Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ornament Swap & Other Things

…the time is going by so fast and I just can’t seem to keep up with it in my head. Thanksgiving will be here in just one week – goodness I’m still wearing Capri’s…but with turtleneck tops to make it look not quite so freaky – I look great in my long coat when I go to the store – I look like I can’t quite step into Fall yet.

This week has been so busy with sewing orders. I work on them continuously so my customers get them in a good timely manner.
Also this last week we got our closet almost finished. Just waiting for the carpet that will come after Thanksgiving. Thank goodness we’ll be able to repair the whole area and it will look like the rest in the room.

And….this was a great week for goodies arriving in the mail.

But first…the closet update. I know it’s not exciting to you but if you lived with the closet I had for 32 years you’d be jumping for joy at having all the extra room.
In my previous post I added pictures of the horrible closet (also shown below)….well after drywall, paint and new shelving and rods we ended up with what I envisioned – I don’t have things on the shelves yet but you can bet they will get filled soon enough.

BEFORE…DURING RECONSTRUCTION…remember I said there was a huge built in dresser, and a heat pipe taking up 2/3 of the closet.
Closet half way

AFTER…looking nice and clean
Closet 3

It may not be huge like the new home walk-in’s but it’s way more room than we’ve had for years…so I’m a happy girl.
Closet 4


Orders have been coming in like crazy since I had my sale – 13 orders in 2 days.
So I thought as long as several were the same I’d do an assembly line and cut them all out at the same time.
This actually takes as much time as the sewing part. And 3 more orders came in yesterday and that leaves me at 6 left to work on so it’s getting there.
I’m cutting off Christmas orders at Thanksgiving otherwise I won’t be able to enjoy the holidays like I want.

Some of them are kits – so they were a snap to finish up.
Orders 1


Earlier this week I received a fantastic box of ornaments from the Ornament Exchange hosted by Marie at  Primitives By Olde Lady Morgan
I sent in 6 Ornaments and received 6 wonderful ornaments back.
I want to thank Marie for hosting this fun event and she said she’s probably going to do it again next year and you can bet I will be in on it then. I hope she does!

Marie made this darling Snowman – he’s so puffy and rather large so you could use him as a decoration as well.
And she added a wonderful treat of Hershey Kisses of all flavors – they were opened first you know!!
Snowman - OLM

Tammy at sent this sweet little stocking filled with greens and candy canes.
Stocking ornie - Tammy APP

Amy from Bumble Bee Lane Cottage sent a beautiful Cinnamon scented Santa head.
Amy Bumble Bee Lane Cottage

Rachel from Somewhere In The Middle made this adorable Snowman Head…and he sparkles too!
Rachel Somewhere In The Middle

Carmen from made these adorable fabric wrapped Candy Canes.
Ornie - Carmen Prim Cats

Trace from Granny Trace Scraps And Squares made Two wool snowmen heads.
Trace Granny Trace Scraps and Squares



Now if this isn’t enough to receive in the mail…I received a surprise box yesterday from Cathy at Tolentreasures sent me some fabric that I had loved when I saw it on her blog.
What a wonderfully generous thing to do Cathy…THANK YOU SO MUCH and I just can’t describe how beautiful this Green Wool is.
There’s such a pretty line of gold running through it and I will not CUT IT UP until after Christmas because it’s such a nice sized piece and it will make a perfect table square for the holidays – normally I don’t use Green except in greenery but this is too pretty not to show off.

I added this second picture because I cut off the ornaments that she so generously included in the package.
I heard the large bell just jingling away in the box when I picked it up.
Cathy paints just awesome…look at those sweet wood tags she painted…and the bell too.
Ornaments from Cathy Strate



Our son Dan and wife Jamie went to a costume party Friday night…they chose to dress as hippies of the 70’s.
And being we live in a little rather old town with some strange people in it – they figured if they went to our local thrift shop they would be able to find something…AND THEY DID…though it was no surprise knowing some of the residents here.
Dan found a Nehru shirt but it turned out to be too sloppy on him but he found pants and jacket and they got the wigs from Walmart.
Jamie doesn’t wear glasses and so these really changed her look.
Dan Jamie 5

Peace signs on the pants!!!!
Dan 4

So that’s my week…what did you all do?
I probably won’t post again until after Thanksgiving because I need to finish my sewing and then get ready for Thanksgiving.
It’s only going to be Dan and Jamie and us this year…Darren and Brett have other places to be. Hopefully Jesse and Alex will show up too.






  1. Hi Karen,
    I agree... time is going by way too fast lately.
    One second it was August now Thanksgiving will be here next week!!
    And I havent even started my Christmas shopping. Im struggling with getting in the mood this year. So unlike me!! Not even in the mood to decorate for it yet. I dont know what is up with me lately. I think I just need to calm down and deal with one thing at a time. Trying to deal with Everything is just too much and making me not want to do Anything! Does that make sense??
    Anywho, enough about me!!
    You closet looks wonderful!! So clean and organized. Great job.

    The ornament swap was sooo much fun. All the ladies did an awesome job.

    LOL!! Love the 70's costumes. Makes me think of my childhood. I can remember when people actually dressed that way everyday. LOL!!

    What a sweet surprise package from Cathy. Prim firends are the Best!

    And most importantly, Happy Birthday Jesse!! Hope he has a fabulous day.
    My son turned 21 on Oct. 29th. My gosh time does fly!!

    Try not too work too hard!! :)

    And since I might not see before then....
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sweetheart!!


