Monday, May 7, 2012

Pottery a Play and a Purchase

Our daughter in-law Jamie has been taking pottery classes since January and is now going to start her own business and sell her products - I'd love to show you the Santa she made but they are going to be signed and numbered and then no more will be made.

Her instructor loves her work so much and has led her to this point - she has a high end Artisan's Show lined up for her and wants her to have the Santa's there - she’ll be asking a good price for them so you know the kind of clientele that comes to this show (I won't be there to purchase, but will be for support for sure).

She brought Two bowls over this weekend - she said I could have my pick and when I saw the dark Aqua Blue one I knew it was mine and after looking at the Tan one I started liking it too - so she gave them both to me - Jamie is like that...just so darned sweet.

Isn't the color and glaze pretty? This one measures 10 x 3-1/2
Blue Bowl 3
Blue Bowl 2 

And see why I loved the Tan one too...I love how she scraped the sides of this one.
This one measures 9 x 3
Tan Bowl 1
Bowls 1

Quite awhile ago when she first started she brought over 4 small bowls - Two for sauces/salsa or whatever and then Two scalloped edge for kitty dishes.
Small bowls
All bowls

On our way to Janesville to visit my aunt we stopped at an antique/thrift shop and knew from looking that we weren’t going to find much of anything but stuffed under a small table was a stool…I really don’t know why I pulled it out but the legs caught my eye.  Glad I did because it’s wonderful…it’s old and it’s worn but quite sweet – I love the needlepoint top.  And the good part was…it was only $12.00
Stool 2
Top of stool

Friday night we went to our Granddaughter Emily’s school play.  She was one of 3 Cheshire cats...not sure why there were 3 parts to the cat but she was the middle part.
The entire cast did a wonderful job and it was a lively and fun play.  Em’s last one though as she will be graduating 8th grade in June...hopefully she can continue in high school.

Emily is in the middle in all the pictures
I love this one…
3 Chrshire cats
They made signing autographs fun, easy and productive!
signing autographs
Emily and me
Joe had a baseball game at the same time as her play so Brett and Heather were out behind the school for his game while grandpa and I were inside for the opening night…had to get a picture of Joe in his uniform when he got home.
Joe in uniform

Hope you are all having a great week…started out rainy here but turning out nice – the rest of the week is to be wonderful. 
Blessing to you all


  1. Karen your d-i-l's work is beautiful. There is something about pottery, I just love. Guess part of it is you can still feel the hands that shaped it. How sweet of her to give you both. Your Grands are delightful.

  2. Our daughter took ceramics last semester in high school. She came home after trying to center a pot on the wheel and said "it's so much harder than it looks!" I thought she'd take it this semester too, but she wanted no part of it!I'm treasuring the bowls she made for me. You are lucky to have a potter in the family.

    I see you are as busy as we are with school activities - but as Grandma you don't have to keep the baseball pants clean!! ~Ann

  3. Karen ~
    My what a talent your d-i-l has to have learned so quickly and to be starting a business already!
    Love your little needlepoint stool and what a bargain.
    What fun with the grands!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Absolutely love the pottery pieces!! Your daughter-in-laws work is amazing :) Lucky you!

  5. Hi Karen, Your daughter-in-law's pottery is wonderful. I wish her tons of good luck in her new business adventure.

    The needlepoint stool reminds me of mine that I have. Mine is antique and my mother handstitched the new needlepoint top for it. I feel honored to have it. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

    The grandkids are getting to be young adults and involved in so much. It is wonderful, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful week,

  6. WOW I love the pottery and can't wait to see the Santas.. Good luck to her.. Grandbabies are the best so much joy they bring.. X

  7. Oh I love anything hand created like those beautiful bowls.You are so lucky to have them. I did ceramics for a few years and hand made my own items, like tiles and clocks and such. It is so therapeutic to work with your hands. But of course it is hard to make what things are worth when they take so much time. You know all too well with your beautiful. candle mats. I have seen your creations out and about on the web at a few shops. You have been busy. They all look wonderful. Good luck with all of the grandchildren's activities. So much fun to be part of their lives.

  8. I love her pottery, so beautiful!
    Those kitties are so great, love the smiles all around including your grandson! Hope her show goes great!

  9. Such beautiful bowls!! Can't wait to see her Santa's and here all about her show.

  10. Karen,

    Love the photos of your granddaughter and her friends.. All look like real actresses for sure !
    Cool ballplayer in the orange socks !

    I love the tan bowl and the brown ones.

    And the little stool is precious with the needlepoint. Great find.


  11. What beautiful creations, they are beautiful!

  12. WOW Karen, you have been busy!! I love Jamie's bowl, esp. like the tan one. She is very talented! I wish her the best on her new venture!!

    Your granddaughter and her friends look like they were having a cute!! It's nice that you live close to them and can go to their plays, games, etc...can't wait for a couple of my own!!

    I am still looking for a house pic...can't find a good one of summer because the house is covered behind the trees, but will keep looking. Enjoy your day, Tina

  13. Fun times with you~ beautiful pottery~

  14. Love the bowls Karen. Your daughter in law does beautiful work.


  15. The pottery is beautiful! She's a talented woman.
    I love the pictures of your grandchildren. You must be very proud of them.


  16. Beautiful Beautiful pottery!
    What a talented gal. And how lucky are you tp receive such treasures.
    You are a blessed Grandma :)
    Blessings Trace

  17. What fun to be able to support your family in so many ways. I can't wait until my kids get old enough to do such fun things:) I had a roomate once who took a pottery class. She asked me to transport her box of wonderful pottery somewhere. Stupid me left the box on top of the car and drove away. Yup, her whole semesters work in pieces all over the road. Ahhhhh.

  18. Hi Karen.. Love your little stool.. There is just something about old needlpoint, eh?
    Your grandkids look sweet and resemble you.. All of them seem to for some reason.. smile..
    Our oldest grandson got home safe from Pa....


  19. Ohhhh....loving the pottery your DIL does, Karen....I love pottery - just the perfect little bowl or dish for serving makes me happy. But kitty dishes? Really? That is one pampered puty kat! ;o) And speaking of cats....your grandgirl makes a smashing one....Love the photos! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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