Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Am I a Horder???? Yikes

Hi all, Yes, I’m still around…been sick for going on 3 weeks now – after 2 Dr. visits, 2 different antibiotics…yuk! Won’t bore you with details but still not better!

I know most of us have seen the TV show Hoarders…well last week I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets to re-organize and to get rid of a few things and honestly didn’t realize how many bows I had…now I collect Salt Glaze but wow..
I put them all out on the table and put them in the cabinets according to size – makes it much easier to find them and get more use out of them. I also took a few to a consignment shop and put 4 of the real large ones on the shelves in the dining room.
Now mind you…I DO USE ALMOST ALL OF MY BOWLS AT DIFFERENT TIMES…and especially the really small ones almost daily so it was hard to determine which ones ‘went’.  I even gained a bit more cabinet space!

Bowls 1 

Small bowls

Bowls 2  

Bowls 3


Last weekend our sons came over to help their dad put the plastic on the screen room (necessary for our hard Winters of snow) would blow those screens right in if it wasn't up.

I know they all enjoyed it and it was fun seeing the guys with their dad...lots of fun and some things I won't repeat...guys you know!


Brett brought his tree trimming tools and fixed a place in the tree that had been splitting for years- hopefully it will last a while longer.

Then I got them all together (when they were finished of course….didn’t want to disrupt the flow!)
The 4 guys
Dan, Darren, Doug, Brett….thanks guys!

Oh….I asked Brett what Joe was doing because he didn’t come with him like I thought he would…he said he was having a LEGOPALOOZA with 6 of his friends – 7 hours of non-stop LEGO building.
Heather sent me a few photos – I can imagine all the different things they built that day. Joe is the third one from left in back row.
legopalooza 028  legopalooza 027
legopalooza 029  legopalooza 025


I ordered a wonderful door box from Jen over at Hickory Hills Primitives…it’s solid and the finish on it is a beautiful Mustard color.
I would show you what it looks like on my door but we’re trying to find a way to display it – I can’t get a hanger to work so I’ll have to go looking for one – our door is steel so no nails!
The picture is from Jens site…but our door is red also, so you get the idea – now I need to find a 3m hanger and fill the box with my real Bittersweet that has been waiting for the box to arrive
Door Box 

And in the package Jen added these wonderful Wax Bowl Fillers with an awesome Cinnabun scentCinnabuns
Go on over and check out her site…all their products are made by them 
Hickory Hills Primitives


Now I thought I didn’t have anything to post today…guess I was wrong – I can be chatty even when I don’t feel well….

Do you remember like way back to the beginning of Spring I think it was – maybe before that even…I was getting into rug hooking – well I bought a chair pad kit and finally got the hooking part of it finished last week. I’m slow with it because I’m not good at it but it’s my actual first one – got two others in the process but I don’t like them so maybe will take them apart.  I need to back this and put ties on it (maybe) and it will be ready to use.  I’m rather proud of it!

Chair pad


And then there’s my two kitties – normally they don’t get this close to each other and I’m not sure why Baby is peeking through the island legs at Lola – I think she’s wondering ‘where’s my food’!
Wheres mine 

Enjoy the rest of your week and hope you all have a great Halloween … for us we’re having a party here at the house with the kids.  Not doing much but it still should be fun.

Pumpkin head Booooooooo!   Karen……..


  1. Hi Karen, I am definately a horder. But now you, you are organized. And I love your collecton. Great family photo's and love your rug that you made. Hugs, Lecia

  2. Hi Karen.. Long time no see...Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.. I can relate for sure. I hope that soon you start feeling like your self again..feeling Icky is no fun at all..

    I love Lego's I actually have 1 huge Tin 2ft high x 18 inches & a 2nd Tin a little smaller, both round filled with my very own Legos. I love building things with them ..wish I could have been at the Lego party...hehe .. I've actually found over the years Lego Building is a great stress releiver..

    Your Hooked Chair pad is great I love it...Very nice!!

    Hope you have fun with the kids for Halloween...

    Feel better soon my firnd!!


  3. Karen, Here's to hoping that you are better before long. Are you a hoarder? I don't think so, I've been in your house and there's no hoarding at all. Lovely collections, but no hoarding. Your chair pad is looking good - stick with the hooking - it's taken several years for me, but it's now second to basketweaving as my favorite hobby. I know that you will be very good at it - your stitching abilities will transfer over to hooking.