  2. I love the hippie clothes. Hey, I still wear bell-bottoms, ha ha. Someone once told me that I looked like "something from the '60's". Well, I am a product of the '60's :)

  3. The closet looks great Karen! I bet you are both thrilled with it!

    Love all your ornies! I'm glad you got some of my candy canes. I didn't get your mitten but I saw it on others posts and it was adorable! So cute!

    That was so nice of Kathy to send you that wool... and the cute little painted pieces. She is an amazing painter!

    The hippies are cute! What fun!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Yay for finally getting the new closet done! The ornie swap was so fun.Wonderful to see what everyone got.Happy Thanksgiving early since you won't be blogging.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Oh my gosh! Love the hippies. Too funny. You got some wonderful ornaments. I bet you sent some wonderful ones too. Your closet is to die for. Can't imagine having one that size and it be organized!Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend. Sounds like you've been one busy girl! By the way, the wool tree in the shop is close to 3' tall and is $49.95 plus shipping and handling. Hope you have a blessed weekend, Dawn

  7. Hi Karen! You are busy, busy, busy!
    The closet has worked out great for you, I'm sure!
    Aren't you so well organised but then I guess you need to be when you've got so many orders - good for you!
    Surely you can't be old enough to have a g/son 22?
    Best wishes

  8. Hi Karen, Not only did you get some great ornies in your swap, you made some awesome ones too - I've seen the other gals posting their swap goodies.

    The wool that Cathy sent you is very pretty, can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving. We will have a quick trip up to WI and back this year. Wish we had time to get together again, but sadly we don't. Plus we are going to be dealing with our Mom and trying to get her to realize it's time to move out of her house and into an assisted living facility....pray for us.


  9. Oh Sweet Karen - you always pack so much into a post that I feel like I want to write a novel full of comments....But, once again, I'm running behind (behinder than usual in fact!) Anyway - your closet remake is awesome...I just need to get in and clean mine out - way overdue and way out of control. What a sweet package from Cathy - isn't she a dearheart? I LOVE that wool (yup - wool envy!) - and her painting is amazing. She's one talented lady. Glad you've been busy with orders - that's a GOOD thing! Funny hippy folk - those "after" and "before" Halloween costume parties are a little freaky sometime - I remember one year, my hubby and I were invited to one after Halloween - we went dressed as the big bad wolf and Little Red Riding Hood - ran out of gas on a very busy street and the big bad wolf had to walk down the boulevard to get gas....didn't take long before a "friendly" office surfaced. Love your ornies - wished I could have played! Saw the little mittens you made for the swap - and LOVED them! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving my friend...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. What a great accomplishment on your closet, Karen!

    Looks like you have really been busy and I love all the ornaments you received in the swap!

    Adorable hippies you have there too! They really look the part!

    You have a great Thanksgiving too!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  11. Karen I can see why your are so happy with the closet..What a major difference. Neat and tidy with room to spare..That's got to be a great feeling having that done and turning out just as you had hoped!!

    I'd say you hit the jackpot with ornie surprises..I love them all!!
    Your surprise wool will look great on a table for the halidays.. I love the color green..most shades anyway..that's really a pretty shade of Green!!

    The Hippies are awesome... my era for sure..I so remember how we all dressed then...we changed fashion forever..hehehehe!!!!

    Sounds like you have been busy with orderd too..I'm finally home and getting back into the swing of creating feels so good to hangout in my shop and work..

    Have a great weekend!


  12. HAPPY THANKGIVING to you Karen!

  13. Wow, you have been so busy Karen!
    Love the ornament swap idea! And the closet looks so you are enjoying it!
    And great pics of the hippie couple, what a great idea!
    Hugs friend,

  14. Nice closet re-do! Looks so clean and fresh and organized!
    Great ornies you swapped for.
    Have a happy thanksgiving!

  15. Wow!!! Your closet looks great. I am jealous. I bet you are so happy that's over with:) Even though you have a lot of orders, you look very organized. Good luck with getting all that sewing done. Everyone is posting about their wonderful ornie swap and I just keep getting more and more happy for you all. Everything you got was sooo nice. Love the costumes. Maybe you can borrow one to wear with your capris and long coat.:) -Steph-

  16. Hi Karen,
    Love how your closet redo turned out! Looks great! and all those ornies look so prim cute!
    Great news on all your orders!
    Happy b'day to your grandson!

    If you have time, please come over and join in my 'Your Choice' giveaway!


  17. Your closet has turned out great Karen. How wonderful that you are getting all those orders. All your ornies are so cute too. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  18. I received one of your cute mittens in Olde Lady Morgans ornie swap.


  19. Hi Karen~

    Love the ornies you got. I have to share the rest of mine on my blog yet~been super busy lately. I got one of yours. I love it!! Thank you!!

    Your hippies are fabulous!! Love their costumes!!

    Have a nice night~Becky

  20. Karen, I know you are going to enjoy your closet! We shared a small closet for over 25 years and now we each have our own - they aren't very big, but a great improvement.

    I love all of your ornaments. What an wonderful swap! That green fabric and the wooden tags from Cathy are awesome!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

  21. Oh my! Love the costumes, love the closet, love this post! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  22. Wow, that's quite the closet transformation!! I bet you and Doug are both loving it!

    What a fun swap! Love all the sweet ornaments you received. Always nice to receive surprise packages too, pretty wool!

    Dan and Jamie look like they belong in the 70's, lol! Those are awesome costumes.

    Happy belated Birthday to Jesse!

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