Friday, November 4, 2011

Closet Re-Do, Halloween Past, Old Friends

Hello fellow Bloggers and all others that enjoy reading our blogs!
Well I think I’m finally over my Sinus Infection…man that was a long one – I am especially glad the headaches are gone. That was worse than the infection.

I hope your week was wonderful…mine was okay – nothing to write home about but I’m still here and kicking, so I guess that’s a good thing for me huh?

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I know there are many of you that are on your way today to Ohio for the SIMPLE GOODS SHOW…hope you all have a safe and very eventful time….there should be lots of wonderful treasures just calling your name.  Guess my name wasn’t on anything this year as I didn’t get to go…but there’s always another year God willing.

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Oh, I have a wonderful sale on my website right now until the 15th of this month.  5 Christmas Penny Rugs have been reduced 30%…never taken that much of a reduction before so I hope you will take advantage of it!

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We are in the process of re-doing our bedroom closet…needed many years ago but like so many things in an old home you just never can keep up.

Our closet started bugging me not only because of the small size but there was a built in dresser taking up 36 inches (width) and as high as the closet…and the wood was old and really smelled old – not good!!!!
So on Monday we started ripping it all apart…goodness you never know what lurks behind old walls. Lots of gremlins waiting for us – made the job a bit harder for my husband. Bad patch jobs on the plaster, holes in the floor (under where the dresser was), and a heat pipe going straight up the middle!!!!  So we had someone come in and tear out the pipe – it led to the guest room upstairs…but not anymore (there’s another heat pipe going up there on another wall so it will be just fine). 
Just look at all the different colors that closet was painted….green, blue and gray  (and I assume the room as well) . UGH!!!!
We will be putting in new shelving and hanging units…nothing fancy but way better than what we had before.

Closet half way Closet 1

See what I mean about floor boards missing and that horrible patch job on the wall….
Closet Floor
More pictures after this weekend when the drywall is replaced and painted and new trim

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Last Saturday we had a Halloween party here with our family and to draw names for Christmas. We had snacks first and enjoyed the evening and then had dinner of Pulled Beef Sandwiches, Mostaccioli, Ham and Cheese Sliders and all the goodies to go with it.
I made a Pumpkin Bean Bag toss and there were a few rounds of it throughout the night…along with some good ole fun.
I found the game idea from PINTEREST and made my own version of it…maybe for Christmas I’ll change it out and make it a Snowman Toss.
Pumpkin toss
Aidan didn’t want to play a real game but he had fun just going up to it and dropping the bags in
Aidan game

The kids got Glow Sticks in there treat bags and had to try them out…Aidan couldn’t get a real spin going but he had fun just the same – he just kept giggling the whole time Joe was spinning his.
Joe and Aidan with glo sticks

For our snack table….Heather made a wonderful Mexican layered dip, MaryAnn made the Mummy Hot Dogs.
I did a bunch of other things that aren’t showing on the table…but among these are String Cheese Fingers in Marinara sauce, Vegi Dip with Carrot fingers (Almonds for fingernails)….these two were from PINTEREST as well.
I made Chocolate Cup cakes with Fluffy frosting and there were candy Eye Balls on them but I didn’t get a picture up close.  And a Cream Puff Torte with a Chocolate Spider Web on top…no picture either.

Mexican Dip 
Mummy Hot Dogs
Snack Bags
Treat Bags 
Vegi Tray
String Cheese Fingers

The bunch of us…Jesse was the only one missing.
Family Halloween 2011 2 

Brett and Heather brought this lovely little Fall flower too!  After the party I set it in the carved out Pumpkin.

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I received a couple of wonderful little surprises in the mail this past week – both from LINDA’S…one was from my friend in Pennsylvania – we missed seeing each other a couple weeks ago and she had a gift for me and so she mailed it off – and it’s an adorable sheep (with real sheep’s wool for his body).
Thanks so much Linda…you always know how to brighten up a blue day!

Sheep from Linda 

And from Linda Parker over at Parkers Paradise Blog  I received a wonderful surprise package…she is just the sweetest Lady in Blogland…always thinking of others and I was one of the recipients of her generosity…look at these adorable Pillow Tucks she sent – just perfect Linda…THANK YOU SO MUCH.  You are a very beautiful Lady inside and out.
Pillow Tucks from Linda Parker

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I’m busy grunging some Warm and Natural today…I want to get some Primitive Ornaments made for Old Lady Morgan’s Ornament Exchange and I’m really pushing for time…I wonder what this will turn into!!
Warm and Natural Grungy

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Phyllis Durrant 1930-2011
And last….one of our dearest friends passed away this past weekend…we have known Phyllis since 1972 when we built our house in Janesville. It was a brand new subdivision going in and we were the 7th home to build there…right next door to Phyllis and her family. We met during the days we went over there building our home…and have been friends ever since.

Long story short…we all became fast friends…if you saw them you saw us…what more can I say.

So we said goodbye to her on Tuesday…and I bawled like a baby when I greeted her husband – but not for her…she’s at peace finally and smiling and TALKING.
It was all the remembering of the laughs and good times and all those lost years.

I miss her…although the missing started 15 years ago. Phyllis got a horrible disease called Progressive Aphasia.

Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that
impairs a person's ability to process language, but does not affect intelligence.
Aphasia impairs the ability to speak and understand others, and most people with aphasia experience difficulty reading and writing.

See why this is a horrible disease…she knew but couldn’t communicate!

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Going to our grandchildren's Church tonight for a Chili Supper…should be delicious!

Thanks for hanging in there with me on this long post…didn’t intend for it to be that way but as you all know I can be chatty!