    We are trying to decide if we are making the trip up to WI in a few weeks for Thanksgiving. Our fall has been so busy we'd love a long weekend at home, but with the family up there.....

    Take care,


  4. Love seeing your guys working together. One of my best and happiest memory is of my hubby and boys doing things together.

    My middle son was 16 when I stopped finding legos in the bottom of the washer...he carried them in his pockets so he could build wherever the urge hit him.

    Sweet memories!
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Sounds like everyone had fun and hope you feel better soon. I do not call all the bowls you have "Hoarding" I call it a collection. I am VERY limited on cupboard space in my kitchen..can't wait to get it painted and organized a little better. Have a great week (whats left of it) and a great week end. Maybe dribk tea or apple cider and put some honey in it :)

  6. Oh Karen, it just seems like we were getting over that dreaded winter weather from last year and now it's fast approaching again. Time flies. My Mister has been busy cutting firewood for the fireplace and we have actually had a few little fires already. Looks like your guys have you all ready for the cold weather.
    Sorry you have been ill. Sure hope you are feeling yourself again really soon.
    Love the hook rug piece. I just today found an ad in our paper for a store opening here where I can purchase kits and wool. I am so excited. Will visit them this weekend. I have always wanted to try it and now that I can see it first hand I can't wait. Love your bowl collection and your kitties. I bet that group of boys had a time with those legos. That was a brave Mom to have that many boys together for hours on end. Cute kids!
    Take care

  7. You have such a handsome family!
    Hey you can never have too many bowls!
    Get well soon so you can make it next weekend to Mt. Vernon.
    enjoy your Halloween get together.

  8. Hi, Karen ~ I hope you are feeling better soon! I love your salt glazed bowls & the pics of the guys are great. Love your rug!

  9. Karen, oops you just made me realize I must be a hoarder too.
    I have many bowls also...they have many uses. I am so drawn to them and I love salt glaze too. I just put all the windows in my porch and moved a couple big plants in. Now about that door box. I used a strong door hanger and I have had it for two years and it holds the box really well. The picture of my front door will show you.
    Happy Halloween,

  10. Hi Karen.. I hope you will be feeling better soon.. I wonder if you have what I have had for almost 3 weeks, too.. Ugh...
    If you are a hoarder than there are a lot more than you around.. smile..
    Loved this posting.. It was fun seeing all your boys...
    God Bless..

  11. Karen,

    I hope you're over this stuff and feeling better real soon! And I loved the picture of your guys! It's a handsome crew you had there! :)


  12. Great post!! I, too, love pottery bowls but you have me beat! I love the little ones, too, for condiments, candy, dips ~ they're very useful!! Love the hooked mat ~ great colors and you did a great job! Also love the picture of the guys ~ that's what it looks like around here, too ~ bluejeans and ballcaps! Hope you feel better soon!!

  13. Hi Karen, You certainly have been busy! I hate to see what you can do when you are well LOL! It is a great thing to clean out and purge once and a while isn't it. Your legopalooza pics remind me of my son when he was younger, he certainly liked his legos! It looks like you are getting ready for a long winter! Hope you get better soon!

  14. Hi Karen! Love all your bowls -- I'm sure all the different sizes come in very handy... so don't think of yourself as a hoarder.... you are just being practical to have one (or two!) for every occasion!
    How great that you have all those helpers -- wonderful looking family!!
    LOVE the chair pad you made -- it is fabulous!
    Feel better soon!

  15. I love all your bowls Karen, and now they are all nice and neat. I sure do wish my spice cabinet looked like yours LOL!

    Wow, I bet Brett had a great time with all of his friends. I think it's amazing that they were entertained that long doing one thing, that's impressive.

    Your rug hooking is beautiful! It looks like you've been doing it for a long time :D

    I hope you get to feeling better real soon!

  16. Looks like you've been a busy girl! Love your chair pad, I'd love to give rug hooking another try - if I ever find the time! Hope you get feeling better soon, Dawn

  17. Hi, Karen, so much to comment on...sorry you have been sick. Your hooked chair pad looks great, you don't look like a beginner to me!! I also liked all your bowls, especially the salt glazed and yellow ware. Also, nice pictures of your handsome hubby and 3 boys, 3 names beginning with "D", how did "B" get in there?
    Hope you are feeling better.


