bought a chair pad kit and finally got the hooking part of it finished last week. I’m slow with it because I’m not good at it but it’s my actual first one – got two others in the process but I don’t like them so maybe will take them apart.  I need to back this and put ties on it (maybe) and it will be ready to use.  I’m rather proud of it!

Chair pad


And then there’s my two kitties – normally they don’t get this close to each other and I’m not sure why Baby is peeking through the island legs at Lola – I think she’s wondering ‘where’s my food’!
Wheres mine 

Enjoy the rest of your week and hope you all have a great Halloween … for us we’re having a party here at the house with the kids.  Not doing much but it still should be fun.

Pumpkin head Booooooooo!   Karen……..