Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trying something new...

Normally I publish my posts through Windows Live Write and have NO PROBLEMS at all...not a single one...but...so many of my friends are having problems posting through Blogger so I thought I'd give it a try this morning.
So hang in there with me if this post is a jumbled up mess - frustration is not my friend...I give up too easily in some areas if it's a problem.

If some of you remember my last living aunt is very ill...well, she's ill, but not in a nursing home or hospital - she's living at home and my brother and sister in-law are her caregivers and basically pulled up stakes and moved in with her until her time her is done.
The hospice nurse said possibly a month - but being around Aunt Eve you would think longer.

Doug and I try and go there a couple times a week and relieve them so they can get some alone time as she can't be left alone so they are at the house either one at a time or together.

Yesterday we went for a visit and we all had a pizza supper and a good time chatting.
Normally Aunt Eve talks about old times.

Last night when we were on our way home my sil called us and said Aunt Eve said after we left that 'Ruth took the paper plates outside" - we had a laugh at that but it's really not so funny because Ruth was my mother and she has been gone for 44 years now  - the two of them were very close - the nurse said things like this are a sign of the end...relating to family members that have gone before them, actually thinking it is them there.
But we had a good time as always.

So far composing this beast of a post my line brakes did not cooperate with me I see....

That's all I'm going to post today as this is just a test.
For sure I'm using Windows Live Writer after this test as I had a difficult time getting photos to land in the correct spot.



  1. Letting go is such a difficult thing, it begins long before the last day. She looks like a real Sweetheart. Hugging you.

  2. Beautiful ladies you both are~ I say Giggle~ it is amazing how we laugh at things~ the little things & it helps us make it through the difficult times~my blessings & prayers to all for all of you~

  3. Cherish the time you have left.I would love just sitting and hearing about the good old days with her.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. She looks like a really nice lady!


  5. Prayers to you and your family. I've heard the same thing...my Grandpa saw his wife before he passed. She had been gone for 20+ years. Hugs

  6. It's an honor to take care of our loved ones as they come of this age. Good job for giving her the best life she can have. -Steph-

  7. What a lovely lady! Bravo for you and yours...you are doing the work of the angels!

  8. When the time comes to depart it must be a comfort to see those who have gone before. You are in my thoughts.

  9. Blessings on you Karen for the care and support you are giving your aunt. I hope when it is my time to go that there is someone as kind as you to help me with the transfer.

    I love talking about the old times and have volumes of regret that I didn't ask the important questions to some very important people in my life.


  10. It is wonderful to see someone who is able to stay at home until the end, rather than be kept in a nursing home. Bless you all!

  11. What a wonderful lady she is. Enjoy the time you have with her.

  12. Karen,

    I have always posted through blogger. I really need to downlaod windos live writer... but then I need to learn how to use that too....
    Talking good olde days, making great addtional memories. It's so hard to see them fail and know they are slipping away. hugs! OLM

  13. It's strange how things work at the end. When Al's dad passed, everyone happened to come visit him the same day even though he was supposed to last another month. He passed that night after everyone left--it was like everyone said their last goodbyes. My mother passed after my brother returned home from national guard summer duty--she waited until she saw him again. You and your family should be commended for your loving care.--Jan

  14. Hi Karen,
    Your Aunt is a SWEETIE!
    God Bless her! She is Blessed to have such a loving Family!

    Thank you for visiting me :-)
    Many Blessings, Linnie

  15. Karen ~~
    God Bless your Aunt and the Whole Family. My Best Childhood Friend just lost her MoM,
    yesterday ... even at 94 years of age it is still hard to let go.
    Keeping you and the Family in my Prayers.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  16. What two beautiful ladies....Beauty genes do run deep in that family of yours, Karen. What a blessing you and your brother and SIL are....We are struggling with my mother's care now. She so wants to be at home - and my brother and his wife have lived with her for the past 20 years due to their "circumstances," but say they can't provide the care she needs now. My brother, niece and I are doing what we can so she can stay at home as long as she can.....Like I said - your Aunt Eve is truly blessed. Hugs ~ Robin

  17. Karen...your Aunt Eve is so blessed to have such loving family members to take care of her...there's a special place in Heaven for folks like you!!

    One of my favorite things to do when my family gets together is to sit and listen to my Mom talk about the "good old days"...cherish those stories and be sure to pass them on!

    Enjoy your day, Tina

  18. How wondeful she is close so you can see her often before she passes and her family is there taking care of her.

  19. Your dear aunt looks so sweet.. You are such a lovely niece, too..

  20. Beautiful lady. It is wonderful to have these aunts. I am still blessed to have two. I finally found out why I was having such a time w/ new blogger. Libby actually discovered it. My screen was too large to let the icons show. Made the screen smaller and all is well that ends well.lol

  21. So sweet that you and your family take care of your Aunt. She looks like a real sweetheart ~ I'd love to hear the old time stories they tell.
    Such a blessing.
    Prim Blessings

  22. It's good that you and Doug go to visit Aunt Eve and relieve the others. This precious time that you are spending with her has to mean so much to her. She looks really good!

    I guess I have just been so fortunate. I don't know anything about all these blogger problems that many are having. But I'm not complaining, lol. I'm very glad that I have no trouble at all and I just hate that so many of you are frustrated. I hope all the updating ends soon and they allow us some fun again. Have a wonderful week, sweet friend~

  23. Hi Karen, I purchased the book Half Stitched Amish Quilting Club at your suggestion. I LOVE it! So funny and true. I'm a quilter and I love the Amish so it's just a perfect read. Thanks to blogs I have found so many wonderful things! Thank you, Anita

  24. Just ran across your blog, love your pictures she looks like a very sweet lady! God bless

  25. It certainly sounds like she has lived a good long life. It is still sad to see them go though. It's good your family is taking care of her.

  26. Hi Karen.. I had to giggle at your trying to post with blogger.. I think you are wise to stick with what has been working for you cause blogger is a total mess ..just like Photobucket is a total mess..

    You and Doug are so wonderful to your family..Angels on earth.God Bless you for helping out with the Care of your Aunt and God bless your brother & sister n law for being there for her. Knowing that the end is near is hard on all of you I'm sure..

    Have a great weekend!



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