  18. Karen, I so hope you are feeling better soon... I don't know what it is... but everything seems to be hanging around to long..ugh. I have a cold for over 2 weeks... just when i think it's better... nope... UGH! Have ag reat Halloween.. We always trick or drink in the front yard with the fire pit... last one of the season... OLM

  19. I hope you feel better soon!
    I love all your bowls, yes you have a lot! Me too! I love the picture of your fellows together, I frame one of those! Love the chair pad, you did good, and the door box!

  20. Karen,
    Love your hooked rug.
    Not good at it?
    Yeah right! You Are Great at everything you create!! :)
    Love your door box.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    I've been fighting off something today, can't get rid of this aweful headache.
    Take care and hugs,

  21. Karen...that is a great picture of Doug and your boys! Isn't it wonderful when they all come to help Dad? That happens here, too. Makes me very proud of them! Love your chair pad! You could use that other places beside a chair. Love the colors! You did a fantastic job and it was your first! Wow! Loved this post ...there were so many things that I was interested in.

    I wish you and your whole family a very Happy Halloween! I hope you feel better very soon!


  22. Yes Karen, you are a terrible hoarder! The only solution I can think of is for you to send me all your wonderful salt glazed mixing bowls (for your sake, don't ya know!) And of course, if you are still feeling you are hoarder, feel free to also give me any penny rugs, old quilt or other great primitives! LOL! Seriously, I love your bowl collection and think you are a wonderful collector and decorator and in no way a hoarder! I enjoy your blog!

    Brenda from

  23. Oh did your post make me giggle. I'm the Mom of boys too..and just the other day my 18 year old was sitting in the livingroom and said, "Mom I think your a hoarder." He then looked at his girlfriend and said, "Don't you think my Mom is a horder?" Ugh!!! They just dont get Prim, lol!!!

  24. Hi Karen,
    Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather...hope you feel better soon.
    Great picture of Doug and the boys.
    My newphew loves Legos and actually has a Lego room where he keeps everything he builds out all the time.
    Love your collection of bowls!! And I love your chair pad that you rug hooked...I've been wanting to give it a try.
    Take care.

  25. Your not a hoarder, your a collector... at least that is what I tell myself. Your bowls are awsome. You've got a great looking group of guys there. I hope you feel better soon. j

  26. That's a bunch of bowls! And boys!!

  27. Hi Karen, thanks so much for posting about the doorbox and linking to my site. You are a sweetie. Hope you get it hung soon, I have mine hung with those 3M hooks and it works great! I enjoyed your post, what neat cupboards you have and some really nice things. Love your chairpad too, you are so talented!

  28. Hi there, Girlfriend, been missing you here in bloggyland. Sorry you've been ill and happy that you're improving. I hope you are 100% back to your good health very very quickly.
    Nice collection of bowls there! I love the salt glaze ones with blue on them, I used to have some of those pieces including a gorgeous canister set but once when moving I sold off things I didn't think would fit into my new house decor, and now I regret losing some of them. Sigh.
    I guess that snowy weather will creep in before we know it, good that you're going to be prepared.
    Have a wonderful day! Hugs

  29. Sorry you still aren't feeling well. Yuk. Get well soon friend!

    Love the bowls. We talked about this the other day. It's ok to hoard. LOL! Just don't pile it to your ceilings. LOL!

    The boys are looking handsome. I'm sure they had fun man time!

    The chair pad is so cute!

    Love your kitties. I know they don't much get along but as long as they both love you it's all good. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  30. Hi Karen~

    I think I hear the word hoarder every time I bring a new goodie into our home. Hehe!! I guesss I just love "stuff". Love all your fabulous bowls!!

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  31. Hope you get feeling better soon Karen. I don't think you're a hoarder just enjoy collecting bowls.
    Your chair pad looks great.


  32. Sorry that you are not feeling well hope it passes soon. Looking at your well organized cabinets made me realize that I need to put cleaning cabinets on my to do list. I love all of your salt glaze pottery. I have several pieces and would like to add to them.

  33. Hi Karen, lovely to see you back, sorry to hear your still not feeling 100%, hopefully you will be back to good health soon.

    I would say your a collector of beautiful pottery, you have some lovely pieces!

    Have a great Halloween weekend, and take care!

  34. What a handsome bunch of menfolk you have there!! (And they're always even more handsome when they're doing work around the house....or cooking!) ;o) And hoarder??? What??? Is there a PROBLEM of some sort with that??? Love your bowls....And oh - the Legopalooza sounds awesome! Legos were my son's favorite thing when he was younger....I miss those days....Now it's car parts all over the place, no Legos.....Your chair pad is absolutely wonderful Karen - sure doesn't look like a "first piece" to me.....Yikes....Look out hooking world!!! Happy Spooking! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  35. Boo to you~7 hours of lego building~ oh, what fun for the boys~
    Handsome boys you have~
    Love the hooked mat!!
    Bowls ~ bowls~ wow~ giggle we don't hoard we collect~ giggles~
    have a happy halloween~

  36. Karen
    I especially enjoyed this post, as I am a collector(hoarder), too...I do use all the things I accumulate. I tend to be a rescuer, too...I cannot begin to count the number of treasures I have saved from being tossed in the trash...What are people thinking?????
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  37. Well now Karen, IF you are a hoarder, than can you come and help me out? LOL! You are very organized!
    Look at all those pretty bowls!
    I am glad you all got the porch secured for the winter~ I am not looking forward to that! We are doing the sliding glass door this weekend, too big for me to do alone!
    I love the hooked chair mat, it's lovely! Keep up the great work!

  38. Hope you are feeling better Karen. Love your bowls and if you are a are certainly a good one. Great taste. :DDD You have my permission to continue. ;)

    Love your Hooked chair pad. It is Gorgeous. Wonderful Colors too.

    Well, hope you have a wonderful Halloween Celebration with the kids.


  39. Karen,
    Love the salt glazed. I went to a sale last year and the woman's mom always brought back a piece for her from Columbus, WI when she visited family there. Well the daughter didn't really have an appreciation for the pottery so after her mom pasted away she sold it. Lucky me, I got the whole lot for close to nothing!
    Great job on the chair pad. I remember when you were starting that up. I love to hook while I am waiting in the pick-up line at school (boy that sounds really bad). I am working on a fall one right now, but if I don't hurry up I won't get to put it out this year!

  40. I was just passing through and thought id stop and say hello. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa.

  41. Karen,

    Hope you feel better soon. You have a nice looking family and I am talking about the cats also of course! Nice bunch of bowls...It would be hard for me to get rid of them. I guess we should all think about getting things "winterized"...Good thing is this is a wonderful time to rug-hook! Love the pad you finished....

  42. Love the chair pad! I have an antique potty chair in my bedroom just screaming one of those to hide the hole.

  43. Hi Karen: Hopefully you are on the mend now! How lucky you are to have family available to help with a few chores around the house; I envy you! Loved all your bowls...I would have taken some, but my cabinets are jammed. I swear bowls reproduce when packed away! Your 1st attempt at hooking is pretty wonderful, I'd say! I tried it once and COULD NOT GET IT RIGHT!

  44. Karen~ I love your bowls. There is a big difference between collecting and hoarding. You display them so well too. I am glad you got the last necessary things done before the winter. How fun to have such handy boys. I think that your hooked chair pad is absolutely beautiful. Good job. I hope you feel better soon. It sucks to be sick. -Steph-

  45. Well, if you have to hoard something I think bowls are a practical way to go. I never have enough. Your chair pad turned out great! Much, much better than my first project. Looks like you're a natural! Love the Lego marathon. You may have a budding engineer there. ~Roberta

  46. Ah Karen, not good at all! I hope by now that you are feeling somewhat better! That's a long time to be ill. I will add you to my prayer list for better health quick.

    And yes... you are a hoarder! Lol!! Just messing with ya. I think it's an awesome collection! It can definitely be okay to be a hoarder of something that you use often, even daily. Oh, and way to go on gaining more cabinet space... that's what really matters!

    How wonderful that your boys came out to help AND even more so that they had a good time while working so hard. That says a lot about your strong family ties and that is awesome Karen!

    Oh goodness... Legopalooza. My little guy can play with those things for hours and I just love how excited he gets when he shows me something he made on his own. Legos are good for their hand-eye coordination and builds their imagination too. Love those things!

    What a beautiful door box, love that mustard finish on it! Bittersweet is going to look lovely in there, so will Christmas greens. What fun it will be to change out with the seasons. The chair pad turned out wonderful! I love that design and the colors are beautiful! Great job for the first one!

    Always nice to come over for a visit with you Karen. My, my, if we ever get together in person... we would be like little clucking hens (let's just say cute chicks), just chattering away hehe! =]

    Feel better soon girl and have a wonderful start to November~


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